Scarecrow (Protocol Assimilation)


Initial Stats -> Level 100 5★ -> Level 100 5★ Maximum Potential

HP 514→1091→1091 Evasion 94→209→224
Damage 182→624→654 Rate of Fire 58→126→132
Accuracy 39→102→112 Armor 0
Critical Rate 20% Critical Damage 150%
Armor Pen 15 Move Speed 12

Rank Up Cost

Level Rarity Petri Dish
70 4 300
90 5 450

Tile and Formation Buff

Unlike G&K Dolls, Ringleaders provide their Buffs to any unit in the Echelon that is tagged appropriately, making positioning less important. Instead, they operate via a series of 'Tags'. 

Unit Type T-Doll
Effects Base Max Analysis
Rate of Fire 6% 15%
Evasion 9% 20%

Team Building Notes

Scarecrows Tile Buff is relatively weak prior to Peak Value Analysis, and her coverage is rather limited, affecting only units flagged as 'T-Dolls'. While this does include many of the standouts from the early unit batches, including Jaegers, Aegis, and Dragoons, the low magnitude means that you can safely use units that she does not buff without fear of losing a great deal. 

Due to the generally higher Rate of Fire values amongst Coalition Units, certain combinations of units and Growth factors will not hit a faster frame with only Scarecrow's 6% RoF Buff. 


Battlefield Purge
ICD: 6 Seconds
Level 10 Effect

Passive: Normal attacks consist of 3 shot volley. Each shot deals 40% of Scarecrow's Damage.

Active: Change targeting to lowest HP, and deal 10 rounds of Damage. Each shot deals 100% Additional Damage.

Peak Value Analysis 4: Decreases Intial Cooldown by 2 Seconds, and adds 5 rounds of Damage to Active Skill. (Cooldown: 12 seconds)

Shadow Predation
Cost: 1 AP
Level 10 Effect Place a Scout on adjacent node. This unit cannot move, but it can capture nodes and swap with friendly units, and leaves the battlefield after 1 turn. When it encounters an enemy unit, it is destroyed and deals damage equal to 30% of its max HP.(Cooldown: 2 Turns)
Level 5 Effect Every 2 Volleys (6 attacks), Scarecrow's last shot lowers target's Evasion by 40% and Rate of Fire by 20% for 5 seconds.
Ghost Step
Level 5 Effect When on an Enemy Controlled node, raise Echelon Damage by 10%.


Scarecrow is the Ringleader rewarded by the tutorial for Protocol Assimilation, and unlike her story counterpart, SFcap Scarecrow offers both considerable power and utility, making her a surprisingly potent reward for clicking a few buttons. 

Scarecrow's stats look impressive at first glance but are relatively par for the course for Ringleaders. Her Damage in particular is somewhat less impressive than it looks, as her attacks deal a percentage per shot, as opposed to the entire value. The rest of her stats are almost exactly in the middle of the road for Ringleaders, but Scarecrow's strength is found elsewhere. 

While it can be slightly obfuscated, Scarecrow's Damage output against non-armored foes is surprisingly high, dealing 120% of her Damage stat to a target with no Armor in 40% chunks per volley, but this also means that she will suffer against Armored foes, as the Armor subtracts from each individual attack reducing her Damage quite a bit, so some care should be taken when picking Scarecrow's enemies, or if using her against Armor, allies with AP should be chosen. Her active Attack changes her targetting temporarily, allowing Scarecrow to engage the backline, or prioritize weakened enemies, but this is an auxiliary benefit as opposed to something you should build strategies around. 

Scarecrow's Skill 2, Shadow Predation, further sets her apart from other Ringleaders, allowing her to place a temporary allied Echelon on the field, extending swap chains, capturing nodes, blocking spawns, or luring enemies into position. This does cost 1 AP so some planning is required, but this is a powerful tool, made more powerful by a somewhat unusual quirk in the cooldown. Ringleader's map Skills operate much like Fairy Skills, and if the Echelon retreats, and redeploys, the Cooldown for the Skill is reset. Scarecrow cannot fully exploit this, as the number of Scouts deployed is limited to 1, but she can use this quirk to keep a Scout active at all times. 

Scarecrow's Skill 3 and 4, Curse and Ghost Step respectively, are smaller benefits when compared to Shadow Predation but are nonetheless meaningful contributions to Scarecrow's effectiveness. Fitting her lore as recon and scout unit, she operates best on enemy nodes, Ghost Step boosts the Damage of her entire Echelon by a small but meaningful amount, thanks to the overall higher stats of SF units. The boost scales only slightly with levels, making the investment high cost for a low return. 

Skill Priority

Battlefield Purge
ICD: 6 Seconds
High Priority The boosted Damage from leveling Battlefield Purge goes a long way to improving Scarecrows day-to-day viability against all units. While leveling this Skill does not improve her standard drone attacks, her Active Skill attacks improve signiifcantly; as a result, making this a higher priority than her other Skills.
Shadow Predation
Cost: 1 AP
Low Priority Shadow Predation gains very little from leveling. While the additional Damage to enemies that walk into the Scout is nice, you are almost never using Scarecrows Scout as a stand in for a Landmine Fairy, and levels do not affect the Cooldown, or placement range.
Low Priority While the debuff from Curse Is significant, and doubles over course of leveling, it is a single target debuff, which has limited value in the current enviroment of large enemy clusters. Due to the high relative cost of Skill Leveling Coalition Units and the current trends of enemies, this Skill can be leveled after other highier priority ones.
Ghost Step
Low Priority Ghost Step's scaling is relatively poor, making it hard to justify the expense of leveling this Skill immediately. Level this one last.

Peak Value Analysis

Potential Level Effect
1 Tile Buff Improved (Eva 10% -> Eva 20% at Max Analysis)
2 Damage +30, Hit +10
3 Evasion +15, RoF +6
4 Skill 1 Improved, see Skill description.
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