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Short guide on whether you should farm the limited drops in the Girls' Frontline Summer 2020 event: Far Side of the Sea.
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As with all events, the "Far Side of the Sea" summer event brings with it a selection of limited drop dolls, this time all convinently from the Continuum Turbulence Event, including Python and the once-Crate Exclusive M82A1.

For those who either started playing after the event or missed any of these Dolls during it, this is a good time to pick them up (or at least, pick up a Python). 

As the Drop Welfare system from the previous events is returning, clearing all maps with an S-Rank, as well as any battle able to drop a limited Doll will yield either Nova Medals or Platinum Medals. These can be traded for limited Dolls or Cheesecakes in the shop. A single Doll may be obtained via Medals, meaning that any additional copies must be obtained by farming. 


Drops from: E1-1: Island Getaway


Mk 12 comes equipped with the highest base RoF in the game at a massive 46, which is balanced by a somewhat below-average base Damage of 101.

Mk 12 is armed with a unique hybrid RoF/Crit Damage Boosting Skill. Assuming she can fully break the Armor of her target, Mk 12 will compete with SVD in a post-skill DPS race, allowing her to slot into teams in the same way as a standard RoF buffing RF, which simplifies her usage considerably. Plus, her high pre-skill RoF makes her great for taking out backline enemies early - a niche that can occasionally come in handy. 

You may want to farm for Mk 12 if:

  • You need more RFs
  • You missed her in CT

Reasons to skip farming Mk 12

  • You already have Mk 12
  • You don't want more RFs, or don't want to deal with random movement and other fun impediments to the farming process. 


Drops From: 1-2: Wheel of Fortune


Python is a rather odd Handgun. Featuring the same tile buff as Contender with slightly worse coverage and a fully unique skill and passive, Python is sure to catch the eye of many Commanders, although utilizing her to her fullest can take some serious thinking. Python’s Skill is a flat short-term DPS increase, buffing her Damage by 30% per shot for 6 shots, amping it up to deal many thousands of damage per hit in the right team. This also procs her own passive - the eye-catching part of her kit - which turns Python into a potent buff amplifier and allows for some rather powerful if niche formations to be used.

Python remains a must farm in Far Side of the Sea, if you do not already have one. If you don't have time to farm every T-Doll, try to prioritize getting one copy of Python over everyone else

For detailed information on Python and her usage, please look here:

You may wish to farm Python if: 

  • You missed the previous chance to acquire her
  • You need more HGs and want to pick up a powerful one.
  • More variety in Dolls to use is never a bad thing
  • You want to finally make Pink-Cano useful as Python's Special equipmenet.

Reasons to skip farming for Python

  • You farmed for her in Continuum Turbulence.
  • You don't dupe
  • You don't intend to do the daily currency farm, or, will be farming a different map.


Drops From: 1-3: Into the Dangerous Unknown


M82A1 falls into an odd place. A 6 second ICD charged shot with a 4.2x multiplier is a relatively potent tool, especially when backing up her 158 base Damage.

As a charged shot RF, she does compete with already limited spots in a usual deployment order, and must stand out when compared to the amazing 45x shot from Carcano 91/38(Grape), which is a tough act to follow. In most situations, M82A1 doesn't offer a compelling value over Grape in general, but for Commanders who do not dupe or have been unlucky with pulls, M82A1 can fill a niche for taking out high value targets with one big burst that cannot be evaded.

While there is a lot of seeming complexity to Revelation of the False Idol, such as the 3 charged shot ammo and the damage boost per victory, most of this boils down to extraneous fluff that won't affect whether you use her or not. Outside of a few odd situations, you will not use all three charged shots in a battle (and if you do, the 4th and following charged shots will not receive bonus damage). The boosted Damage per victory is an interesting feature but outside of longer maps such as Event Ranking, is unlikely to matter much in day to day missions.  

You may wish to farm M82A1 if: 

  • You missed the previous chance to acquire her
  • You want to experiment with Charged Shot RFs
  • You think she's cute

Reasons to skip farming for M82A1

  • You got her for free from CT already
  • You don't need any more charged shot RFs
  • You aren't willing to put up with farming her.


Drops From: E-4: Last of the Summer Days


You know those Shields that Paradeus enemies have, that casually run away with large percentages of your Damage? Annoying huh? Well, good news, M870 has one too!

Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, M870's Skill isn't quite as good as Paradeus shields (since it decays over time), but it does provide her with 1 second of invulnerability, then another 5 seconds of high % Damage reduction. This gives M870 an unparalleled niche of standing in front of enemies with AP and laughing or eating single target high Damage Boss attacks. If her ICD isn't an issue, M870 fills her niche very well, and even without that, she's a solid 5-star SG you can farm for free now - a great opportunity that won't come often. 

You may want to farm for M870 if:

  • You are in need of more SGs 

  • You like her design or Skillset

Reasons to skip farming M870

  • You're set for Shotguns or already have her. 

  • M870's somewhat limited usage doesn't interest you.

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