Should You Farm: Dual Randomness Limited Drops

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It's that time again. We know who the big-ticket Doll is this time around, but is anyone else particularly compelling?

Is that Groza...again? I once thought I should start a counter for 5-7 appearances, but maybe it should be a Groza counter instead. Desert Eagle returns as well, and the other high rarity Dolls make this a solid drop list for those looking to round out their armories, or needing to pick up a few missing login Dolls for collection. 

More importantly, however, Dual Randomness is the first major event to feature the dedicated farming maps, as seen in the Division and Jashin Collabs. These have 4 or 5 checks for a given Doll per run, making them substantially more efficient than all previous farming methods which often relied on resetting or cumbersome map situations for maximum efficiency. 



CF05 fills a rather odd niche. Her stats and tiles lend her to the Off-Tank position, able to cover the entire backline from Position 8, with a solid HP and Evasion to keep her alive. However, unlike many more offensively minded off tanks, CF05 comes with a flat Damage reduction Skill, reducing all incoming damage by 15 points for a short time after activation. Much like Shotgun Armor, this will not reduce Damage to 0, so she will always take a minimum of 1 Damage from any given attack. This has some incredibly niche applications for tanking things like Doppelsolder Grenades or Rodelaro lasers, but in almost every conceivable situation it is better to just avoid taking the Damage at all. 

Sadly, that is where the good news for CF05 ends if that can be called good news at all. Enemy Damage values scale extremely quickly, and even for a completely new player, CF05's Damage reduction is outscaled by Chapter 3 of the story, before account for her need to be SL10 to get the most out of her Skill. This reliance on Skill Levels, the long CD and relatively limited value of her Skill, combined with the general fall off of in AR/SMG usage, along with incoming SMGs and Mods that outclass her, puts CF05 firmly in the realm of bench-warming for those looking to push the bleeding edge and a somewhat unsound investment for anyone else. 

You Might Want to Farm CF-05 if:

  • Gotta catch 'em all
  • You like her design

Reasons to skip farming CF-05:

  • You have plenty of SMGs already



A login offensive SG, TS12 struggles to find a niche for herself. As a class dedicated to Tanking, TS12 tries to double down on her offensive abilities instead, without doing anything to back up her lackluster Armor and HP. Her biggest saving grace is 15% Damage tiles, and this alone is not enough to justify using her over the stronger defensive option that players get for free in M500, or any of the high rarity SGs players can obtain from True Core Masks. Living in the shadow of defensive titans of the SG class, LTLX and SAT-8, TS12 is thus nothing more than collection fodder.

You Might Want to Farm TS12 if:

  • You need to complete your collection
  • Cool designs are cool. 

Reasons to skip farming TS12:

  • You already have her
  • You have almost any other Shotgun

GM6 Lynx


Lynx is an odd case of a charged shot RF. Instead of delivering a single massive shot, she hits her target multiple times, in theory dealing more Damage to her target than some of her login RF competition, with the extreme caveat of needing a long windup, and a long time to kill the target. As a result, Lynx struggles to carve a niche for herself, outside of being in the rather small club of Dolls who have pets. Farm her if you missed her login month, but otherwise, Lynx is an easy skip for all Commanders.

You Might Want to Farm Lynx if:

  • She has a pet cat
  • Collection demands you complete it. 

Reasons to skip farming Lynx:

  • You already have Lynx
  • You don't need more non-buffing RFs. 
  • Allergic to cats.



ACR is another AR with a somewhat odd gimmick that doesn't quite live up to its full potential. To borrow from Red:

Her skill is Shadow Strangulation Tune, coming with both an active and passive effect. Actively, she buffs her Rate of Fire and reduces the Damage of her target. Passively, she has a unique ability that increases her Damage the more debuffs that her target has. Her raw stats are fairly good too and she is one of only a few ARs whose tile layout can reach every SMG from Position 1.

All of this probably sounds well and good, but in practice falls flat in a number of ways. The amount of Damage ACR gets from debuffs is low, so you would need to stack several at once, which is easier said than done. ARSMG teams do have some fairly easy access to debuffs, but it’s rare that an enemy will have more than 2 debuffs at most. This really hinders ACR’s overall damage output, especially in a meta where RoF skills on ARs don’t have as much value compared to Damage buffs, thanks to ever-increasing enemy HP and Armor values.

All in all, ACR ends up being another somewhat impractical Doll, constrained by her strict debuff requirement, and relatively impotent buffs when the stars do align for her. Combined with the arrival of the AR chip, ACR is pushed even further down into the pool of ARs. 

You Might Want to Farm ACR if:

  • You are the man whose words I stole and love ACR unconditionally
  • You want to play around with a unique gimmick

Reasons to skip farming ACR:

  • You already have ACR
  • You have enough ARs already



While she gives off just the right vibes for a some Commander’s, StG-940's combat performance struggles to measure up. Saddled with poor multipliers, STG-940 gets a limited boost from her Skill, and thus will struggle to stand out from the competition, and indeed is traditionally overshadowed. So, if STG-940 the waifu appeals to you, feel free to farm, otherwise, she is an easy skip.

