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QLZ-04 is a completely generic AGL with a focus on debuffing the enemy. She does not bring good Pierce like ATWs and she does not deal good Damage like MTRs. All in all this makes her pretty useless. 

Due to her lackluster kit, QLZ is generally considered the least useful HOC and is at the bottom of the barrel for fielding more of them.

For more information, check out the Full Analysis section.


Initial Stats → Level 100 → Theoretical Max*

*Includes maximum Iteration and Chip bonuses

Range 3
Lethality 26 → 77 → 334 Pierce 46 → 136 → 325
Precision 63 → 188 → 373 Reload 112 → 331 → 640


Normal Attack
Launch 3 grenades to deal 0.33x Lethality and Pierce per grenade to enemies within a radius of 1.5.
Misty Disruption
Level 10 Effect Every 2 attacks* by additionally inflicts 1 smoke market, which reduces the target's evasion and accuracy by 25%, with a duration of 5 seconds.
* This actually procs every third attack.
Sequential Strike
Level 10 Effect Fire a special round 3 seconds after the battle begins, causing the target it strikes to take an additional 12 points of damage every time they are hit, with a duration of 5 seconds. Fire another special round every 4 seconds after that.
Note: This additional damage damage is not affected by damage-reducing effects, but it is affected by forcefields and damage caps (like Orthrus).
Aiming Flexibility
Level 10 Effect After every 3 attacks, increase self support damage and accuracy by 15% for 20 seconds, to a maximum of 3 stacks.

Circuit Board

Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
Stat Cap
Res. Bonus
Same Color Bonus
Tiles Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
4 +9 +6
10 +6 +6
16 +15 +6
24 +9 +9
30 +28 +12
34 +15 +10
38 +38 +14
Total +90 +30 +24 +39


Level Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
+2 +3
+2 +3 +4
★☆ +4 +6
★★ +3 +3 +4
★★☆ +5 +5
★★★ +5 +10
★★★☆ +6 +4 +6
★★★★ +6 +10
★★★★☆ +4 +6 +10
★★★★★ +8 +8
Total +45 +16 +29 +37

How should I prioritize this HOC?

Full Analysis

QLZ-04 debuffs enemies through her Skill 1 and Skill 2, the first one reducing enemy Evasion and Accuracy and the second applying a minor +12 DMG effect (which doesn't even work in the few cases where these small numbers would've had an effect, like Othrus Shields).

Due to being an AGL (no clearly defined role like ATWs and MTRs) combined with her focus on applying debuffs, she is extremely lackluster compared to almost all other HOCs.

QLZ-04 is an AGL with basic AGL targeting, prioritizing Force Shielded enemies but otherwise completely random.

Since QLZ-04's Pierce stat isn't as high as AGS-30 and she also doesn't have the luxury of a skill that improves her shield breaking ability, QLZ-04 won't be a particularly good choice as solo support when it comes to breaking down a significant amount of Force Shield. Her regular damage is fairly lacking too due to a low Lethality stat, and it's not recommended to use QLZ-04 as the only HOC support when facing enemies whose Force Shield must be depleted. 

Furthermore, QLZ-04's debuffs are only applied to her primary target unlike most other HOCs that affect every single unit in their attack range. 

While it will be fairly rare for QLZ-04 to see use over the other HOCs (especially since her rarity will be locked to 4-star or lower until Theater 4), her 3 range and decent Pierce does mean QLZ-04 won't be totally worthless in situations where the player needs as many HOCs as possible.


The QLZ-04 Grenade Launcher is a Chinese grenade launcher that replaced the older QLZ-87 in 2004. The launcher is backwards-compatible with older ammunition, but can be belt-fed. When fully loaded, it's slightly heavier than the AGS-30.

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