Shattered Connexion E5-2 EX: Operation Defang I-1 EX

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Rescue Hostage

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Specialized Team 
    • Mg/HG recommended although RFs can be pressed into service if you lack for MGs
  • 1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

Prepare for your first experience fighting under Gustav fire. Luckily this one is fairly straightforward's. For anyone experienced in gunboating the method is fairly similiar. There is one battle on this route, against an Aegis/Typhon enemy. the Typhons occupy the upper and lower rows, rising on tiles 1,2,3,7,8,9, leaving tile 6 free for a DPS. First, however, you must defeat the Aegis blocking your path. See below for a few team suggestions. Outside of that fight, this battle is a snooze. Enjoy it, Chapter 5 only gets harder from here. 

There are a few options for fighting the Typhon, but the basics remain the same between all of them. MGs are a good choice all around. I did not try a Taunt Fairy, but I'm within a reasonable degree of certainty that using one would cause significant problems. You will want 1 or more DPS in position 6to avoid the Gustav fire, and be safe to run up on the Typhons. 

Sample Typhon killing team

Your formation will probably look a bit like this. When the battle starts, back lines will stay in as long as possible, but should retreat before taking the hit from the Gustav. There is a very large and obvious warning. only the DPS in 6 should remain long term, but a DPS in 3 or 9 can hang in a bit longer if needed to help clean up the Aegis. If you DPS takes a few pokes this is okay. 

Turn 1


Deploy your Combat Echelon and move to the left one node. Activate the power station. Deploy a Dummy Echelon on the Command Post. 

Turn 2


Move the Combat Team to the left one node, up two nodes, then left one node. While on the way, activate the EMP Tower. 

Swap with UMP45 when you finish .

Fighting the Typhons under Gustav fire

Retreat your dolls before they get hit by fire support or the Typhon lasers, and this will be a relatively easy fight. 

Turn 3


Move the Combat Echelon down one node to pick up UMP 45, then move to the right one node, down two nodes, and then to the right one node, and swap with the Dummy Echelon to manually complete the rescue.

Video Guides:

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