You Might Want to Farm StG-940 If:

  • You like her design
  • I'm running out of collection jokes and it's only the third one

Reasons to skip farming StG-940:

  • You already have her
  • You don't need another AR buffing AR to buff the overabundance of ARs you already have

OTs-14 'Groza'


While this Event doesn't feature 5-7 as a Drop, it appears the other frequenter of the Drop list remains in OTs-14 'Groza'. Surprisingly for one of these frequent farmables, there are some changes to her situation. 

Groza is known as the “Night Queen” due to her incredible 200% Damage self-buff at Night, putting her firmly ahead of most other Damage-buffing ARs in terms of bursty Night AR DPS. Competitive Damage-buffing T-Dolls either need Special Equipment (9A-91) or Neural Upgrade (AS Val) to reach the same level of DPS, though ST AR-15 and M4 SOPMOD II can fare better against unarmored foes due to their Neural Upgrade and double scope advantage. 

Due to the falling number of Night Maps during events, Groza's value is continues falling. The arrival of AS VAL Mod already undercut Groza's value for established Commanders, and meta shifts continue to eat into the niche Groza occupied. There is an argument that Groza remains valuable for the newer commander who does not have all of the tools of an established one, and thus has not yet brute forced all of the night maps in story, but even in these cases using the AR Team members will likely be about as effective with a little careful Echelon building. 

None of this undercuts Groza's fantastic art and Skins however. 

You Might Want to Farm Groza if:

  • Doc Shilling her CNY skin convinced you she's amazing. 
  • You've seen all the GFL2 stuff and want to know what the hype is about
  • She is still an excellent Night AR

Reasons to skip farming Groza:

  • You have enough Groza's already and want MICA to stop making her a farmable option
  • You are sick of my bad jokes and want them to stop
  • You have As Val Mod



A second volley MG, CAR is started life destined to be a free core and little else. Unfortunately, she lacks any traits to save her from this fate, outside of a reasonably good Damage stat. For those who haven’t acquired her and want to fill out their collections, CAR can be farmed, but everyone else can consider her a free core if she happens to drop from a map clear.

You Might Want to Farm CAR if

  • You like her art
  • Seriously out of collection jokes now. 

Reasons to skip farming CAR:

  • You don't need another bad MG

Desert Eagle


Alright, that's enough beating up on Dolls, let's talk about a gun that could actually beat you up instead, the Desert Eagle. 

Desert Eagles tiles provide a hearty boost to allies Damage and Critical rate, coming in at 30% and 20% respectively. With her tiles wanting her to be located on the top left corner, tile 7, and providing buffs to tiles 4, 2, 8, 9 and 5, she will see use in otherwise awkward compositions. She will see frequent use in certain self-buffing RF/HG compositions, where her Damage and Critical Rate buffs compliment the ROF buff from the RF's skill.

Desert Eagle's skill will provide allied units to receive their own ROF and will direct Desert Eagle to "mark" the three highest defense enemies. The mark will increase all damage dealt to these three enemies by 10%. On top of this, Desert Eagle will focus her fire on these enemies, dealing an additional 1.6x stackable damage boost. The damage boost, coupled with the already weakened defenses, puts Desert Eagle among the ranks of the highest DPS available when used against low armored enemies. Beyond her already "worth drooling over" skill, her passive ability ignores HP shields. Instead, she will do pure damage to the enemy, and do 1x of that damage dealt to the shield as well, making Desert Eagle one of the, if not the, best handguns available.

It is absolutely worth picking up at least one copy of Desert Eagle, as she can help to take down Striders, completely ignoring their shield phase, the Ares Mech in past events and Chapter 13 is Commanders have not cleared that yet (at reduced effectiveness due to armor), and various other enemies that use HP shielding. While her tile buff does somewhat limit her positioning and team options, Desert Eagle is a fantastic addition to your armory. 

You Might Want to Farm Desert Eagle if:

  • You want to complete your Suomi Collection
  • You are eyeing that Mecha skin
  • Meme guns are fun

Reasons to skip farming Desert Eagle if:

  • You already farmed her in Shattered Connexion
  • Anmi face annoys you that much



Breaking the trend of low rarity Dolls in this article, Mas-38 can be seen as a serviceable offtank SMG, with some notable restrictions. Relegated to Position 2 by her Tiles, Mas-38’s Damage and Crit buffing tiles are always in demand, and her own small Evasion buff will help improve her survivability during early game content. This does not save her from the fate of being outclassed by higher rarity SMGs, either dedicated Offtanks such as JS9 or even Honey Badger, or in Echelon utility by Grenade SMGs such as Vector or Micro Uzi. For a new Commander getting absolutely murdered by SMG crafting, Mas-38 can make an effective stopgap measure, but will not see long-term service as more powerful SMGs become available, or are dropped by random chance from this very event. 

You Might Want to Farm MAS-38:

  • You really like French weaponry, and want more of it in GFL
  • Collect harder.

