Should You Farm: VA-11 HALL-A Rerun Edition

VALHALLA COLLAB IS BACK and you know what that means?


Unfortunately Jill is a one time acquisition. Meanwhile, we have some pretty good T-Dolls farmable, as well as...PP-19 again

Check out below for more details on each T-Doll and whether you should farm them

always farm everything for collection gems lulz



Unlike the Incendiary Grenade used by Vector or Skorpion, PP-19’s Skill is more analogous to the one used by PPS-43, trading the damage-over-time burn for a substantially wider explosion radius on the initial impact, spreading 2.5 yards instead of 1.5. In this regard, PP-19 performs approximately equally to PPS-43, compensating for her lower base Damage with a higher Skill multiplier while offering a far more potent Tile Buff in return for somewhat limited coverage. Unfortunately, as with all Grenade based Skills, PP-19 will still suffer from targeting RNG, although her much wider blast radius will often catch many enemies in it. Due to the relative rarity of strong Hand Grenade users among SMGs, farming PP-19 is recommended if you need her as she has little competition in this niche - only PPS-43 comes anywhere close. 

Rising enemy HP pools mean that PP-19’s usefulness continues to shrink, although her Tile Buff remains extremely potent, and her Skill does add significant upfront Damage. while her Mod helps to improve her Damage output, adding additional cluster grenades the return on investment is not good.

While she has a Mod that vastly improves her FP, and makes her throw multiple grenades if the enemy she targeted doesn't die, she's still a niche T-Doll

You may wish to farm PP-19 if: 

  • You missed the previous chances to acquire her
  • You want some variety in your Offtanks
  • You intend to Mod her
  • You wish to use a specific Echelon requiring PP-19’s Tile Buff over other Offtanks
  • PPS-43's polydactyly upsets you

Reasons to skip farming for PP-19

  • You farmed for her in the last 50 events she has been available as a farm
  • You do not want more Grenade-based Offtanks
  • You do not intend to Mod her

M1895 CB "KFC"


First, M1895 CB is often referred to as KFC in the community, due to a CN exclusive collab with the titular food chain. She will be referred to be her actual name on this page but elsewhere expect to see her called KFC instead. Stats wise, she's a slightly above average MG, but where she shines is her Skill. Hassium already did an excellent write-up, so I'll borrow from him. 

Her passive skill starts the fight with 30 stacks of reserve ammo, and once that dips below 30 she starts regenerating one every 3 seconds. When her active is not toggled, this reserve ammo does not count as regular ammo, and M1895 CB cannot fire it.

Her active skill will make it so, if M1895 CB runs out of regular ammo, she will begin to fire the reserve ammo stacks as if they were real ammo and an extension to her clip, and each of those will debuff her accuracy for up to 10 stacks and self-buff her damage by 20% for up to 1 stack.

What this boils down to is that she can fire 48 rounds for the first 16 seconds with a decent self-dmg buff that will take her far ahead of her competitors’ 2nd and even 3rd volleys. Her heavy accuracy debuff means she will fall off hard against anything with evasion, but against 0 evasion enemies that debuff does not matter. It is recommended to only activate her skill the first time to toggle on Reserve Ammo Shooting Mode, then not use the skill the second time it comes up, as that would deactivate the skill and have her instantly start reloading even though she has not used up all of her reserve ammunition.

Once she expends her reserve Ammo M1895 CB will fall off quite quickly, but in the situations where she is useful, it has hard to understand her value. 

Unfortunately, with the release of RPK-203 (not to be confused with the sus/smug/ara ara RPK, RPK-16, she has been cast aside as RPK has a superior Skill, in which she can basically shoot forever, without the Accuracy penalty to boot. She also spawns periodically a Teddy bear that acts as a pseudo Taunt fairy.

Because of this, farming M1895 CB is optional. While having one is recommended, especially for no dupers, she no longer is as acclaimed as she was before RPK-203

You Might Want to Farm M1895 CB

  • You need more good MGs
  • You missed her the last time she was farmable

Reasons to skip farming M1895 CB

  • You have RPK-203
  • We aren't getting that skin that gave her that nickname
  • You don't need a Kordboats with her (or don't like fried chicken)



R5 is basically an improved version of G41, having slightly better Accuracy and Damage than G41, and a less questionable appearance. They also share the same skill.

She also has a very nice Christmas skin.

What does that mean gameplay wise? With AR chips now in EN, G41 still remains the standard for the AR class. However, that standard has increased, and now ARs that were notorious from having a great performance, like AK-12, ST AR-15, no longer have this edge as their kit doesn't synergize with AR chip, or in AR-15's case, she is unable to equip them. RoF ARs like ACR and Type 97 easily overcap their RoF when equipped with chips, while FP ARs like R5 can fully extract the best from them.

Commanders that have not acquired G41 balls SPEQ on Continuum Turbulence's ranking should focus on acquiring R5 and levelling her, as with AR chip she has a great overall performance.

