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Article by Adamasturia Soulmuse
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It's that time again: what rare and wonderful Dolls hath MICA graced the drop list with for this event?
Durprisingly, they aren't the same Dolls as from 2020 Christmas. While Honey Badger is a returnee, let's have a look at the new contenders even though you can't say HS2000 is new since she was farmable literally less than a month ago micaaa

MICA has added farming routes to the Christmas event, which makes farming both the daily currency and the Dolls available much easier. Here we'll provide a short recommendation on teams to farm these Dolls.

All these recommendations will be based on the farming routes that are unlocked once the mission is cleared, and can be adjusted according to your armory. As always, better equipment and higher rarity fairies enable cheaper compositions.

For Daily Currency farm, the best map to farm is the first Map, as it is the one with the lowest requirement. Remember you can farm up to 120 Daily Currency.

Honey Badger

Drops From:


ARSMG teams are not in high demand and won't be in the foreseeable future. Direct fire SMGs are even less in high demand, mainly because Centaurs (KCCO Archers) are common in the enemy compositions ARSMG teams face, and those are best faced with defensive SMGs and Force Shields SMGs rather than Direct Fire SMGs.

Nonetheless, Honey Badger presents tiles that can buff both ARs from her offtank position, as well as also an Evasion buff, if smaller than a defensive SMG's. As her farm is accessible, newer Commanders can have the chance to use her in early content, where she can be more of use.

You may wish to farm Honey Badger if:

  • You missed her in previous events
  • You want to use her in ARSMG teams due to her tiles
  • You lack better secondary maintanks

You may wish to skip farming Honey Badger if:

  • You already obtained her in the last Christmas event
  • You have a sufficient number of secondary maintanks

Farm team recommendation:

1 AR or 1 high RoF HG (Five-Seven, Calico), depending on fairy rarity


Drops From:


Just like Honey Badger, HMG21 is also another Doll that hasn't been around since last Chritmas. Sporting Armor tiles, HGM21 may seem at first glance a good MG for the MG meta that will inevitably arrive. However, while her Skill is good on paper, her status are not, and so she ends up overshadowed by a variety of MGs due to an overall lackluster performance.

While her tiles are not the best, they're still decent to help with Armor stacking. As MG crafting is not exactly cheap due to its high parts cost, farming MGs can help newer Commanders build up an armory for MG stacking while Kord and M1895 CB "KFC" doesn't return as farmables.

You may want to farm for HMG21 if:

  • You are Soul and you want G3's neechan to make G3 happy
  • Her idol Skin is very good
  • You lack Armor tile MGs

You may want to skip farming HMG21 if:

  • You have enough Armor tile MGs already
  • You already have HMG21 from previous events

Farm team recommendations:

1 AR or 1 AR+HG, depending on fairy rarity. Recommended early ICD ARs as enemies have a short walk time


Drops From


HS2000 reappears to provide excellent defensive support to her Echelon.

Her skill, Counterattacker Barrier, is a unique skill with potent utility. It allows her to provide all members of the team with a good shield and a potentially huge boost in Damage and Accuracy if that shield goes unbroken for 3 seconds. This offers amazing benefits in many battles, whether it be a rather basic fight or to potentially protect her entire team from powerful AoE attacks.

If this skill wasn’t enough, she also comes with tiles to match. While the layout of them results in some notable incompatibilities with other excellent buffers, the buffs found on the tiles themselves are amazing. While most players will have at least 1 of her already, for those who missed Isomer, started recently, or join this writer in the club of duping induced core hell, HS2000 is a welcome face on the drop list. The meta is increasingly shifting towards durability focused team, making shielders such as HS2000 increasingly more valuable. 

Not much has changed since the Jashin collab. While her teamwide shield is not in high demand, having one HS2000 in your armory is nevertheless a good choice.

You may want to farm for HS2000 if:

  • You need shield HGs
  • You somehow missed farming her in Jashin collab
  • You want to farm P22 on Isomer EX and lack a shield HG

You may want to skip farming HS2000 if:

  • You farmed HS2000 in Jashin collab...or any other time she has been around

Farm team recommendations:

M4 Mod III + 1 HG (Stechkin, SAA) or M4 + 1 AR, depending on fairy rarity.

As 2.08 brought new equipment, it also brought the equipment revamp. This means M4's SPEQ is a tremendously better version of the AR chip, having +20 RoF and +20 FP, versus +10 FP and +15 RoF


Drops From:


R5 is basically an improved version of G41, having slightly better Accuracy and Damage than G41, and a less questionable appearance. They also share the same skill.

She also has a very nice Christmas skin.

What does that mean gameplay wise? With AR chips now in EN, G41 still remains the standard for the AR class. However, that standard has increased, and now ARs that were notorious from having a great performance, like AK-12, ST AR-15, no longer have this edge as their kit doesn't synergize with AR chip, or in AR-15's case, she is unable to equip them. RoF ARs like ACR and Type 97 easily overcap their RoF when equipped with chips, while FP ARs like R5 can fully extract the best from them.

Commanders that have not acquired G41 balls SPEQ on Continuum Turbulence's ranking should focus on acquiring R5 and levelling her, as with AR chip she has a great overall performance.

You may want to farm R5 if:

  • You absolutely hate G41
  • You lack good self buffer ARs
  • You want her L2D Christmas skin
  • You missed acquiring her on previous events she was available

You may wish to skip farming R5 if:

  • You already have enough leveled ARs
  • You have G41 and her balls SPEQ
  • You dislike the boobied version of AR-15
  • You acquired her on previous events she was available

Farm team recommendation:

M4 Mod III + 1 RF + 1 HG with RoF tiles for M4 Mod. Note that M4's Cannon RNG may lead up to her getting scrap damage, her SPEQ helps reduce the repair bill and the RoF and FP buff contributes a lot.

Note that you cannot field more HGs as M4 can only use her cannon when there are three Dolls or less on the field. Her cannon is absolutely required to quickly clean up Guards.

If your fairies are not sufficiently leveled and the repair bill is too high, it's recommended to use M4 Mod + RO635 + M14. M14 has a sufficiently high base RoF to forego an RoF-tile HG, while RO's skill comes up early enough to mitigate the damage from Jaegers.

An AR chip on M4, if you don't have M4 Mod III is absolutely recommendd. The loss on Crit Damage is neglectable as it is a night Mission, while the gain in RoF and FP helps her mop up Guards so she can finish off the Jaegers.

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