Should You Farm? January Rescue Event

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Note: The Rescue Event runs from Jan. 14 to Jan. 20th.

1/11 update: Note about PP-19's expected return and farmability added. 

The January Rescue Event's lineup has now been revealed, we get our first look at what options are available for rescue, and whether or not they are worthwhile. This article provides a quick overview of each farmable unit as well as an optimized farming path. 

No Rescue Vote happened this time and several T-Dolls from the October Rescue Event made a comeback. Note that after Singularity, the meta has changed and the T-Dolls' future value has correspondingly shifted, so it's important to give the overviews a read again!

Each Rescue T-Doll will drop from the Boss of a specific Chapter in either the Normal or Emergency Stages, and one additional chance is conferred by a S-Rank clear of the map. As S-ranking the map often takes a very long time compared to just rushing the boss again, it is not recommended to S-rank the maps. 

(Auto-battles will allow Rescue dolls to drop, but at a rate of only 1 chance per attempt.)

In general, there is not a great deal of value to farming the Emergency Stages (with the exception of Chapter 3-4E and 6-4E --- more on that later), as they only increase the difficulty of the enemies while the drop rate for limited T-Dolls remains the same at roughly 0.8%.

PP-19 (Bizon)

Drops from: 1-6 and 1-4E

Availability: Event-Limited

Minimum Farming Requirements (1-6): 

New Players: One echelon of any level. (This map can actually be farmed with a team of level 1 2★ T-Dolls, if the Commander wants to be really frugal - disassembly will be tedious, though.) 

Veteran Players: 1 3x Linked AR or 5x linked HG. Equips are helpful, but not required.


Last seen in the previous rescue event, PP-19 ‘Bizon’ is an Offtank SMG with an AoE Hand Grenade Skill.

While Singularity is now over and the demand for AoE grenadier offtank SMGs has dropped, PP-19 remains a solid pickup thanks to her great Skill and Tile Buff. 

Unlike the Incendiary Grenade used by Vector or Skorpion, PP-19’s Skill is more analogous to the one used by PPS-43, trading the damage-over-time burn for a substantially wider explosion radius on the initial impact, spreading 2.5 yards instead of 1.5. In this regard, PP-19 performs approximately equally to PPS-43, compensating for her lower base Damage with a higher Skill multiplier while offering a far more potent Tile Buff in return for somewhat limited coverage. Unfortunately, as with all Grenade based Skills, PP-19 will still suffer from targeting RNG, although her much wider blast radius will often catch many enemies in it. Due to the relative rarity of strong Hand Grenade users among SMGs, farming PP-19 is recommended if you need her as she has little competition in this niche - only PPS-43 comes anywhere close. 

1/11 update (thanks Ceia): While PP-19's next expected return will be as a drop in the DJMax collaboration event, she will drop from a terrible map to farm on, which is exponentially worse than the current Chapter 1 map. To save some headache, players are advised to farm now rather than later. 

PP-19 drops from Chapter 1 this time around. While Chapter 1 can be completed by any Commander, including those who have just started, 1-6 and 1-4E are both tedious maps to complete, taking several turns and only providing one chance at a drop, the fight with Scarecrow.

While active play can allow for S-Rank clears, these are not assured, and the extra time invested will not yield enough extra chances of a drop to be worthwhile. Furthermore, both 1-6 and 1-4E rely on RNG to S-Rank, as enemy movement can require either the deployment of a second echelon, or a friend echelon, or Scarecrow’s movement can make the shown path not encounter her, thus wasting a run. 

Thanks to the changes to Auto-Battle, allowing for up to 3/5 Auto-Battles to be queued in a row, PP-19 can be passively farmed with one potential drop every hour. The low autobattle cost of 120-120-120-40 makes this actually fairly efficient, and this does make it much easier to farm PP-19 in the background while hunting for other T-Dolls.

1-6 is therefore the only map where Auto-battle farming is recommended, due to the restrictive time and resource costs of active farming.

