Project Neural Cloud Pre-Release Background Lore

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This article will compile and update any new pre-release information related to lore and setting information for Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud.

All translated information was done and provided by TMTO and Professional Oryza Sativa#9628 from Discord.


Update June 5th, 2020: Added ME78 (Croque) Profile

Update June 12th, 2020: Added CLR Event

Update June 19th, 2020: Added Project Sanctifier

Update June 28th, 2020: Added S-WG (Simo) Profile

Update July 3rd, 2020: Added Communication Record File

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Top Secret Letter

Top Secret letter to G&K for Project Neural Cloud

First up is a letter stamped with Top Secret and G&K as the recipient. The contents consist of an outline of a testing phase of "Project Neural Cloud" in which G&K will receive Dolls for testing purpose. The letter goes on to list several Dolls, their respective model, name, and a recommendation of which gun each Doll would be most suitable to be imprinted to.

Several entries on the list are blacked out. Fans will have to wait and see if the list is implicating the need for certain aspects of these Dolls to remain secret or if it's merely a tease.

Project Outline

Project Neural Cloud Outline

A document outlining Project Neural Cloud. An application for Doll owners to volunteer their Doll(s) for the project is also attached.

Translation of the document is as follows:

Project "Neural Cloud" Open Public Recruitment of Test Subjects

Detailed information display

Project “Neural Cloud” is the first official joint collaboration between the IIQS (International Institute of Quantum Studies) and the IOP corporation, to be led by 42Lab of the IIQS. this project involves a fusion of quantum computing technology and an artificial consciousness module framework, based on cloud storage and sharing via quantum technology in order to protect Doll memory data and minimize losses from neural cloud damage.

Currently, project “Neural Cloud is recruiting its first batch of Doll test subjects from around the world. The test duration is tentatively fixed at 2 months. During this experiment, the memory modules of the Doll test subjects will be shared to the 42Lab cloud server where a series of experiments will be run on them, with all expenses borne by 42Lab. After that stage of testing is completed, we will return the Dolls to you as requested. In addition, if you allow it 42Lab will also provide memory module upload, download and cloud storage services from their servers after the experiment is concluded. For more information, please consult the details included within the attached link.

We sincerely invite you to provide Dolls to us for this experiment. Your help will aid in the progress of "Neural Cloud" technology's research and development.


Test Subject Doll Basic Requirements
- The Dolls' bodies must be intact and undamaged, with neural cloud cores and memoryforms in good condition, in addition to functioning normally.
- We are only looking for commercial, civilian, corporate or privately-owned Autonomous Dolls
- Dolls must not be affiliated with any military organization or be unemployed Tactical Dolls (if they have enlisted in a military organization, but not yet entered service, please enter the Doll's identity data in the application submission as indicated by the directions)

Application Submission
<Project "Neural Cloud" Test Subject Doll Application Request>

Application Window
Terminates on 2058 May 31st 00:00

Submitted applications will be vetted before 2058 June 30th 00:00. Once checking is complete, a reply will be sent to the contact details supplied with your application.

Thank you for supporting 42Lab!

Character Profile: ME78

Image featuring ME78 and her profile

ME78 (codename Croque)

Corporate Affiliation: Svarog Heavy Industries
Job: Mechanical Engineer
Professional Skills: Mechanical Design, Adjustment, Analysis and Maintenance, Engineering Data Simulation, Computing and Analysis.

"The rhythm of the transmission, the intricate fit between gears, the regular cycles of the gas valves... ahhhh, it makes me sooooo excited (in all sorts of ways)!"

The CEO of Svarog Heavy Industries Elon Thomas personally took part and created the engineering design for ME78. She entered service in July 2056 and was employed in Svarog Heavy Industries' core engineering division, taking part in many cutting-edge research and development programs, including improvements to a new energy source designed by Thomas, the "Noah Reactor", engineering support for Collapse Fluid energy generation technology R&D, and so on.

On January 2058, Svarog Heavy Industries and 42Lab signed a cooperation agreement for Project "Neural Cloud", and ME78 joined the first batch of Doll test subjects who went to 42Lab to take part in Project "Neural Cloud".

CLR Event

File number: NC_CLREVENT


"Sorry to disturb you, sir, but I think you'll be interested in this."

"Several weeks ago, the email which IOP sent us about Neural Clouds was tampered with. One of our Commanders discovered the problem; the person who intercepted the mail inserted a hidden message on the left side of the document in what looked like an ordinary punch-hole. When decrypted, it returned: CLR-Event."

"At first, I had no idea what it was and after encrypting the original email I didn't pursue it any further after putting it into Griffin's secret file storage. However, two days ago, I unexpectedly encountered this sound clip again. You might want to hear it."

"I believe that two years ago, 42Lab's "Neural Cloud" project wasn't as successful as we took it to be. They seem to be hiding something, but we don't need to be too worried. IOP's helped us look into the safety of "Neural Cloud" technology, and it won't affect our operations. Now is also a time when we need their technical assistance, so I feel that interfering with it will do us no good."

"I will save this audio clip into the encrypted file database as well. If need be, it might become a bargaining chip for negotiations with them - of course, I sincerely hope that our cooperation with them can be carried out happily and smoothly. If you feel the matter merits further investigation, I am at your disposal."

