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T-Dolls with either Damage or ROF skills.

  • M1A1’s abysmal Damage and average RoF do nothing to help her perform well.

  • Use a better RF.

  • K31 comes with solid base Damage and exceptional ROF, matching WA2000 at base, and easily able to slot into RF echelons as a result.

  • Massive ROF boosting Skill allows her to compete with WA2000 and SVD in DPS, almost doubling her base RF.

  • Her Skill does come with an Accuracy penalty, which can be mitigated, and a slightly longer initial cooldown than other RFs.

  • C14 has very mediocre base stats and low base rate of fire.
  • C14's ROF selfbuff is mediocre due to her rarity as well, making her overshadowed by most generalist RFs.
  • Requiring 5 buffs to start attacking means Fervor talent and Python/SAA Mod are the best way to activate Pekola at the 0 ICD mark, making her early use restrictive to new Commanders until Flash ammo equipment is available 
  • Her Active Skill grants a 22 HP shield to allies at 0 ICD and also counts toward her 5 buff count. Thus she offers a HP shield lower than HS2000’s or Makarov Mod’s in exchange for an earlier ICD
  • By ignoring Armor and HP shield, she becomes a great counter to Patrollers, high armored enemies and enemy comps with HP shields, such as KCCO comps with Acherons.
  • Against enemies with more than 10K HP pools, which is common in recent content, Pekora easily caps her passive around 70% of the enemy remaining HP

Tabuk is a 4-star RF with a peculiar self-buff skill: in addition to buffing her Damage by 55%, it makes Tabuk prioritize targets within 5 units of her and deal 10% more damage to enemies in this range. 

Tabuk's base stats aren't particularly impressive, and the 55% multiplier on her skill is lower than even 3-star RFs like M14 (who have a 60% self-buff).

Her overall DPS is therefore relatively weak compared to other RFs, so it's not very important to raise Tabuk if the Commander already has strong RFs. 

Gr SL8
  • Overall a strong RF that benefits from being fielded on hybrid teams, such as RFHG-SMG or RFHG-SG, SL8 usually matches the performance of Lee and Wa in most scenarios.
  • 10% Damage buff to all classes, while small, is nevertheless something, The 18% Evasion is mostly negligible though.
  • Unfortunately for her, R93, who is a better, dorkier and cuter hybrid RF, exists.
  • Rico is by far the standout doll of the Gunslinger Girl Collab event, obtainable from the shop.
  • Besides being adorable, she is also an extremely formidable RF that is very much worth your time.
  • Rico shares her stats with SVD, possessing the same great base stat spread.
  • Rico's Tower of Tisiphone Skill passive and her +45% Crit Damage special equipment skyrocket her DPS to the pinnacle of self-buffing RFs, with no other RF coming anywhere close. 
    • Even Lee-Enfield with her upcoming Special Equipment loses to Rico in DPS without Rico even firing off her AoE shot
4 Shiki
  • 4 Shiki (also known as Type 4) is a fairly standard self-buff RF who also procs a sure-hit piercing shot every three attacks. 
    • This special piercing bullet cannot crit and deals 1x damage.
    • Against a single target, 4 Shiki's damage output will typically not be as high as other self-buffing RFs like SVD or WA2000.
  • Nevertheless, 4 Shiki's passive is incredibly powerful against dense enemy packs, especially those with non-zero Evasion. 
Type 4 night showcase
  • The Blaser R93 is one of the strongest RFs to ever be introduced to Girls' Frontline. Best of all, she's free! Just finish her point event during the 2nd Anniversary and you'll earn her. 
  • R93's kit features both Damage and RoF buffs in a single package, letting her perform effectively against a wide variety of targets.
    • Because the buffs are multiplicative, this gives her an effective DPS increase competitive with other 5★ self-buffer RFs who focus on one stat like Lee-Enfield or WA2000.
    • Since the passive RoF-buffing component of R93's Lucky Trigger skill is always active, she has a small but consistent DPS edge over other RFs who lack such a passive giving her the highest single target pre-skill DPS among all RFs
  • Furthermore, R93's base stats are amazing. With 39 RoF and 133 Damage, R93 firmly stands at the apex of 5-star self-buffing DPS RFs, not even taking her passive into account. 
  • The only downside of R93 is that having her makes most other RFs seem weak in comparison. (Yes, really.) When the Valhalla collab was released on GFL KR, Stella was rated very poorly by the community due to KR already having R93 at that time. On EN, however, Stella's performance was much better due to a lack of competition - and she saw much more use than on foreign servers. 