A sample farming route for Chapter 1-6

This route will ensure a kill on Scarecrow majority of the time, and will always complete the map, regardless of enemy movement RNG.

You may wish to farm PP-19 if: 

  • You missed the previous chance to acquire her

  • You want some variety in your Offtanks

  • You wish to use a specific Echelon requiring PP-19’s Tile Buff over other Offtanks

  • PPS-43's polydactyly upsets you

Reasons to skip farming for PP-19

  • You farmed for her in the last event

  • You do not want more Grenade-based Offtanks


Drops from: 2-6 and 2-4E

Availability: Standard Production (RF recipe, 0.9%)

Minimum Farming Requirements: 

New Players: 1 AR/SMG Echelon, at least level 15 and 2x linked. 

Veteran Players: 1 5x Linked AR with 5★ equipment. 


While available from the standard RF production pool, K31 comes just in time for Continuum Turbulence, an event where strong self-buffing RFs really shine. 

K31, sports one of the highest magnitude RoF buffs currently in the game, at the cost of some Accuracy, which is irrelevant in Continuum Turbulence as the new armored enemies have 0 Evasion in this particular event. Couple this with her exceptional base RoF at 39, and K31 will perform competitively with other RoF boosting RFs such as WA2000 and SVD. While her slightly longer ICD of 6 seconds means she takes a second longer to reach full potential, her performance is top-tier when she does.  

Farming for K31 in Chapter 2 takes 2 turns, but poses little difficulty. Any Echelon capable of clearing Chapter 2 is sufficient, and for those wishing to be resource-efficient, a single 5x Linked AR (or one max-leveled GSh-18 on position 4 with a good fairy) is more than capable of completing this run when provided with good equipment.

A good fairy will further increase efficiency, but is not required if doing the 1 AR farm method.

A sample farming route of Chapter 2-6

The extra node of movement after killing Executioner causes the map to auto-end, allowing for slightly faster farming runs. 

You may wish to farm K31 if: 

  • You want a strong RoF self-buffing RF

  • You are missing her from your collection

  • You like her design/kit

Reasons to skip farming for K31

  • You already have K31


Drops from: 3-6 and 3-4E

Availability: Event-Limited

Minimum Farming Requirements: 

New Players:  1AR/SMG Echelon, 3x Linked, level 30+   

Veteran Players: 1 AR/1 HG with good equipment and Fairy can handle the 3-6farm as well, although 1AR/2HG can be used to minimize Damage to the tanking HG while still conserving resources. Farming 3-4E, it is recommended to use 1AR/2HG with good equipment and a Fairy.

The Hunter fight has a rather large number of enemies, so a Rate-of-Fire selfbuffing AR is recommended. 

Corpse dragging with 1AR as DPS is possible, but not recommended due to tediousness. 


Another event-exclusive T-Doll, TAC-50 is a rather unique Single Target Nuke RF.

While the 4.5x Damage Multiplier seems rather low for the length of her Initial Cooldown, this shot is able to Critically Strike, which can let TAC-50 deliver some truly outstanding Damage to a single target. TAC-50 is a premier choice in the rare cases that a nuke RF is needed, and can be great for players who want to make a bamboo team for fun, since no other RF comes anywhere close to TAC-50's damage output.

While it is currently almost impossible to one-shot the upcoming bosses without extremely stacked teams due to their extremely high HP pool, TAC-50 still works well for bursting down Elite enemies thanks to the rework that lowered her Initial Cooldown to 5 seconds. Keep in mind her unique targeting mechanism and don't nuke cannon fodder enemies on accident!

Both 3-6 and 3-4E feature one turn farming routes, although the 3-4E route allows the ? node to be skipped, potentially saving resources.

While Hunter represents a jump in difficulty over Executioner, budget farming remains well within reach for those wishing to do so.

A sample farming route for 3-4E including auto end.

