Should You Farm: Poincaré Recurrence Limited Drops

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New Event, new drops. The unique drops this time aren't revolutionary, so we're again hoping for a strong set of other Drops. Or, you know, another run of Five-seveN and Groza.

What's this? A major event without Groza or Five-seveN? I think I'm going to faint. 


Also another Liu. That's three majors in a row, and I think a minor or two as well. All hail our new farming overlord. 



KH2002 exists in a strange place. Purely looking at the stats on her summon, it seems like she could easily run away with the DPS chart, but there are a few things that keep her down. The stats the Dog inherits are KH2002’s after tile buffs and fairy aura, but cannot be modified by in battle buffs such as HG Skills or Fairy talents. The dog is summoned on the first frame that KH2002 starts shooting, cannot crit, but does get Night Vision if KH2002 herself has a PEQ. Because the dog delivers only a single 'link' it can struggle against linked enemies either. Giving KH2002 as much Damage/RoF as possible from tiles/Fairy Aura, without compromising her team is recommended. When combined, KH2002 and her Dog come out roughly comparable to G41, possibly slightly ahead. Ultimately this makes for an amusing gimmick because a cigar smoking dog punching robots in the kneecaps is undoubtedly funny, but she isn’t going to make a serious impact on the meta.

You Might Want to Farm KH2002 if:

  • A small dog killing military hardware is funny.
  • You want to get closer to some collection Gems.  

Reasons to skip farming KH2002:

  • You have plenty of ARs already
  • Being Allergic to dogs sucks



Kolibri needs little introduction. Despite her puny weapon (seriously that thing probably can’t penetrate the sheet metal Sangvis and KCCO are made of), she is unreasonably powerful. Strong tiles, and an outsized ability to buff her Echelon via manual control, Kolibri is a valuable addition to everyone’s roster. She also sports an absolutely obscene base Evasion, to counter her low base HP. Kolibri’s big weaknesses, such that they are, revolve around her need for manual control and forcing somewhat funny formations to get the most out of her skill.

You Might Want to Farm Kolibri if:

  • Strong HGs are strong HGs, you can never have enough
  • Seriously get a Kolibri

Reasons to skip farming Kolibri:

  • That hat is stupid. 
  • No, really, I hate that hat. 

That hat is not stupid!!!!!!



PM-06 is another entry onto a long list of unfortunate SMGs. A defensive Skill in Concealment Focus N does her no favors is will be outdone by more modern Main Tank SMGs such as ROMod, and limits her value outside of the rare Night maps, which are few and far between in modern GFL, and even if they do exist, they are not often asking for AR/SMG echelons to counter them. This leaves PM-06 firmly in collection territory for those who did not get her all those years ago when she first ran.

You Might Want to Farm PM-06if:

  • You didn't get her or weren't playing on her first run. 
  • Collection demands you complete it (Kalina needs your gems). 

Reasons to skip farming PM-06:

  • You already have her



Putting aside personal feelings about her design, ART struggles to find herself a major niche in the GFL of today. While at her release, Charge Focus could be seen as a useful Skill, today we have far more complicate Skills and more powerful ARs competing for fewer and fewer team slots which leaves ART556 high and dry. For those who missed her in the past, or started in the time when she has been unavailable, ART is worth picking up for collection but in the end that is all she is worth.

You Might Want to Farm ART556 if:

  • Collection gems. All the Collection gems. 

Reasons to skip farming ART556 :

  • You already her



There is not much to say about SPP-1. Outside of the long draught in availability, she is a middling HG at best, and frankly thoroughly outclassed in the current landscape. Farming her for Gems is worth it for those who haven’t had the chance but otherwise, she’s an easy skip.

You Might Want to Farm SPP-1 If:

  • If you weren't playing/didn't get her first time around. 
  • I'm running out of collection jokes and it's only the third one. 

Reasons to skip farming SPP-1:

  • You already have her



FARA83 rounds out this list as one of those units with a conceptually interesting Skill that fails to live up to the promise it makes. Passive Crit Rate boosts to her Echelon are cool, but given the rise of Chips, and thus a move away from purely crit-based AR Echelons, this is not as enticing on it’s own as it used to be. Her stat transfer is again, cool, taking the highest DPS doll and making them DPS even harder. Depending on Skills this gives that Doll slightly longer uptime, as FARA’s ICD is 8 seconds, and most ARs have an ICD shorter than that, and often a lower uptime as well, so FARA can extend the burst window of 1 AR slightly. However, this means giving up on FARA as a DPS unit, as well as forgoing another AR buffer such as M4 or a handgun, which ultimately will come out behind in the DPS race.

You Might Want to Farm FARA if:

  • It's okay, you can admit you need to scrounge up Gems to pay off Kalina. 
  • Playing around with funny gimmicks is fun too.  

Reasons to skip farming FARA:

  • You have enough ARs. 
  • Wait, you aren't in debt to Kalina? How? Tell me your secrets!?



KSVK comes in two flavors. Pre-Neural Upgrade, she's a terrible Charged Shot RF with an AoE Skill and Debuff that cannot be carried by her mammoth Damage Stat. However, she should be obtained regardless, so that one can obtain the second flavor of KSVK.

KSVK Mod II+ is a strong AoE DPS, given the correct setup. Her Skill 2 does require debuffs on the enemy, which can be provided in a myriad ways, included Calico Mod 2+, Beach Fairy, and other HGs Skills. While debuffs are active, KSVK targets the closest enemy, combining her already large base Damage with an AoE blast that hits all links of an enemy, allowing her to chew through some enemies long thought impossible or too impractical to defeat. The theory sounds good, but in practice KSVK has not seen as much usage at high-level play on EN as older servers, and this is unlikely to change with future events. This makes the actual investment into KSVK mod a more dubious prospect than before. 

You Might Want to Farm KSVK

  • To Mod her
  • She's got some nice Skins

Reasons to skip farming 

  • You already have your KSVK Mod

General Liu


The real centerpiece of this farming list, General Liu is a powerful general-purpose RF who summons a horde of reinforcements that substantially boost her combat performance. These reinforcements inherit a portion of Liu’s stats, and will stand behind your Echelon, keeping them safe for more general attacks, but managing to draw fire from enemies such as Coeus, and Jaguars, shielding your other Dolls from danger. While the reinforcements do not always interact perfectly with HG buffs, they none the less boost Liu’s DPS considerably, on top of her strong native damage output thanks to good base Damage and the impressive 40 base RoF (before Skill).

Further improving on Liu’s abilities is her ability to change her targeting, either using traditional RF backline targeting at the cost of some Rate of Fire, or switching to frontline targeting with a boost to Rate of Fire and a small Damage debuff. Liu’s full utility is hard to summarize succinctly, however, she is an incredible asset to all Commanders, and should be farmed by everyone.

You Might Want to Farm General Liu if:

  • Yes. You should farm her. 
  • She also gets really good skins

Reasons to skip farming General Liu:

  • You want to make the game harder on yourself?
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