Foreign players named R93 "the new God of War" when she came out. You can see an analysis video below - while the video is untranslated, it effectively showcases R93's raw damage output in a variety of team compositions and situations. 

  • OBR is a hybrid rate of fire and accuracy selfbuffing RF.
  • Due to her hybrid skill, in non-evasive situations OBR is even worse than average 3☆ self-buffing RFs, making her a poor choice pretty much all the time.
  • Has a Mod that makes up for her pre-Mod issues.
Mk 12
  • Mk 12 is a unique Limited Drop RF from Continuum Turbulence
  • She has the highest base RoF in the game at 46 Rate of Fire, and her Inspiration of Wrath Skill increases it further. 
    • Don't pair more than one RoF buffer with her, or she will overcap!
  • Mk 12's Skill Effects are split between buffing 30% RoF and 30% Crit Damage; it translates to an approximately 65-70% DPS increase against targets whose armor she can fully penetrate. 
    • Crit Damage is less valuable against targets with extremely high armor, such as Hydras. This won't be too noticeable so long as she is given enough Damage buffs and her equipment is fully enhanced. 
Stella Hoshii
  • Stella Hoshii has a unique targeting mechanic where she has two puppets per dummy link that each fire at her RoF but deal half of her Damage.

  • Stella’s multi-targeting allows her to deal much more consistent DPS than other Damage-buffing RFs as until there is only 1 target, the puppets will always attack a different target which helps to clear mobs more efficiently.

  • While her Damage Up modifier of 50% is not as high as other Damage Focus RFs,  this is made up quite a bit by Stella’s multi-targeting and partially by her passive’s additional 50% bonus Crit Damage every 16 shots (10 shots with a Bleeding Jane from Jill).

  • Stella performs poorly against enemies with more Armor than her AP can penetrate due to the halved Damage.

  • M14’s rarity has no bearing on her effectiveness. Her best quality is her unmatched RoF stat of 43, and because of this, she can keep up with or even out-damage some of the strongest RFs.

  • M14’s 60% Damage self-buff Skill makes up for the only weakness she possesses, which is her rather low Damage stat.

  • SRS has high Damage and low Rate of Fire, with a Skill that boosts both her Damage and Accuracy significantly. She can be considered similar to Lee-Enfield in usage and general performance. 

  • When placed in position 7, SRS can provide both frontline HGs with cooldown reduction, allowing their buffs to come out slightly sooner. 

  • The Accuracy boost on SRS’s Hunting Demonstration skill is not typically significant as RFs have high accuracy and armored enemies tend to have 0 Evasion. Her time to shine will come when facing future content where highly evasive and armored enemies proliferate.

  • T-5000 has reasonably high Damage, ROF, and a decent ROF increasing Skill.

  • Unfortunately SVD outclasses T-5000 with more Damage, ROF, and a Skill that doesn’t exchange additional ROF for Accuracy, cementing T-5000 below her in quality.

SSG 69
  • Although she has a relatively high Damage stat, SSG 69 also has one of the lowest ROF stats among RFs in the game, which immediately puts her at a disadvantage when compared to her peers.

  • SSG 69’s Skill is identical to M14’s in terms of percent Damage increase, but once again, SSG’s low RoF limits her Skill’s usefulness.

  • VM59 does not have the best stats among RFs, but she does have a surprisingly high RoF value and her Damage stat is decent.

  • Her stats allow her to perform adequately when used in conjunction with her RoF self-buff Skill.


FN-49 is an easily accessible 2★ RF that is awarded at Lv. 35 3x linked from career quests and is also obtainable from standard T-Doll Production and as common a drop from many different maps.

FN-49 is hindered severely by her poor base stats. Due to relatively low Damage and low Rate of Fire courtesy of her common rarity, her self-buffing skill (whose multiplier is also lowered due to her rarity) cannot do enough to bring her DPS to competitive levels. 

Overall, there’s little reason to use FN-49 in her base form, even as a new player. If you are new and looking for a low rarity RF (or just looking for a low rarity RF in general), you should look at the much better M14 or VM59 instead.

Lee Enfield

A legendary British rifle that outlasted the Empire itself, the famed Lee-Enfield is a 5★ general-use RF. She may have a basic set of skills, but she remains a strong and versatile option.

Lee-Enfield is very easy to understand. She has great base stats and her skill boosts her high Damage even further. While she was a strong doll in the very beginning, Lee ended up ageing like fine wine. With current content featuring stronger and tankier enemies, the benefits of hitting harder have become apparent and helped Lee to stand out more in the meta.

