Shattered Connexion E4-2: Isomer I

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Eliminate All Enemies

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  2 Combat Echelons AR/SMG Level 70 4x Linked

Clear Steps

At face value, this is a simple search and destroy mission, however, there are a few little quirks to the formula. First,the console in the upper right of the map which will place one of the Black Beans into 'sleep' mode allowing it to be carried around and used as a bomb. Stepping on the Radar will remove the Manticore stack, further clearing away impediments to victory. Bring a strong AR/SMG echelon and buckle in for a bit of a long battle but one easily winnable. 

Turn 1


Deploy Combat Echelons on the Command Post and the Heliport. Move the Combat Echelon on the Command Post to the left two nodes. 


Move the upper Combat Echelon to the right one node. 


Deploy a Dummy Echelon on the Command Post. End your turn

Turn 2


Move the upper Combat Echelon down one node. 


Move the lower Combat Echelon up one node. 


Move the Dummy Echelon to the left two nodes, and swap with the Combat Echelon. 


Move the lower Combat Echelon two nodes back to the right. End your turn.

Turn 3


Move the upper Combat Echelon up one node, to the right one node, down one node, to the right one node, then up two nodes, and finally to the right one more node to occupy the Console. Activate it now to disable the Bean. 

Turn 4


Move the lower Combat Echelon to the right one node, and up three nodes. Pick up the Bomb. 


Move the Combat Echelon with the Bomb down three nodes. 

Turn 5


Move the lower Combat Echelon to the left three nodes. Swap with the Dummy above, then more one node right and one node up. End your turn here, despite the remaining AP. This has a chance to save you time next turn if the Bean plays along.

Turn 6


Move the upper Combat Echelon to the left one node. 

If the Bean played along you don't need to do this. 


Move the lower Combat Echelon to the left one node, and then up one node. Use the Bomb to remove the Gladiator. 


Move that Combat Echelon up two more nodes to destroy the Rodel and remove the Manticore stack to win the day.

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