Reasons to skip farming MAS-38:

  • You already have her
  • SMGs barely see use, why should you want more



DSR-50's problems are well documented, and nothing about the analysis of her value has changed in a very long time. 

DSR-50 is another Bamboo RF, whose skill is reliant on waiting to output a large burst of damage to a single target. She has the second-highest base Damage in Class, and below-average ROF for her class. These characteristics don’t particularly make for a good general use RF, although her accuracy is one of the best in class. Her ROF stat limiting her DPS and her Skill not synergizing for general use makes her fall flat.

These are not new problems to Charged Shot RFs, but DSR feels them especially keenly and even more in the context of ever stronger RF mods, and ever-stronger enemies, and all combine to leave DSR stuck in the barracks.

You Might Want to Farm DSR-50:

  • You've missed her previous appearances.
  • Ara ara? 

Reasons to skip farming DSR-50:

  • You have enough RFs. 
  • You feel fear. 



WKp occupies an odd space, attempting to fuse DPS with a night Exclusive Skill. This already puts her on the back foot, thanks to the lack of night maps in most content, and much less need for Evasion debuffs at night. Coupled with a need to be placed in position 1, WKp struggles to put herself in a position to effectively compete with the many powerful HGs already in the game.

You Might Want to Farm WKp if:

  • Using weird Dolls is your kind of fun
  • Collection Fodder

Reasons to skip farming WKp:

  • 14 P22s handle all your HG needs.



One of the few ARs with the Charge Focus Skill, M82 finds herself overshadowed by much of her competition, thanks to her short uptime, and middle-of-the-road stats. When compared to the titans of the AR class, such as M4A1, STAR, AN-94, or G11 (Pre and Post upgrade), M82 struggles to make her mark. Her other fringe benefit is a Unity Skill with AK-Alfa, which does not provide a compelling enough benefit to the use of either Doll to make M82 worth investing in.

You Might Want to Farm M82 if:

  • You missed her in PL
  • She's got a nice Skins

Reasons to skip farming M82:

  • You already have her



The perhaps long-awaited RF version of Ribeyrolles, Mondragon creates a bit of an interesting situation. More or less forcing a 3RF Echelon, Mondragon limits the flexibility of her Echelon fairly considerably, as she does not synergize well with Dolls that also affect the Echelon Leader, and wants to have the Echelon leader herself, in order to get the most out of her Skill. When placed as Echelon leader, Mondragon will perform well, but the limits on her Echelon can make usage awkward in kiting heavy fights. Still within the constraints of her Skill and Class, Mondragon will perform as expected and is unlikely to be a DPS hit when compared to traditional handguns. 

For those commanders looking to play around with RF echelons, or who do not dupe HGs Mondragon will be a worthwhile pickup.

Also, who can resist a sharp-dressed woman?

You Might Want to Farm Mondragon if:

  • Really good skins. Unfairly good skins.
  • RF who buffs RFs sounds like fun. 

Reasons to skip farming Mondragon:

  • You have enough RFs and HGs already



JS9 is an Offtank SMG, featuring full backline coverage with her excellent tiles from that position, offering a massive 30% Crit Rate and 18% Rate of Fire, two stats that are desired by the vast majority of ARs. JS9 pairs this with a powerful Skill that varies it's effects based upon the number of enemy groups remaining. The more enemies remaining, the more Evasion JS 9 gets; the fewer Enemies, the more potential Damage she gets.

In practice, JS9 almost always gets her Evasion buff, which is entirely fine, as if there are enough enemies she will outdo even MP7 in Evasion (albeit only for a short period of time). The downside to this is that JS9's initial cooldown is on the longer side at 6 seconds, but her baste stats are strong enough to carry her to that point in the vast majority of battles. 

You Might Want to Farm JS9 if:

  • You want a non-Grenade Offtank SMG
  • You want to make use of one of her Skins.

Reasons to skip farming JS9:

  • You already have JS9
  • Metal limbs aren't your thing. 

General Liu


The real centerpiece of this farming list, General Liu is a powerful general-purpose RF who summons a horde of reinforcements that substantially boost her combat performance. These reinforcements inherit a portion of Liu’s stats, and will stand behind your Echelon, keeping them safe for more general attacks, but managing to draw fire from enemies such as Coeus, and Jaguars, shielding your other Dolls from danger. While the reinforcements do not always interact perfectly with HG buffs, they none the less boost Liu’s DPS considerably, on top of her strong native damage output thanks to good base Damage and the impressive 40 base RoF (before Skill).

Further improving on Liu’s abilities is her ability to change her targeting, either using traditional RF backline targeting at the cost of some Rate of Fire, or switching to frontline targeting with a boost to Rate of Fire and a small Damage debuff. Liu’s full utility is hard to summarize succinctly, however, she is an incredible asset to all Commanders, and should be farmed by everyone.

You Might Want to Farm General Liu if:

  • Yes. You should farm her. 
  • She also gets really good skins

Reasons to skip farming General Liu:

  • You want to make the game harder on yourself?
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