If farming 3-6, the left route requires fewer resources to farm, although the random node does have the potential to spawn an ambush or eat some resources, so make sure to have at least three battles worth of supplies at all times. For veteran players, 3-4E is recommended along the central route, to ensure only two battles are fought. If farming 3-4E, move the echelon positioning forwards so that the tank is in the front row so that your DPS will shoot the Jaguar immediately. Due to the amount of time required to S-Rank the map, it is recommended to repeatedly kill Hunter when farming instead. 

To slightly speed up farming, you can deploy a second dummy and follow the extra nodes shown to cause the map to auto end. 

You may want to farm for TAC-50 if:

  • You plan to use Nuke RFs to phase skip bosses

  • You like to experiment with nuke RFs for hilariously large damage numbers

  • You missed the Operation Zongzi event where TAC-50 first became available

Reasons to skip farming TAC-50

  • Nuke RFs are not something you plan to use

  • You have limited time to play and would like to prioritize other, more useful rescue T-Dolls


Drops from: 4-6 and 4-4E

Availability: Event-Limited

Minimum Farming Requirements: 

New Players: 1 AR/SMG Echelon, 3x Linked, level 45+. 

Veteran Players: 1AR/2HG, or 1AR/1HG and a decent Fairy. 

Corpse dragging with 1AR as DPS is possible, but not recommended due to tediousness. 


While AUG is an event only T-Doll, she's already been available twice, including in the October Rescue Event.

AUG’s main standout feature is her Skill, which breaks the Rate of Fire cap at the cost of switching targets every shot. Her Tile Buffs are unique as well, buffing all Dolls. This should be seen as a neat bonus rather than a primary feature however, given AUG’s somewhat situational nature and her tendency to under-kill enemies due to the unique targeting mechanic of her Skill. The only other comparable T-Doll is SAR-21, whom AUG outperforms substantially. 

AUG's last hurrah happened in Singularity, as future events like Continuum Turbulence tend to favor stronger RFs or ARs with Skills of a different archetype. That being said, AUG is still a solid AR who can still see use in night teams against unarmored enemies, so if you don't have her, now is a great time to get a copy. 

Chapter 4 maps that drop AUG takes only one turn. Once again, S-Ranking the map takes far too long for the time investment, so repeated Boss kills are the name of the game.

While this map can be corpse dragged, budget farming remains well within reach if using a self buffing AR.

A sample farming route for Chapter 4-6

Again, the extra move after killing Intruder causes the map to auto-end, speeding up farming runs. 

You may wish to farm AUG if:

  • You missed AUG's point event, or previous chances to farm for her

  • You found yourself disappointed with SAR-21, but think the Skill is interesting

  • You want to try building teams around AUG

Reason to skip farming for AUG:

  • You already have AUG

  • You have a solid collection of DPS ARs, and feel like AUG’s limitations are more trouble than they are worth

Carcano M1891

Drops from: 5-6 and 5-4E

Availability: Standard Production (RF recipe, 0.3%)

Minimum Farming Requirements: 

New Players: 1 AR/SMG 4x Linked, Level 70+. 

Veteran Players: 3/4/5 HG, 1AR/2HG, or 1AR/1HG and a decent Fairy. 

Corpse dragging with 1AR as DPS is possible, but not recommended due to tediousness. 


Affectionately known as Strawberry by the Community, Carcano M1891 is a rather odd RF. Her tiles affect other RFs, reducing Skill Cooldown by 10%.

Generally, this is not useful, although it does have the interesting effect of allowing M200 to fire one additional shot during her Skill window.

The rest of M1981's kit is equally strange, her Skill featuring a passive that has a 40% chance to provide a stacking passive buff to RoF and Critical hit rate to Dolls in the same column each time she attacks. The active portion of her Skill buffs her own RoF and Crit Rate by 8% per RF in the Echelon (not including herself), lasting for 7.5 seconds. Given that RF/HG echelons traditionally only feature 2 RFs, this means that M1891 receives only an 8% buff upon Skill activation, which is almost entirely useless. All in all, this lands Carcano M1891 in a strange place. While theory-crafting various uses for her and her Skill are interesting, her in battle performance will generally leave much to be desired. 

