Should you Farm: Polarized Light Limited Drops

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It's that time again, let us see what Dolls are slated to reappear this time?

While not stacked quite like SC was, this is still a fairly interesting bunch, with a lot of interesting returnees....and Groza. Of course, the Drop Welfare system is still in play, so we will be saved from the perils of terrible RNG. 

Due to the changes to PL, there isn't much value to farming the EX maps, so you can ignore that part of the inforgraphic. 



CF05 fills a rather odd niche. Her stats and tiles lend her to the Off-Tank position, able to cover the entire backline from Position 8, with a solid HP and Evasion to keep her alive. However, unlike many more offensively minded off tanks, CF05 comes with a flat Damage reduction Skill, reducing all incoming damage by 15 points for a short time after activation. Much like Shotgun Armor, this will not reduce Damage to 0, so she will always take a minimum of 1 Damage from any given attack. This has some incredibly niche applications for tanking things like Doppelsolder Grenades or Rodelaro lasers, but in almost every conceivable situation it is better to just avoid taking the Damage at all. 

Sadly, that is where the good news for CF05 ends if that can be called good news at all. Enemy Damage values scale extremely quickly, and even for a completely new player, CF05's Damage reduction is outscaled by Chapter 3 of the story, before account for her need to be SL10 to get the most out of her Skill. This reliance on Skill Levels, the long CD and relatively limited value of her Skill, combined with the general fall off of in AR/SMG usage, along with incoming SMGs and Mods that outclass her, puts CF05 firmly in the realm of bench-warming for those looking to push the bleeding edge and a somewhat unsound investment for anyone else. 

You Might Want to Farm

  • Gotta catch 'em all
  • You like her design

Reasons to skip farming 

  • You have plenty of SMGs already



X95 returns to the Droplist, and, having been recently obtainable from Shattered Connexion, most of the comments from then apply now, so they have been copied here with minor updates for your convenience. 

X95 joins the fairly limited ranks of DPS SMGs borrowing some odd traits from her various counterparts then putting her own spin on things.

Firstly, X95 stats are excellent, giving her solid durability. Second, her Tiles cover the entire back row from position 8, providing RoF and Accuracy, both stats that are solidly in demand. Where X95 really shines however is her Skill, Flower Lock. 

This Skill overwrites X95's traditional targeting and makes her target the enemy with the lowest raw HP, and gain a Damage buff based on the amount of HP they have lost, calculated at % lost * 3.

While this doesn't exceed SR-3MP until 86% HP lost, it is still a rather potent boost, as the Damage buff is calculated per shot, meaning X95's Damage will snowball quickly against heavier targets, and she will make quick work of the weaker ones her Skill prioritizes. She is extremely effective at clearing trash spawned by Bosses or ELID Smashers, thanks to auto-targeting it, and quickly building up the damage to put them down.

Overall X95 is an solid pick-up, but one whose value is about to fall off considerably, as her niche of sniping low HP unarmored enemies vanishes from the game in upcoming events, leaving X95 to compete on her stats alone, and in general, upcoming content finds her wanting in that regard. 

You Might Want to Farm

  • You want to play around with her unique targeting gimmick
  • You want another excellent Offtank 

Reasons to skip farming 

  • DPS SMGs are not something you like to use, or you are satisfied with SR-3MP in this roll
  • You already farmed her at least once in previous appearances 



Six12 is saddled with not only a visually confusing name but the unfortunate fate of being a low rarity Shotgun, trying to stand out in an exceptionally crowded field. Shotguns are not in high demand, and when they are, it's for their durability, which is where Six12 fails a second time. With relatively low HP and a painful 20 Armor, Six 12 will fall behind in the durability stakes, and her Skill is Damage focused, leaving her even further behind comparable options. 

With that said, for a brand new player, Six12 may have some value as a 'free' Shotgun, which are admittedly extremely expensive to obtain, outside of the free SPAS-12 from career quests or the Type 97(Shotgun). Even in this context however, Six12 falls somewhat short, as her lower HP means she falls behind even Type97 (Shotgun) in the durability department and arguably has worse tiles to boot. All in all, Six12 is hard to recommend

You Might Want to Farm

  • Six12 is very cute
  • One more for your collection

Reasons to skip farming 

  • You have enough Shotguns already
  • You have better Shotguns
  • You already got Six12



A surprise arrival, ACR last appeared as the crate reward from Shattered Connexion. ACR is another AR with a somewhat odd gimmick that doesn't quite live up to its full potential. To borrow from Red:

Her skill is Shadow Strangulation Tune, coming with both an active and passive effect. Actively, she buffs her Rate of Fire and reduces the Damage of her target. Passively, she has a unique ability that increases her Damage the more debuffs that her target has. Her raw stats are fairly good too and she is one of only a few ARs whose tile layout can reach every SMG from Position 1.

