Should You Farm: Freaky Pandemic Rerun

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Article by Soulmuse
Banner for the Halloween 2019 rerun event on Girls' Frontline, and its corresponding "Should You Farm" article covering the Halloween rerun drops in Girls' Frontline, consisting of KSVK, Cx4 Storm, TAC-50, and AK-74U.

This rerun of the 2019 Halloween Event 'Freaky Pandemic' has the same farmable Dolls as the 2020 Rerun. The big draw from this list are KSVK for those who do not have her. 

For Commanders who have been playing for a long period of time, this event is mercifully skippable, providing a slim reprieve from the grind before Chapter 13 and Dual Randomness arrive on Global.  

Rescue Welfare System

Unlike last year, there's now a Rescue Welfare System in place - guaranteeing that players who farm enough will eventually be able to get any doll they want. 

Nova Medal

Since E1-2 is farmed for dailies, chances are that Cx4 Storm will find their way into the Commander's armory naturally.

Farming it a few extra times to purchase KSVK with medals probably wouldn't hurt. 

Platinum Medal

Neither map is easy to farm a lot of medals in, so farming directly is recommended. 


Drops from:


KSVK is primarily notable for her AoE Damage and her Neural Upgrade, which enhances her performances drastically. Having now made it's way to the global server, KSVK's Neural upgrade is a powerful AoE tool, targetting the enemies under Debuff and dealing AoE damage with every shot. While there are some requirements to get the full effect from this, such as Debuff application, we have received a variety of tools to assist, letting KSVK perform to her full potential. For more information about KSVK mod, please see her page, and the Neural Upgrade priority guide linked below. 

For players without a KSVK, she is worth picking up to make use of her Mod, but those who already have KSVK, or her Mod can safely skip her.

You may wish to farm KSVK if:

  • You missed her in Isomer
  • You want to make use of her Neural Upgrade
  • You want to use the shop Skin

You may wish to skip farming KSVK if:

  • You already obtained her in Isomer

Cx4 Storm

Drops from:


Cx4 Storm is a free 4★ SMG Main Tank previously earned from clearing Chapter 1 of the Continuum Turbulence event. While her tiles aren't great, she has decent Evasion and HP for her rarity and class. 

While Cx4 Storm is technically a self-Evasion-buffing Main Tank with the standard 6s ICD, her skill has a much lower multiplier at 80% and the additional buff of Accuracy without some major way to boost her DPS is rather wasted, making it hard for Cx4 to stand out from the pack, doubly so when compared to other Main Tanks such as C-MS, RO635, or MP7. The news doesn't get better for her in the future, as other SMGs 

As MP7 is now permanently farmable, it is hard to recommend farming Cx4 Storm over farming MP7, which has the added benefit of being constantly available and thus, doable in bursts instead of a heavy grind.

You may wish to farm Cx4 Storm if:

  • You missed her in Continuum Turbulence and Isomer
  • You like her design. 
  • You need Main Tank SMGs

You may wish to skip farming Cx4 Stormif:

  • You already obtained her
  • You have a large collection of SMGs already. 


Drops from:


While the 4.5x Damage Multiplier seems rather low, do not let that fool you, this shot is able to Critically Strike, which can let TAC-50 deliver some truly outstanding Damage to a single target. TAC-50 is a premier choice in the rare cases that a nuke RF is needed, and can be great for players who want to make a bamboo team for fun, since few other RF come anywhere close to TAC-50's damage output, especially if Critical Damage buffs are in play. Thanks to the Bamboo Rework, TAC's ICD has dropped, putting her Skill in play much earlier in the battle.

One-shotting  Bosses is extremely difficult without highly stacked and min-maxed Echelons thanks to increasing HP values, but TAC-50 can still be used to deliver massive Damage to high priority targets thanks to her lower ICD, and unique targeting mechanics ensuring she removes the target you want. Of course, make sure you don’t waste that nuke on fodder enemies!

You may wish to farm Tac-50 if:

  • You missed her previous appearances
  • You like her design or her Halloween Skin. 
  • You enjoy messing about with Charged Shot RFs and/or like HUGE Damage numbers

You may wish to skip farming Tac-50 if:

  • You already obtained her
  • You have no interest in Charged Shot RFs. 


Drops from:


AK-74U previously featured as a clear reward from CT. As Damage Debuffing SMG she features good stats, but is held back by long ICD, and somewhat clunky uptime restrictions requiring her to actually hit her target, and is only single target, as opposed to other Debuffs which tend to be indiscriminate. That said, AK-74U will outperform RO against Bosses, which is not a use case in high Demand, and her increased performance is rarely great enough to warrant her deployment. She will generally be outclassed in regular usage limiting her to Boss killing and other such applications. 

For those watching CN/KR servers and new unit releases, while AK-47U does have some synergy with the newly released AK-74M, who solves her uptime issue, but does not do enough to elevate 74U from her niche status. Do not farm 74U purely to use with 74M.

You may wish to farm AK-74U if:

  • You missed her previous appearances
  • You are lacking for SMGs and need one now

You may wish to skip farming AK-74U if:

  • You already obtained her
  • You have plenty of SMGs already. 
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