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1/4 update: Added QLZ-04's official Skill translations.

12/25 update: Full Analysis added. 

QLZ-04 is an automatic grenade launcher like AGS-30, and functions similarly. QLZ-04's most important stats are Reload and Pierce, and in general works extremely similarly to AGS-30 in practice despite the differing kit. 

Participating in Theater #3 will award players QLZ-04 Central Data, with more accumulated points corresponding to more copies. 

With her 3 range, QLZ-04 does a decent job at demolishing enemy artillery units and structures when 2-range HOCs are too far, and can provide some long range shield-breaking support in a pinch. While QLZ-04's ability to pierce enemy force shields isn't as potent as BGM-71 or AT4, she will still see use in situations that either demand more fielded HOC units or require the extra range she offers. 

For more information, check out the Full Analysis section.


Initial Stats → Level 100 → Theoretical Max*

*Includes maximum Iteration and Chip bonuses

Range 3
Lethality 26 → 77 → 334 Pierce 46 → 136 → 325
Precision 63 → 188 → 373 Reload 112 → 331 → 640

Minimum Enhancement Capsules to max: x233

  • Lethality: 77 - 26 = x51
  • Pierce: (136 - 46) / 3 = x30
  • Precision: (188 - 63) / 3 = x42
  • Reload: (331 - 112) / 2 = x110


Misty Disruption
Level 10 Effect Every 2 attacks* by additionally inflicts 1 smoke market, which reduces the target's evasion and accuracy by 25%, with a duration of 5 seconds.
* This actually procs every third attack.
Sequential Strike
Level 10 Effect Fire a special round 3 seconds after the battle begins, causing the target it strikes to take an additional 12 points of damage every time they are hit, with a duration of 5 seconds. Fire another special round every 4 seconds after that.
Note: This additional damage damage is not affected by damage-reducing effects, but it is affected by forcefields and damage caps (like Orthros).
Aiming Flexibility
Level 10 Effect Every 2 attacks*, increase self support damage and accuracy by 15% for 20 seconds, to a maximum of 3 stacks.
* This actually procs every third attack.

Circuit Board

Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
Stat Cap
Res. Bonus
Same Color Bonus
Tiles Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
4 +9 +6
10 +6 +6
16 +15 +6
24 +9 +9
30 +28 +12
34 +15 +10
38 +38 +14
Total +90 +30 +24 +39


Level Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
+2 +3
+2 +3 +4
★☆ +4 +6
★★ +3 +3 +4
★★☆ +5 +5
★★★ +5 +10
★★★☆ +6 +4 +6
★★★★ +6 +10
★★★★☆ +4 +6 +10
★★★★★ +8 +8
Total +45 +16 +29 +37

Should I use Data Patches to iterate this HOC? 

See the Iteration Priority Recommendations section. 

Full Analysis

QLZ-04 is a HOC with relatively low Pierce stat but an extremely rapid rate of fire thanks to her high Reload stat. While QLZ-04 doesn't fire quite as rapidly as AGS-30 or have as much Pierce per shot, the two of them are similar enough for QLZ-04 to be considered a weaker replacement for AGS. 

At near maximum Reload, QLZ-04 can fire as often as once every 1.533s.

When the player is done raising all other HOCs to Level 60 and has spare resources, QLZ-04 can be raised to level 40 then 60 so that she can equip 5★ Chips to raise her two most important stats, Reload and Pierce.

  • Both primary offensive stats should be raised in parallel when possible, since QLZ-04 needs both high Pierce and high Reload to really be effective. 
    • The same color bonus is again not as important as packing in Chips with high raw stats - only go for the same color bonus when it results in a net stat gain. 
  • QLZ-04 will mostly see use when the player needs her 3 range or wants additional fire support in extremely challenging fights.
    • Despite being weaker than AGS-30, QLZ-04 will come in handy in situations where the player needs 3 range and can deploy both HOCs. 

Each of QLZ-04's shots is actually a triple grenade hit dealing 0.33x Lethality and Pierce in a 1.5 radius AoE, just like AGS.

QLZ-04's targeting priority is fairly complex; the below is an educated guess based on limited testing and may be updated later. 

  1. If a shielded enemy is present, QLZ-04 prioritizes that target. 
  2. If different types of enemies are present, QLZ-04 prioritizes the enemy type with higher Damage stat. 
  3. Among the one enemy type eligible for target selection, QLZ-04 targets the most densely-packed area. 

Since QLZ-04's Pierce stat isn't as high as AGS-30 and she also doesn't have the luxury of a skill that improves her shield breaking ability, QLZ-04 won't be a particularly good choice as solo support when it comes to breaking down a significant amount of Force Shield. Her regular damage is fairly lacking too due to a low Lethality stat, and it's not recommended to use QLZ-04 as the only HOC support when facing enemies whose Force Shield must be depleted. 

Furthermore, QLZ-04's debuffs are only applied to her primary target unlike most other HOCs that affect every single unit in their attack range. 

While it will be fairly rare for QLZ-04 to see use over the other HOCs (especially since her rarity will be locked to 4-star or lower until Theater 4), her 3 range and decent Pierce does mean QLZ-04 won't be totally worthless in situations where the player needs as many HOCs as possible.

Skill Training Priority
Misty Disruption
Lv. 1 > 4 > 7 > 10
Misty Disruption is probably QLZ-04's most impactful skill, since it decreases enemy Evasion and Accuracy which can increase damage dealt as well as decrease your team's damage taken.
Aiming Flexibility
Lv. 1 > 4 > 7 > 10
This skill doesn't add much damage, but it is better than nothing.
Sequential Strike
Lv. 1 > 4 > 7 > 10
This skill doesn't add much damage, but it scales well with levels and is better than nothing.
QLZ-04 Demo

Demonstration of QLZ-04 used as the only HOC support vs. fully shielded Uhlans.


The QLZ-04 Grenade Launcher is a Chinese grenade launcher that replaced the older QLZ-87 in 2004. The launcher is backwards-compatible with older ammunition, but can be belt-fed. When fully loaded, it's slightly heavier than the AGS-30.

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