Scout (Protocol Assimilation)

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Non-Ringleader stats are determined by Rarity and Growth Factor. The stat range from XS to XL will be shown below. 

Level 100 5★ XS -> Level 100 5★ XL


HP 648→691 Evasion 201→214
Damage 74→81 Rate of Fire 108→115
Accuracy 98→105 Armor 0
Critical Rate 20% Critical Damage 150%
Armor Pen 15 Move Speed 12

Rank Up Cost

Level Petri Dish Rarity
10 50 ★★
30 70 ★★★
70 100 ★★★★
90 200 ★★★★★



Weak Spot Marking
ICD: 2 Seconds
Level 10 Effect Mark enemies in radius of 2 from target. Marked Units have their Evasion reduced by 50%. When friendly units damage a marked unit, they deal an additional 14 points of damage. The effect lasts for 5 seconds and cannot stack. (Cooldown: 8 seconds)


Scouts are an even more extreme version of the Ripper, featuring a massive Evasion and pitiful HP stat, with no other means of Damage reduction. Interestingly, however, Scouts do not appear to be intended as a frontline tank unit, as their Skill provides support to their allies.

Scouts apply a Mark to enemies that reduces Evasion and causes them to take additional Damage when attacked by an ally. Unfortunately, the investment required to get the full value from this Skill is high, as prior to Skill Level 5, the duration and cooldown are poorly synced. Furthermore, the additional Damage scales poorly with ballooning enemy HP values. The Evasion debuff remains valuable against medium-high Evasion enemies, however, the trade-off between Scouts and other units does not favor the Scout.

As a result, Scouts have limited value and can be safely scrapped.

Skill Priority

Weak Spot Marking
ICD: 2 Seconds
Low Priority Additional Skill levels do not benefit Scouts nearly enough to justify spending Data on them. The additional Damage is little more than a tickle in most situations, and the boosted Evasion Debuff is not going to push the Scouts value higher than other units.

Peak Value Analysis

Dummy Link Effect
1 Extra Link
2 Extra LInk
3 Extra Link
4 Extra LInk
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