If you were able to score in the top 50% of the Shattered Connexion ranking, you will also have access to Lee-Enfield’s excellent Special Equipment. While the additional Rate of Fire doesn’t sound like a large boost on paper, it is actually a significant upgrade to her DPS potential, allowing her to maintain general DPS comparable to other RFs like M14 Mod and R93.

Even in the face of newer and fancier RF options, Lee-Enfield has maintained her strength and versatility throughout. While she will generally lag behind said options nowadays, she is still great as a generalist RF. Even without her Speq, Lee is a worthwhile addition to the RF roster.

  • WA2000’s stats are simply amazing in every regard.

  • She features the strongest self-buff for her class, an incredible 75% RoF up Skill.

  • When her Skill is combined with her outstanding stat base, WA2000 is among the best generalists.

  • SVD carries high RoF and Damage stats that when combined with her Skill grant her second highest DPS out of all RFs.

  • She sports a 65% RoF self-buff Skill, which is among the best RFs have to offer.

  • Simonova’s statline features abysmal Damage and below average RoF.

  • Her Skill itself is decent; it’s a direct downgrade of WA2000 and SVD’s Skills, boosting Simonova’s RoF by 55%. As she is a 2 star, however, the size of the buff that her Skill gives is lacking compared to other choices.

  • M14 Mod is a straight DPS upgrade without any fancy extra mechanics, and it bumps her performance up to levels matching that of 5★ self-buffing RFs. 

  • Her Skill 2, Clear Fighting Spirit, buffs Crit Damage by 10%.

  • Mod III is Optional, as her Special Equipment adds Accuracy, which is fairly minor and does not help against most Armored enemies who have 0 Evasion.

Gr G28
  • G28 has slightly higher Damage but a tad lower ROF than M14, and though she has 5% more Damage increase on her Skill (totaling 65%), she performs only somewhat better than M14.

  • Performing only slightly better than M14 is nothing to scoff at, considering just how amazing M14 is. This makes G28 one of the best RFs who is only limited by her own availability.


T-Dolls that either have something odd in their kit, or are only particularly useful at night.

  • G43 has below average Damage, but her high RoF does help her somewhat.

  • Her Skill is the most potent RoF buff in the game -- at least at Night -- and made even better thanks to G43’s high RoF. Due to the long cooldown of the skill, however, it does not see much use in conventional scenarios, if any use at all.

  • Type 88 has abysmal RoF and Accuracy, as well as low Damage. When other RFs are available (which they nearly always are) this makes her unsuitable for use.

  • Although Type 88’s skill does provide a powerful Damage buff that offsets her low Damage, as it only works to maximum effectiveness at Night and has an initial cooldown of 8 seconds, it rarely sees any usage.

  • IWS-2000’s abysmal ROF stat that is even further reduced by her Skill makes her rely heavily on ROF buffs to be effective. Moreover, her subpar performance as a conventional DPS RF means she’s only worth investment for boss killing or particularly rough enemies.

  • Although her damage per shot is otherworldly, there are not many situations where said Damage is necessary.

  • IWS-2000 is undoubtedly the most unique RF in the game, and although she will eventually have her place as a Hydra hunter, this will not be a reality until 10-4E and subsequently the Singularity story event, both of which are still a little bit of time away.

  • Type 81R has mediocre Damage and a poor ROF stat.

  • She possesses a scaled up version of G43’s Night ROF Skill, a 90% (30% during daytime) buff to ROF for 5 seconds. Due to how long its Initial Cooldown is and how outclassed it is during daytime, this Skill’s effectiveness is limited.

  • Even though she has a very slightly better version of G43’s Skill, due to Type 81R’s poor RoF, they perform very similarly. Since 81R is a login T-Doll and as such not as readily available or easy to link as G43, she is not worth using even for her small niche.

Carcano M91/38
  • M91/38 is rather unique among T-Dolls in that her attacks have a chance to gain stacks – though unlike her sister M1891, she has a rather high 70% chance to gain 2 stacks, and she can also activate her Skill to instantly gain 18 stacks. At 18 stacks her next shot will deal a 4500% Damage to a normal enemy, or 300% Damage to “Elite” enemies (all bosses and many higher tier enemies.). While this is certainly useful for Hydras, those are only relevant in Singularity and Chapter 10, which has not been released yet.

  • Like her sister M1891, M91/38 has Cooldown Reduction for RFs as her Tile Buffs, allowing for more uptime of Skills. M91/38’s also has the bonus of not hogging buffs in an F formation.