All of this probably sounds well and good, but in practice falls flat in a number of ways. The amount of Damage ACR gets from debuffs is low, so you would need to stack several at once, which is easier said than done. ARSMG teams do have some fairly easy access to debuffs, but it’s rare that an enemy will have more than 2 debuffs at most. This really hinders ACR’s overall damage output, especially in a meta where RoF skills on ARs don’t have as much value compared to Damage buffs, thanks to ever-increasing enemy HP and Armor values.

All in all, ACR ends up being another somewhat impractical Doll, constrained by her strict debuff requirement, and relatively impotent buffs when the stars do align for her.

You Might Want to Farm

  • You are the man whose words I stole and love ACR unconditionally
  • You want to play around with a unique gimmick

Reasons to skip farming 

  • You already have ACR
  • You have enough ARs already



Vepr is a 3★ version of Ribeyrolles. That’s really all that needs to be said. She’s an AR that buffs other ARs with her tiles and skill. She has the same tiles and skill as Ribeyrolles, albeit a bit weaker due to the lower rarity. Statwise, Vepr has a lot lower Damage but higher Rate of Fire.

At the current stage of the game, Ribeyrolles already sees little usage and it is often regarded that a 3rd DPS AR or a HG is usually superior. This is due mainly to her own lacklustre combat performance. Vepr naturally has this even worse, making her less appealing. Regardless, Vepr still provides some good utility and is not a necessarily bad choice for a Position 4 AR.

Again, borrowing from Red, Vepr isn't great, but for those wanting to play about (and understand the risks of doing so), so could be a fun pickup. For most players, however, Vepr is probably a fairly easy skip. 

You Might Want to Farm Vepr If:

  • You like her design
  • I'm running out of collection jokes and it's only the third one

Reasons to skip farming Vepr:

  • You already have her
  • You don't need another AR buffing AR to buff the overabundance of ARs you already have

OTs-14 'Groza'


While this Event doesn't feature 5-7 as a Drop, it appears the other frequenter of the Drop list remains in OTs-14 'Groza'. Nothing major has changed since the Division Collaboration, so her blurb is copied from there for your convience. 

Groza is known as the “Night Queen” due to her incredible 200% Damage self-buff at Night, putting her firmly ahead of most other Damage-buffing ARs in terms of bursty Night AR DPS. Competitive Damage-buffing T-Dolls either need Special Equipment (9A-91) or Neural Upgrade (AS Val) to reach the same level of DPS, though ST AR-15 and M4 SOPMOD II can fare better against unarmored foes due to their Neural Upgrade and double scope advantage. 

Given the prevalence of Night Maps during events, Groza is a solid pickup for any Commander, and her performance will not disappoint if paired with strong buffers to further amplify her burst. While the arrival of AS Val's Neural Upgrade has pushed Groza down the list of powerful Night ARs, should a Commander have the tools to do so, Groza remains a strong option and for newer Commanders who lack access to Val Mod and the tools to utilize her to her fullest. It is worth knowing that several upcoming events have fewer night maps, and the next two rankings are primarily Day maps.

You Might Want to Farm Groza if:

  • She's got a variety of skins you want to flex
  • Her Anniversary Skin is coming and it's excellent
  • She is an excellent Night AR

Reasons to skip farming 

  • You have enough Groza's already and want MICA to stop making her a farmable option
  • You have As Val Mod

Zas M76


Let's see what Sheele has to say about Zas M76 shall we? 

Her Skill, Assault Focus, is pretty common in the game, in fact, she shares that skill with no less than 8 other dolls. Even when we give an interest to her skill multiplier, unfortunately, she’s getting outclassed or is equal to most of her competitors. Even stat-wise, Zas M76 fails to prove that she’s worth the investment. 

However, as a login reward, Zas M76 can be a good choice for beginners that want to clear night maps. But once you’ll get some 4★ or 5★, she’ll be heavily outclassed, and will just end up rotting in your armory.

Combined with her relatively average statline, this particular Zas fails to find her niche, and even for a new player, she must compete against the freely available M14, although she could make an alright partner for her in the short term. 

You Might Want to Farm Zas M76

  • She's got a sweet Skin
  • You missed the last chance to obtain her

Reasons to skip farming 

  • You don't need another DPS RF

Desert Eagle


Alright, that's enough beating up on Dolls, let's talk about a gun that, IRL could actually beat you up instead, the Desert Eagle. 

