A Quick Guide on Mobile Special Region (a.k.a Free Svarogs) Banner

Article by Hassium Adamasturia
Special Mobile Region cover
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Comes with Anniversaries, the first one was on the other half of the year because Mica.


2023 Anniv Banner: SP Dead End Speeding Zone

2023 Anniv banner; Destroyer, Architect, Adeline, Alina, Executioner

How it works

The event SF banner (SP Mobile Special Region) works like this. 

Everyday you get 1 free 10 svarog to use on specifically that banner. A free 10 roll only available for that day and will not carry over to the next day. This will go on for a week. You just start 1 bombing run everyday. That's 70 rolls for free if you do it each day.

In the banner pool, there's 1 ringleader. One of the 6 shown, randomly picked, and you can't know which one until you get them. If you happen to get the ringleader, the pool is available for reset and which rl is in the pool will be randomized again.


Ringleader Pool on Free Svarog Banner 25/10/2022

This banner is terrible for getting a specific Ringleader you want and should not be considered a normal banner. If you desperately want a specific Ringleader do wait until their proper banner rerun rather than relying on this.

"Good" RNG

Example of "Good" RNG

Pray to your favorite Chaos deity and hope for better results than only 1☆ units.

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