  • All these qualities contribute to M91/38’s being a great contender for the 7 position in RF echelons.

Ballista's strange kit makes her a little unusual to use as a DPS rifle. She effectively deals double damage for 4+ shots after 6 seconds, but this is only possible at Skill Level 10. This not only adds a high initial investment cost, but puts a pretty hard cap on the benefit she derives from Rate of Fire buffs. Most generalist RFs will perform better with less investment.
  • QBU-88 is one of the more interesting RF T-Dolls, with a charged-shot Skill that deals AoE damage, a rarity among RFs.
    • The multiplier looks low, but keep in mind RFs have extremely high Damage stats - QBU's 120+ Damage amplified by buffs can easily make her Skill deal high triple digit damage even when fired early. 
  • Despite QBU-88's unorthodox tile buff formation, it's actually able to hit 2HG in most situations, making it a fairly versatile aura for a 5-star RF.  
  • While QBU-88 does not have a selfbuff and cannot deliver single-target burst, her pre-Skill DPS is extremely good thanks to her incredible 42 Rate of Fire.
  • QBU-88's passive cannot miss, but it is also hard to use - most enemies do not tend to survive RF shots for very long and even when they do, they will likely have lost a lot of Dummy Links already - reducing the efficacy of QBU-88's passive explosion (as explosive damage scales with the number of Dummy Links hit.  
  • Falcon is a very unique login reward RF T-Doll who has a fixed magazine size of 2 rounds and needs to reload after spending her regular rounds. In this sense, she behaves more like an MG than an RF. 
    • In exchange for needing to reload, Falcon's normal attacks deal 1.5x Damage
  • Falcon's theoretical DPS is actually not bad, but her attack pacing is extremely awkward due to her fixed rate of fire at 1 second per shot
  • Increasing Falcon's RoF to improve reload speed has very poor returns: 100% RoF buffs result in only a 33% increase in effective DPS. 
  • As a result of her strange kit, Falcon's performance suffers in practice and she is rarely used (aside from the specific whale usage of one-shotting beginner data with M1895Mod and Python to get onto the data sampling leaderboards). 
  • SVCh presents a strong case as a generalist, due to her passive Skill
  • Her active Skill ignores shields and armor, but is still affected by damage reduction, and so she fails to be a strong counter to Orthrus
  • SVCh should be treated just like every other generalist, with an added bonus that she can snowball her damage buff against large amount of mobs
  • In the end she fails to be relevant to old players, as those already have better generalists named Lee and WA2000
  • Meanwhile new Commanders can make use of her, although her active Skill won't be of much help since AP buff made early armored enemies trivial
Type88 MOD
  • T88's Neural Upgrade revolutionizes her Role, backing AoE damage and Pierce into a Rifle Class Doll
  • Her Pierce allows her to effectively multiply her Damage by enemies hit, 
  • Strong Statistical Upgrades help to patch up some of her shortcomings, along with Damage increases from her Special Equipment


  • TF-Q gets a firepower self-buff and perfect accuracy against unarmored units.
  • Below average performance against armored units, one possible solution to unarmored highly evasive enemies.


T-Dolls that have a large, undodgeable, singular burst of damage. Absolutely none of these T-Dolls are particularly helpful for general use, they only excel at killing bosses in one shot. One-shotting bosses is nowhere near a useful or necessary niche, so take this section of the tier list with a grain of salt.

M1 Garand
  • Don't.

Gd DSR-50
  • DSR-50 has the second highest Damage stat among RFs at a whopping 163, second only to NTW-20. Unfortunately, DSR’s overall damage output suffers due to her low ROF.

  • DSR’s skill makes her situationally better than NTW-20 and M99 in battles against armored targets, as DSR’s shot does 10.0x her damage against armored units. The flipside is that DSR’s Skill only does 6.0x her damage against unarmored foes as opposed to the standard 8.0x multiplier on the other 5 star nuke rifles.

