[Project Neural Cloud] Closed Beta 2 + Datamines

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Welcome back, Professor! Now that another round of Project Neural Cloud’s Closed Beta Test is about to start, it's time to drop some juicy info that came with the new beta client.

Below is a summary of everything we have learned so far from the datamine; it's not comprehensive by any means but the most important interesting bits are available!

Because this is a closed beta, the exact game mechanics, numbers, or even character appearance are not final and subject to change when the game releases for real! 

This page was made possible by Dimbreath who has somehow pulled off dark magic to get info out of this client. 

All translations are tentative until an official EN release is announced. 

Character Catalog

New Characters

A few characters who weren't in the first Closed Beta got added to the client! All 9 characters listed below are confirmed to be playable!

Playable Characters & New Ultimates

The following list of playable characters (and characters who now have a newly-added ultimate) is inferred based on the presence of skill icons and descriptions (bold indicates that the character or ultimate is new to CBT2).

The game may lock some of them behind updates or time-gate their acquisition - we don't know yet. Notably, certain characters from CBT1 who had no ultimates back then are now fully equipped. 

  • Abigail (no ult)
  • Angela (no ult)
  • Antonina (has ult)
  • Banxsy (no ult)
  • Betty (has ult)
  • Bonee (no ult)
  • Centaureissi (no ult)
  • Chelsea (has ult)
  • Croque (has ult)
  • Fresnel (has ult)
  • Gin (has ult)
  • Groove (no ult)
  • Hubble (has ult)
  • Imhotep (no ult)
  • Jessie (has ult)
  • Lam (has ult)
  • Mai (has ult)
  • Max (no ult)
  • Persicaria (has ult)
  • Sakuya (no ult)
  • Simo (has ult)
  • Sol (has ult)
  • Yanny (no ult)
  • Zion (no ult)


FNC also makes a cameo as "Choco", but she doesn't appear to be playable (at least as of the initial update).

Official Class Names

We finally have official names for the five classes in Project Neural Cloud! It's pretty small, but you can make out the English text on these function card icons: 

  • Medic
  • Special
  • Marksman
  • Guardian
  • Fighter

The Gacha

This is probably the most important part for some people, and fortunately, we now know the assets for it it exists in CBT2. Whether the devs will let us experience it fully is another matter entirely...

Basic Searching

Based on the banner description, this appears to let players acquire resources as well as some Dolls. Possibly analogous to Fate/Grand Order's friend point gacha. 

Basic Lottery
What resources are consumed by this gacha is unknown as of yet. 

Advanced Searching

This appears to be the premium gacha. There's a pity mechanic advertised: one 10-roll guarantees a 2-star or above Doll. (The wording seems to imply you get it for 10 consecutive rolls, so you can possibly do a 1-roll ten times and still trigger it.)

Because Doll rarities range from 1-3 in Neural Cloud as opposed to the 3-5 or 4-6 that other gachas use, this is essentially guaranteeing an SR unit per 10-roll. A fairly standard gacha mechanic. 

Advanced Searching
What resources are consumed by this gacha is unknown as of yet, but it's the premium gacha so... ​​​

Hubble and Centaureissi are the rate-up dolls in the CBT gacha. 


That's all for now! Please leave a comment either below or on the forums if you got into the Closed Beta or have any questions!

For more breaking news on Project Neural Cloud, join the Official EN Discord if you can! We have several EN streamers who will be covering the Closed Beta Test throughout the week!

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