Desert Eagles tiles provide a hearty boost to allies Damage and Critical rate, coming in at 30% and 20% respectively. With her tiles wanting her to be located on the top left corner, tile 7, and providing buffs to tiles 4, 2, 8, 9 and 5, she will see use in otherwise awkward compositions. She will see frequent use in certain self-buffing RF/HG compositions, where her Damage and Critical Rate buffs compliment the ROF buff from the RF's skill.

Desert Eagle's skill will provide allied units to receive their own ROF and will direct Desert Eagle to "mark" the three highest defense enemies. The mark will increase all damage dealt to these three enemies by 10%. On top of this, Desert Eagle will focus her fire on these enemies, dealing an additional 1.6x stackable damage boost. The damage boost, coupled with the already weakened defenses, puts Desert Eagle among the ranks of the highest DPS available when used against low armored enemies. Beyond her already "worth drooling over" skill, her passive ability ignores HP shields. Instead, she will do pure damage to the enemy, and do 1x of that damage dealt to the shield as well, making Desert Eagle one of the, if not the, best handguns available.

It is absolutely worth picking up at least one copy of Desert Eagle, as she can help to take down Striders, completely ignoring their shield phase, the Ares Mech in this event (at reduced effectiveness due to armor) , and various other enemies that use HP shielding. While her tile buff does somewhat limit her positioning and team options, Desert Eagle is a fantastic addition to your armory. 

You Might Want to Farm

  • You want to complete your Suomi Collection

Reasons to skip farming 

  • You already farmed her in Shattered Connexion
  • Anmi face annoys you that much



INSAS is a login reward AR whose Skill got just a little confused. Her stats are acceptable, and her Damage and Evasion Tiles are sure to be appreciated by SMGs, and she can even be put in position 1 if needed. Sadly, her Skill lets her down. 

Rapid Focus Buffs Damage and Accuracy, which by itself wouldn't be inherently bad, if not for the fact that the Damage buff is fairly paltry, only 35% at Skill Level 10. Her 100% Accuracy buff is, while perhaps not wasted, largely ineffectual in situations where you are going to be fielding her, and even against highly Evasive enemies such as Scouts, you are usually better off fielding more traditional AR options.

For newer players, raising an FNC is a better long-term investment, and the free ARs you get from the story will keep you going for long enough to craft something to outclass INSAS. 

You Might Want to Farm INSAS

  • Her design is nifty

Reasons to skip farming INSAS

  • You already have INSAS
  • You don't need more ARs

M1895 CB


First, M1895 CB is often referred to as KFC in the community, due to a CN exclusive collab with the titular food chain. She will be referred to be her actual name on this page but elsewhere expect to see her called KFC instead. Stats wise, she's a slightly above average MG, but where she shines is her Skill. Hassium already did an excellent write-up, so I'll borrow from him. 

Her passive skill starts the fight with 30 stacks of reserve ammo, and once that dips below 30 she starts regenerating one every 3 seconds. When her active is not toggled, this reserve ammo does not count as regular ammo, and M1895 CB cannot fire it.

Her active skill will make it so, if M1895 CB runs out of regular ammo, she will begin to fire the reserve ammo stacks as if they were real ammo and an extension to her clip, and each of those will debuff her accuracy for up to 10 stacks and self-buff her damage by 20% for up to 1 stack.

What this boils down to is that she can fire 48 rounds for the first 16 seconds with a decent self-dmg buff that will take her far ahead of her competitors’ 2nd and even 3rd volleys. Her heavy accuracy debuff means she will fall off hard against anything with evasion, but against 0 evasion enemies that debuff does not matter. It is recommended to only activate her skill the first time to toggle on Reserve Ammo Shooting Mode, then not use the skill the second time it comes up, as that would deactivate the skill and have her instantly start reloading even though she has not used up all of her reserve ammunition.

Once she expends her reserve Ammo M1895 CB will fall off quite quickly, but in the situations where she is useful, it has hard to understand her value. 

You Might Want to Farm M1895 CB

  • You need more good MGs
  • You missed her in Shattered Connexion

Reasons to skip farming M1895 CB

  • We aren't getting that skin that gave her that nickname
  • You don't need 2 Kordboats (or don't like fried chicken)



HSM10 is another 3 Star Shotgun, who patches up some of Six12's problems but still ultimately falling behind in the race for relevance. With a slightly higher base HP and a base 21 Armor, HSM10 will last slightly longer in battle by default. She borrows from KSG's Skill, buffing her Armor and Evasion on a long ICD and for a relatively short duration. While a strong Skill the relevance is limited, and after so many True Core Masks, veteran players likely have a KSG of their own if they need to employ Armor Stack, or a SAT8 for general use...and this is before LTLX arrives on EN. 