  • Mod only slightly improves SV-98, which isn't saying much.
  • SV-98 goes from a cute RF to a very cute RF.
  • SV-98 Mod is as cute as she is bad.
Mosin-Nagant MOD
  • Mosin Mod, with her Chip SPEQ,  becomes the owner of second highest Damage stat in the RF class, only sitting behind NTW Mod.
  • Her Second skill, on top of her very strong Damage stat with chip, allows her to easily snowball her second Skill. Because of her strong Damage stat, her nuke, most of the time, activates her RoF buff on Skill 2.
  • Unfortunately pre-mod Mosin is hardly justifiable and, coupled with expensive costs of a 5 star mod, makes Mosin Mod hard to justify raising.
  • For veteran players, Mosin Mod suffers direct competition from Rico, who is also a fast, strong nuke RF with Damage stats, if she can keep her passive activated consistently.
GM6 Lynx
  • Offering a twist to the standard bamboo formula, Lynx shoots thrice her target, each shot having a 0.5 seconds of aim time, in a similar way to Kar’s double shot. 
  • Unfortunately, her low initial multiplier hinders any viability she might have had.
  • On the other hand, she has a maximum multiplier of 11.5, strong for a 3 star doll, her average Damage base stat keeps her from being a good doll for the bamboo niche, where NTW reigns.
  • RT-20 is a monthly login RF whose skillset unfortunately doesn't live up to her looks.
  • Don't be fooled by that SS rank on her DMG stat - RT-20 might have 158 Damage, but that's all she has going for her. With 27 Rate of Fire, she will be shooting so slowly that Falcon will look like an MG by comparison. 
    • As the charged-shot niche often targets high HP targets that even strong T-Dolls like M82A1 or NTW-20 have trouble killing without being maxed, the chances that RT-20 can do her job properly are not very high. 
  • M82A1 is a free 5★ RF earned from opening crates in the Continuum Turbulence event. 
  • Her unique and powerful sure-hit skill is specialized for bursting a single high-threat target early on in battle. 
    • Revelation of the False Idol has a strong 4.2x multiplier for its 6s ICD that benefits well from her high Damage stat of 158.
  • For the most part, Carcano M91/38 remains the queen of this niche. M82A1 is a niche specialty pick that primarily comes in handy for killing Doppelsoldners in the CT Ranking map, where she is an advantaged T-Doll and has a 20% Damage buff. 
    • Players who do not intend to tryhard CT Ranking or already have multiple copies of Carcano M91/38 need not invest in M82A1. 
  • SPR has a decent Damage stat but poor ROF, something which plagues a lot of Bamboo RFs.

  • SPR’s Skill marks a target for 5 seconds and after aiming, she will do 5.5x Damage to said target. If the target is KO’d before the mark expires, she will also be granted a 25% ROF increase. This Skill is notable in that it has one of the lowest Initial Cooldowns for a Skill Shot at 8 seconds.

  • SPR’s main problem is that her statline and Skill are too similar to Springfield, while not having the bonus of special equipment to salvage her poor ROF The small ROF boost SPR acquires from killing a marked target unfortunately does not make up for this, making her worse when compared to Springfield.

Gepard M1
  • While Gepard M1 has high base Damage, her low base Rate of Fire, and Bamboo Skill limit her usage. 
  • Her Tiles are well-positioned for a RF
  • Low Rarity keeps her multiplier down, which further cuts into her usability. 
  • JS05's Skill puts her in a terribly awkward place and makes her potentially the worst five-star RF as she cannot hope to match DPS RF in performance against mobs, and she cannot partake in Nuke RF squads to one-shot bosses due to her incredibly low skill modifier.
  • As an extension of being awkward to use due to not having a clear defined role, the team composition she should take part in is also undefined. Her modifier is low and her RoF is atrocious, and her complete lack of synergy with any specific role means she has no clear defined RF partner. 
  • PzB has the same problems as JS05 in that her Skill is extremely awkward to use and doesn’t quite fit in with any actual Bamboo teams, with a low modifier to boot.

  • PzB also has a much worse Damage and Accuracy stat than JS05 while only having 1 extra ROF, meaning she’s clearly outclassed.

  • OTs-44 has base stats comparable to those of M99, but a 3 star rarity means OTs-44’s skill multiplier is only 6.5x, which is strictly worse for the same 15 second initial cooldown.

  • In addition to low skill damage multiplier, OTs-44 still suffers from the same general damage output issues as most of the rest of the nuke rifles due to low ROF.

  • Although Springfield has very poor base RoF, her exclusive Match Ammo gives her an immense boost in this stat that allows Springfield to beat all RFs in damage output pre 6 seconds in the current state of the game.

  • As she is a Bamboo without a strong Mod, she should be replaced by a better RF.

  • Like PTRD and NTW-20, M99 has terrible DPS because of her 32 RoF stat and Nuke Skill.

  • Although she carries a stronger modifier than the four-star Nuke RFs, her 15 second Initial Skill Cooldown makes her a terrible choice over them.