An audio file was posted along with the message:



Audio transcript as follows: 

“My apologies for intercepting your mail. I have no choice. They hide everything. Someone sacrificed life. Doll's memories are erased. And we are not allowed to say anything. There is a conspiracy of NC test. The keyword is CLR Event. Please find the truth and save all of us.”

At the end of the message, a series of beeps play. This is not morse code, but it is a coded message. Taking a look at the spectrogram of the audio reveals a hidden message which reads "- project: sanctifier -".

spectrogram of audio which reveals "project sanctifier"

Project Sanctifier

Inverted Tower of Babel

File No.: PRJ Sanctifier PID ---------------------------- 

“…… 42lab has always had concerns about AI viruses while developing their cloud servers. Before AI became more developed, the battle between viruses and anti-viruses was between human programmers. However, Viruses written by AI have extraordinary growth and development capabilities. AI can program viruses thousands of times faster than humans can, and the same goes for the speed at which they can deploy the viruses. Once Viruses by AIs become a reality, even the best network security engineers will be helpless. 

In order to eliminate this danger, 42lab started the research and development of Project "Sanctifier" in 2055 with the support of its parent institution IIQS, hoping to fight against AI viruses with AI antiviruses, so as to ensure the security of its cloud server.

Fortunately, Project "Sanctifier" was announced as successful in February last year, which not only became a milestone in the industry, but also laid a secure foundation for the "Neural Cloud" project which will also be developed  through cloud R&D this year. "

Project Sancitifer summary, purpose, and objective


The objective of Project “Sanctifier” is to design an AI antivirus routine for the 42Lab cloud service provider under IIQS’ autonomous research networks, based on traditional antivirus software technology and using AI technology as its core. It should demonstrate self-learning and growth abilities and be equipped with basic antivirus functions and the ability to counter AI viruses. This project will be headed by 42Lab of IIQS.


The main objective of Project “Sanctifier” is to satisfy the safety requirements for 42Lab’s servers.

  • In contrast to normal antivirus software, the product of this project will be stored on 42Lab’s cloud servers, providing comprehensive protection for cloud-based AI work.
  • The smart antivirus program “Sanctifier” will be equipped with self-learning and growth abilities, as well as providing a security foundation for “Project Neural Cloud”, which is still in its planning phases.


Project “Sanctifier” has the following key objectives:

  • Using mechanical learning and discrimination to find, evaluate and eliminate malicious code
  • To monitor its progress in real-time and to provide self-monitoring through process forking
  • Using its AI capabilities, it will provide active protection even in the absence of virus code signatures
  • Equipped with anti-AI virus abilities
  • Capable of autonomously repairing lightly-infected legal programs
project santifier desktop

The following three files can be seen on the desktop. The first being the document from above.

  • PRJ_Sanctifier_PID
  • stf_mara draft v2
  • stf_gavri’el draft

Character Profile: S-WG

profile image featuring S-WG

S-WG (codename Simo)

Corporate Affiliation: Svarog Heavy Industries
Job: Sniper
Professional Skills: Battlefield Intelligence Gathering, Assassination

"You see this white ferret? It's name is Sako, and no matter how dangerous the mission, it's my best...and only partner. Hehe-"

S-WG is a Special Forces Doll developed by Svarog Heavy Industries. She was released with a sniper crossbow, cutting-edge optics, optical camouflage and many other pieces of high-tech equipment. These advancements make her extremely suited for launching long-ranged attacks while concealed in the environment, assassinating VIPs and gathering information. She served in the Eastern European Union Defense Army's ground forces, carried out a number of covert missions, almost without failure… except for the last one.

After retiring from the army, S-WG was sent to 42Lab as a test subject to take part in "Project Neural Cloud".

Internal Communication Record

Communication record discussing Project Santifier

File number: PRJ_Sanctifier_ET


***Please enter the security password***

***Please enter the communication record file number***

*** Retrieving *** ​​​​​

Operation Engineer / 42Lab OM Dept.

FEB 14 2056 16:40

Uranium_390: Director? Are you free now? I found some very unexpected things during maintenance...

Uranium_390: Just now, the team found some strange processes running on the system simulation layer during system maintenance. After some simple reverse-analysis, we found that they were very similar to  stuff we'd written in the past, both in coding style and operational logic. Some of them were so messy that we couldn't decode it, and the impression we got was that "some kind of malicious code or even a virus is masquerading as a normal process."

FEB 14 2056 16:42
[Uranium_390 has sent a vibrating alert]

Director: Check the transmission records and access logs. Then check our network gateway. See if there have been illegal accesses or signs of hacking.

Uranium_390: We've checked them all, but there are no signs of any illegal access.

Director: Is it possible that someone on the inside was trying to obfuscate the code?

Uranium_390: We can't rule that out. We're checking now. 

Uranium_390: Whoever did this was sending large amounts of junk-data in a DDOS attack against the security system in order to overwhelm the security system's processing capacity and thus overcome it.

Director: Initiate Plan S.

Uranium_390: The malicious process has been eliminated.

Uranium_390: Wait, it's back and completely unscathed, and it's launching another attack in the same way...

Uranium_390: No... This time it's also performing a port scan, as though it's trying to find a loophole in the security system. Looks a lot like an AI virus, don't you think?

Uranium_390: However, the security system's operational efficiency was clearly increased, because it quickly eliminated all the malicious processes. It seems "Sanctifier's" self-learning and self-evolution abilities are pretty good!

Director: Go do your work. I'll handle this.

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