For a newer player, HSM10 is a better investment than Type97(Shotgun), and worse than SPAS-12 whose much larger HP pool will make up most of the difference in Skills. All in all, for new players she's a potentially valuable 'free' Shotgun, but otherwise not very useful to established commanders. 

You Might Want to Farm HSM10 if

  • You need a cheap Shotgun
  • Collection Fodder

Reasons to skip farming 

  • You have plenty of Shotgun as it is



KSVK comes in two flavors. Pre-Neural Upgrade, she's a terrible Charged Shot RF with an AoE Skill and Debuff that cannot be carried by her mammoth Damage Stat. However, she should be obtained regardless, so that one can obtain the second flavor of KSVK.

KSVK Mod II+ is a devastating AoE DPS, given the correct setup. Her Skill 2 does require debuffs on the enemy, which can be provided in a myriad ways, included Calico Mod 2+, Beach Fairy, and other HGs Skills. While debuffs are active, KSVK targets the closest enemy, combining her already large base Damage with an AoE blast that hits all links of an enemy, allowing her to chew through some enemies long thought impossible or too impractical to defeat. For those looking to ranking highly in Polarized Light, she is likely to feature highly, as part of the somewhat ridiculously named 'PewPewBangBang' team composition involving KSVK Mod and Hanyang Mod.

Pick up at least one KSVK for no other reason than to Mod her. 

You Might Want to Farm KSVK

  • To Mod her
  • She's got some nice Skins

Reasons to skip farming 

  • You already have your KSVK Mod
  • You want to spite me for making you read 'PewPewBangBang'



43M is an unfortunate SMG. Attempting to follow in the footsteps of Suomi, she features a high uptime Evasion Skill, terrible base Evasion, and only acceptable HP. Sadly, no only is she outclassed in this role by Suomi, but both are outclassed by the readily farmable MP7, even accounting for Suomi's eventual Special Equipment. 

There is really no redeeming 43M, as MP7 can be readily farmed from Singularity, even by relatively new players, making it a pointless exercise to raise 43M for any other reason than personal desire, which is perfectly fine, but it should be understood she will, in every situation, underperform any of her competition. 

You Might Want to Farm 43M

  • You think she's cute
  • Collection

Reasons to skip farming 43M

  • She has less Evasion than MP5's Speq
  • You have enough SMGs already
  • MP7 farming is easier



SSG 3000 featured in Shattered Connexion as well, finishing out this list somewhat on theme, and can best be summed up by the statement 'Not quite M200'. Sharing a Skill and niche with EN's lovable daughter, 

Similar to M200, SSG3000's skill comes with perfect accuracy, and is able to cause critical damage. However, her skill does come with a passive benefit. Instead, the reduction to her target's damage dealt is 15%, compared to M200's 10%.

SSG3000 is a good choice against high evasion night enemies, such as striders, and other Paradeus units at night.

Unfortunately for SSG3000, her Damage is a mere 126 compared to the likes of M200 coming in at 145. Despite the significant damage reduction in comparison, SSG makes for an excellent, if not must have addition for non-dupe players. Otherwise, another M200 would likely see more use.

SSG's biggest chance to shine was in Shattered Connexion ranking, where map advantage gave her enough Damage to be worth 99% of an M200, but with that gone she does fall behind. Still, for non-dupers, crafting cursed, or the core starved, SSG is a solid investment and can generally be recommended. 

You Might Want to Farm SSG 3000

  • M200 refused to appear in crafting
  • You don't dupe but need more Sure Hits

Reasons to skip farming 

  • You do Dupe and have enough M200s already
  • You have enough RFs in general



M82 (not the sniper one), is a burst Damage AR. Having copied TAR-21's homework, without the Special Equipment, M82 is a rather underwhelming AR in a crowded pool of ARs, leaving her unable to stand out from the crowd. Her primary niche is early burst Damage, something of a crowd niche, with some of the best ARs in the game already vying for position there, and when M82's performance falls off later in the battle, the reasons to bring her fall off accordingly. 

For the newest of players, M82 is a nice stopgap measure until they fill out their armories with more powerful ARs, but overall M82's niche is limited, and her time to shine equally fleeitng. 

You Might Want to Farm M82

  • She gets a neat Halloween Skin
  • You are short for ARs

Reasons to skip farming M82

  • She's not M82 (the sniper one)
  • You have enough ARs

Farming Guide

As always, GFL Youtuber Ceia, has created an all-in-one farming guide for Polarized. Light. While this guide was made on old servers during PLs original run ,and will have a different Droplist as a result, the routes are the same!

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