  • The Boss Nuking niche is largely unnecessary in the current state of the game and is only recommended to be employed for fun once players are done leveling every T-Doll they wish to level. It is worth noting, though, that ‘small-nukes’ such as Mosin Nagant and Springfield are way better at fulfilling their niche than ‘large-nukes’ such as NTW and M99 due to their vastly shorter Initial Cooldown.

Super SASS
  • A great upgrade art-wise, a terrible upgrade combat-wise, is what defines SASS Mod
  • Because her Skill 2 relies on the amount of her Skill 1 charges, Commanders have to leave her on manual if they wish to fully make use of her Skill 2
  • Basically a worsened NTW-20 Mod, there is no reason to Mod SASS other than pure waifuism. At least she is cute enough to deserve it.
Gr PSG-1
  • Although PSG-1 has above average base RoF, her overall DPS still suffers from a long skill Initial Cooldown as well as her low base Damage.

  • Without any kind of outstanding stats or special equipment, PSG-1 simply fails to compare to any of the premium RFs or even similar unit such as Springfield or Mosin Nagant.

  • Pre-mod Kar has a shorter ICD and a higher initial multiplier compared to Standard Bamboo RFs, combined with her damage being split into two shots she mitigates some of the issues with Bamboos but not entirely.

  • Has an amazing mod.

  • SV-98 has average Damage and above average RoF but her stats aren’t her main issue, instead, it is her Skill.

  • Not only are small Nuke/Bamboo Skills mediocre to begin with, but as SV-98 is a 3 star, the multiplier on her skill is too low for her to make proper usage of it. Combined with her only average Damage stat, SV-98’s Skill simply isn’t useful in most scenarios.

  • PTRD has terrible DPS as a product of her 28 RoF stat and Nuke Skill.

  • Although she carries a stronger modifier than the other four-star Nuke RFs, her 15 second Initial Skill Cooldown makes her an ineffective choice when compared to them.

  • The Boss Nuking niche is largely unnecessary in the current state of the game  and is only recommended to be employed for fun once players are done leveling every T-Doll they wish to level. It is worth noting, though, that ‘small-nukes’ such as Mosin Nagant and Springfield are way better at fulfilling their niche than ‘large-nukes’ such as NTW and M99 due to their vastly shorter Initial Cooldown.

  • SVT has low Damage, low Rate of Fire, low Accuracy -- basically everything she needs to be good, she doesn’t have.

  • Her Skill is ineffective. Like all Nukes/Bamboos, her Skill has a long cooldown, and her status as a two star means it also has a low multiplier. The issue is then compounded by her low damage.

  • Often compared to Springfield due to their similarities, Mosin suffers from the same issues as her: Bamboo RF, fires slowly.
  • Unlike Springfield, Mosin’s SPEQ further cements her role as a hard hitter RF, and so is recommended to farm. Also unlike Springfield, her SPEQ is not as easy to farm, being a 5-4E farm only.
  • Mosin is also not a career level reward, unlike Springfield (70x4), so unless aiming for her mod, or lacking stronger RFs, there is little reason to level her up.
  • M21 has below average RoF and Damage, making her inferior to most RFs in every way.

  • M21’s still has the same problem as every 3 star RF with her Skill -- not only does her it have a low damage multiplier due to her being a 3 star, her low Damage and her Skill’s long 10 second Initial Cooldown means that she won’t do her job properly.

  • Her Skill 1 rework, coupled with her Damage base stat and Skill 2, makes her good at taking down high priority low hp targets. However, she’s still not preferred over traditional self-buffers in most situations, and thus remains a niche unit.
  • Her new Mod II skill, Chain Reaction, is what enables her new niche, eliminating up to 4 key low health threats in the enemy backline in one skill activation.
  • Bamboos have always been a niche class in GFL, and NTW-20 is no exception.
  • Because of ballooning enemy HP, bosses included, the days of NTWxodia one-shooting enemy bosses are over.
  • TAC-50, like most Bamboo RFs, has an extraodinarily high Damage but poor Rate of Fire.

  • Unlike all other Bamboo RFs, her Skill comes with a bit of control, since her drone will change the Skill's target every second after it comes off cooldown. This allows commanders to patiently wait until it's over the correct target before TAC-50 shoots her shot.

  • Said Skill also comes extremely close to matching the burst found in M99 and NTW's skills. Considering how it is much more likely for TAC-50 to hit the right target, and how it comes off cooldown much quicker than theirs, this makes her instantly better than them.