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A Note

SGs main purpose is to tank large amounts of damage, anything else they do is secondary. While there are two separate categories, commanders should prioritize their SGs tanking ability.


SGs with purely defensive skills.

  • M500’s average Armor and decent HP grants her passable -- but not great -- performance.

  • Although M500 great formation tiles buff an MG’s Damage by 18%, her tile layout makes her only suited for 2SG formations.

  • As 2SG formations are both more Resource costly and deal less damage due to the lack of an HG or MG, they are not optimal.

  • M590 also features decent Armor and HP, granting her alright performance.

  • While M590 has an above average tile buff -- buffing MG’s Accuracy by 55% -- her tile layout makes her only suited for 2SG formations.

  • As 2SG formations are both more Resource costly and deal less damage due to the lack of an HG or MG, they are not optimal.

  • Super-Shorty’s low HP and low Armor means she cannot do the only job -- tanking -- that she is supposed to do.

  • Although Super-Shorty’s formation tiles buff both Damage and Accuracy which are the two best buffs for MG, she only buffs one MG, making her less than ideal.

  • While KSG has average health at best, she possesses the highest Armor stat in the game, allowing her to be an incredibly effective tank.

  • KSG also provides a 20% Damage buff to two MGs, which is the highest Damage buff given by an SG ingame.

  • Another amazing aspect of KSG’s tiles is that she buffs from the center of the formation, allowing her to tank by herself.

  • Like Ithaca, while she doesn’t buff the MG behind her, KSG enables an Echelon to run a 1SG composition.

  • SAT8 boasts amazing tiles for 3MG Echelons. While in most cases these are resource inefficient when compared to 2MG Echelons, they still get the job done and can at times be more reliable. In this area, SAT8 is second to none.
  • SAT8's Skill will activate well before enemies have a chance to shoot her and/or her allies once, and it will block 35 HP worth of damage calculated after her Armor, meaning this shield is very durable and unlikely to go down before it can be used again. 
  • FP-6 has very high base Armor and an acceptable HP pool, allowing her to soak plenty of incoming Damage if needed.
  • Lost Paradise is a strong multi-part Skill, increasing the survivability of Dolls it affects, while also knocking back Guards or other melee type enemies.
    • Its long initial cooldown hinders its usefulness in short battles somewhat, but the shielding effect is incredibly powerful when combined with its stackable damage reduction.
  • M870 is a unique Limited Drop SG from Continuum Turbulence whose Skill gives herself a Force Shield.
  • Her 23 Armor and 1320 HP are great for SGs, and her Damage/Accuracy tiles are strong even if the shape is somewhat awkward. 
  • Because Force Shield reductions are multiplicative with Armor reductions, this is strictly worse for tanking low damage hits than armor-buffing SGs like KSG.
    • On the other hand, Highway to Hell is the only SG skill that can absorb highly damaging boss attacks or enemy skills that ignore armor. 
  • As M870 does what no other SG is able to, she's a solid Main Tank whose specialty can see use in the right situation. 


SGs with mostly offensive Skills.

  • M1887 sports some of the highest HP among SGs and above average Armor, but her buff tile placement leaves her lacking when compared to other 5-star SGs.

  • Because she has a rather unique Skill that deals a massive amount of flat damage to a single target, M1887 is a reasonable choice against certain bosses. However, note that in most cases SG/MG Echelons are not recommended against bosses due to the inefficient scaling of Armor against high damage boss attacks.

Ithaca M37
  • M37 Ithaca has both an average HP and Armor, at 1265 and 22, respectively.

  • It is her buff tiles that make her truly stand out, as they give two MGs an 18% Damage buff -- the second most powerful SG-given Damage buff ingame.

  • M37’s tiles buff from the center of the formation, allowing her to be used as the only SG in an Echelon.

  • Though she doesn’t buff the MG directly behind her, M37’s ability to allow an Echelon to run a 1SG setup makes her among the most efficient SGs currently available.

  • KS-23’s high HP and average Armor make her useable, but not the best choice of SG.

  • Although the 12% Damage and 30% Accuracy formation buff KS-23 gives is good, she only buffs one MG and her tile layout makes her only suited for 2SG formations.

  • As 2SG formations are both more Resource costly and deal less damage due to the lack of an HG or MG, they are not optimal.

  • RMB-93 has decent Armor, but her low HP has a negative impact on her ability to tank.

  • While the 12% Damage and 30% Accuracy buff that RMB-93’s formation tile gives is decent, she only buffs one MG and her tile layout makes her only suited for 2SG formations.

  • As 2SG formations are both more Resource costly and deal less damage due to the lack of an HG or MG, they are not optimal.

  • Saiga’s defensive stats are more than sufficient, with above average Armor and a decent HP pool. 

  • Big Antelopes Horn provides Saiga with sizable burst damage in the form of 3 rapid-fire attacks dealing 1.5x/2.5x/3.5x Damage with 100% Accuracy at no Ammo cost.

    • Slugs do not affect this skill in any way.

  • Saiga’s Buff Tiles are ideal for a Main Tank SG, as they cover the entire back row and provide a considerable 15% Damage boost.

Type 97 Shotgun
  • 97S carries great tile buffs with amazing placement. They make her quite versatile and able to fit all Echelon compositions that make use of Shotguns, making her a good choice if better options aren’t available.

  • Due to being an offensive SG she suffers from a low Armor stat, and Shotguns don’t typically get to use their Skill due to high Initial Cooldown. This makes defensive SGs generally better performers, so 97S unfortunately loses out in this trade-off.

  • SPAS-12 has fairly good tanking ability due to her high HP, but her Armor stat is a little on the lower end.

  • SPAS also provides a sizeable 20% Damage buff to MGs. Unfortunately, her buff tile placement means that in 2MG 2HG 1SG formations, SPAS-12 is only able to buff one of the two MGs.

  • Though USAS-12 has a very awkward tile, its potency combined with her own high damage output means her performance in 2MG Echelons matches that of Ithaca M37 during the first volley.
  • While USAS' damage output is very high for an SG and she can perform on par with the best 2MG Echelon oriented SGs, her performance in 3MG Echelons suffers. 
  • NS2000 is a worse version of Ithaca 37. She carries the same skill, which is incredibly effective against high Evasion mobs that MGs struggle to hit, and while her tile buffs are nice, her coverage is awkward at best.
  • NS2000's tile coverage requires her to sit on tile 9 where she can't hope to draw nearly enough aggro when it really matters. This deficiency forces a 2SG team against tougher enemy squads that can survive a first MG volley, and in using a 2SG Echelon resource efficiency goes out the window.
  • Elphelt is one of, if not the, most durable shotgun out of all shotguns due to her high HP value of 1375 and her equally high Armor value of 23.
  • Elphelt also has the best possible mix for buff tiles, providing a 15% buff to both Accuracy and Damage for MGs.
  • Like Ithaca and KSG, she doesn't buff the tile behind her, however the positioning still allows her to be used in 1SG formations.
  • AA-12 has decent HP and Armor, but her offensive skill has a long Initial Cooldown and offers no additional survivability.

  • AA-12 does provide a hefty 22% damage buff to MGs in the same row and the row above her, but her buff tile placement means that she is only able to buff one MG in a 2MG 2HG 1SG formation.

  • High HP and decent Armor make M1014 a reasonably effective tank, but a 10 second Initial Cooldown on her Skill means that she has no additional defensive utility in most situations.

  • M1014’s buff tile placement are only functional in 2SG formations, which are resource-inefficient and not highly recommended. This makes M1014 a less compelling choice than some of her peers.