Carcano M1891 has a niche role pairing with an upcoming T-Doll drop in Continuum Turbulence, Python, though the team is quite specific and not particularly generally useful. 

Dropping from Chapter 5, Carcano M1891 joins the long tradition of Destroyer Bullying. Another 1 turn farm, corpse dragging this route is possible, especially thanks to Destroyer’s pathetic accuracy. Indeed, more budget farming is possible, if using a high DPS AR such as G11 or ST-AR 15.

A sample farming route for Chapter 5-6

Farming 5-6 is recommended, due to the lower number of enemies along the farming route. An extra move after killing Destroyer will auto-end the map, as before. 

You may want to farm for Carcano M1891 if:

  • You have not yet pulled her from general production.

  • You like her design/kit

  • You want to try and experiment with her to see what you can come up with

  • You are interested in using her as Python's special equipment

Reasons to skip farming Carcano M1891

  • Her strange skillset and abilities aren't something that interests you

  • You have limited time to play and would like to prioritize other, more useful rescue T-Dolls


Drops from: 6-6 and 6-4E

Availability: Standard Production (SMG recipe, 0.1%)

Minimum Farming Requirements:

6-6: 1AR/3HG 5x Linked and a Fairy. 

6-4E: 2 5x Linked AR/SMG Echelons, 1 Dummy Echelon. It is possible to corpse drag in this map as well, as shown here, although without good micromanagement skills, it will be expensive in repairs. 


One of the rarest craftable SMGs, P90 is a go-to SMG for extended battles or specific Boss tanking where her Holograms can be exploited to their fullest. Featuring a balanced stats headlined by impressive Evasion and solid HP, P90 also offers good Tile Buffs to the ARs behind her and provides a unique Skill with wide-ranging usage. With the Passive Arc Shadow effect helping to give P90 a boost in Evasion at critical moments and her Holograms drawing all fire for several seconds when they come online, P90 is a fantastic main tank.

While ARSMG usage declines in the future, they are still preferred for most boss fights. As P90 is a nearly peerless bossing maintank for ARSMG echelons, she will be handy for multiple events to come. 

For more information about her Squirrel Skill and P90 in general, please see P90's character page here

The downside to all of this is that P90 is the limited drop from Chapter 6. This presents two options.


The first is to farm 6-6, repeatedly punching Alchemist in the face for a single drop chance per run. There are budget methods of farming this map, involving 5HG echelons, corpse dragging, while a self buffing AR and 3HGs can complete this run with a Fairy and some micro.

A sample farming route for Chapter 6-6

After killing Alchemist, setting the planner to make a one node backtrack will auto end the battle. 


However, for the enterprising, a second option exists, as 6-4E can be a more efficient method of farming for limited drops.

Thanks to the presence of no less than 5 copies of Alchemist, S-Ranking this map becomes a more worthwhile prospect, giving a total of 6 chances to acquire a limited drop.

S-Ranking all 5 Alchemist fights is possible, but it does require micromanagement to limit incoming damage, and two echelons capable of fighting the enemies on this map.

It is also possible to corpse drag this map, should one have the correct T-Dolls and Fairies. While this method does require more active play, it can pay dividends for those willing to invest, offering 6 drop chances for about ten minutes of time, when compared to 1 drop chance in two and a half minutes or so to do a full supply run of 6-6 in the background.

For very endgame Commander's, teams composed of M4A1 MOD 3, AR-15 MOD, AN94/G36 MOD/AK12, UMP45, and any Offtank have enough upfront DPS to avoid the need for micro with a decent fairy. This obviously features a very high upfront cost, but can allow for a slightly more AFK farm. 

You may want to farm P90 if: 

  • You want an SMG who is great at tanking most long boss fights. 

  • You want some variety in your Main Tank SMGs

  • You like P90's design or animations

  • You want to play with P90's unique Skill

Reasons to skip farming for P90:

  • You already have at least one P90. 

  • Farming Chapter 6 is more challenging or resource-intensive than you would like

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