You may want to farm R5 if:

  • You absolutely hate G41
  • You lack good self buffer ARs
  • You want her L2D Christmas skin
  • You missed acquiring her on previous events she was available

You may wish to skip farming R5 if:

  • You already have enough leveled ARs
  • You have G41 and her balls SPEQ
  • You dislike the boobied version of AR-15
  • You acquired her on previous events she was available

Stella Hoshii


Stella Hoshii is one of the two Collab exclusive T-Dolls that can be farmed. At first glance she may seem like a Damage self buffer, but Stella has a gimmick: her puppets deal half her damage against enemies other than the one she's targeting, which makes her an excellent option against enemies with easy-to-kill escorts.

Unfortunately, as in newer content RFHG teams tend to be specialized against specific enemies, like bringing M200 to deal with evasive Uhlans or Gunners at night, or Carcano M91/38 to deal with non-elite high HP enemies, Stella may have a hard time being fielded.

Nonetheless, for new Commanders looking for a good RF at handling large groups of mobs, or veterans looking to finally have Valhalla girls in their Armory, it's highly recommended farming at least one copy of her

With how MICA changes the meta for EN with mechanics changes and new batch T-Dolls, Stella may find herself a niche in the future.

You may want to farm Stella if:

  • You're a Jillet who wasn't around in the original 2019 Valhalla run
  • You want a gimmicky RF
  • You want her skin
  • You want to pair her with Sei

You may wish to skip farming Stella if:

  • You already have her from the original Valhalla run
  • You despite red haired women
  • You dislike her personality

Sei Asagiri


Sei Asagiri is the other Valhalla Collab exclusive T-Doll that can be farmed, and one of the few HP Shield HGs in the game. She grants a 32HP Shield, which can receive 0.8x to 1.8 modifiers based on her target's HP, to HGs, SMGs and SGs. Being a shield HP was her biggest strength at the time of her original release, but now that P22 exists, can be easily farmed on Isomer Campaign, or HS2000, both which also offer offensive buffs on top of their HP Shields, Sei has lost her relevance due to her purely defensive Skill.

Nevertheless, for Commanders lacking the aforementioned T-Dolls (Go farm P22, seriously) or for those who are no dupers, they may still find use for Sei Asagiri.

You may want to farm Seiif:

  • You're a Jillet who wasn't around in the original 2019 Valhalla run
  • You want a shield HG
  • You want her skin
  • You want to pair her with Stella for shield shenanigans

You may wish to skip farming Stella if:

  • You already have her from the original Valhalla run
  • You despite green haired women
  • You dislike her personality
  • you fear her android-esque visual 

Farm recommendations

As this rerun has dedicated Farm routes once you clear the map the first time, the old farming guides have become obsolete.

Fortunately, both normal and EX maps are easily farmable, so it boils down to the Commanders' armory and fairies whether they'll farm Normal or EX maps.

Friendly reminder that EX maps has higher drop rates, as well as double the medals Normal maps offer.



Daily Fragment Farm

1-2 Lite is the easiest one to farm daily Fragments, with each run netting 15 Fragments.

For more details on how to farm it, check the mission's page, linked below.

Normal Farms

Across all Normal maps, they can easily be farmed by 1-2 ARs with 0-2 HGs:

1-1: 1 AR, 0-1 HG

1-2: 1 AR, 0-1 HG

1-3: 1 AR, 1-2 HG

1-4: 1 AR, 1-2 HG

1-5: 1-2 AR, 0-1 HG

1-6 1-2 AR, 0-1 HG

1-7: 1-2 AR, 1 HG

1-8: 1-2AR, 1 HG

All these can be handled by M4 Mod II or above and 0-2 HGs depending if she has her SPEQ, a #2 Processor and Fairy rarity

Friendly reminder that this recommendation depends on equipment and fairy levels. Some ARs may perform better than others (like pairing m4 Mod with a Skill levelled M1911, which will heavily slow down enemies, using AN-94, whose passive mow down these low HP enemies, or 416 Mod, whose nade make short work of most enemies).

HG wise, it's recommended to use the staple HGs, like 5-7, SAA, Stechkin, and other typical Position 4 HGs

EX Farms

Surprisingly EX farm this time is surprisingly easy (those who were around will remember how utterly painful Jashin collab EX farm, or Halloween EX farm was). Nevertheless, Commanders are recommended to have at least 3 star fairies (preferably Commander, Artillery, Rescue or other fairies with a similarly strong aura)

For Vespid stacks: M4 Mod + M1911/UMP45 with Smoke at least Skill 7, on Positions 1 and 4 (and 7 if adding a HG there)

For Rodels: a P22 and a, preferably Mod III for her SPEQ, modded M4 and for those who were lucky to snag themselves an SG Flash Ammo an SG (note that LTLX is on forced manual), or those who acquired M26 MASS, they can go with the following formation for most maps:

For those not fortunate enough, they can pair M4 Mod III with 2 HGs: 

  • Using HS2000, or M500 Mod can protect from possible scratch damage
  • HGs like Stechkin, P22, SAA Mod are some of the best buffers M4 can ask for
  • M1911 helps in slowing down the enemies, on top of giving RoF tiles that are welcomed by M4 when she's using her Cannon
  • Nagant mod both buffs M4 with her Skill 2, and very good tiles, as well as debuff enemy damage, which can lower the repair bill
  • Special mention to LTLX who has a guaranteed knockback, which can buy M4 some time

In this configuration, it's best to leave all Dolls on Positions 1, 4, 7. 

Note that the Rodels in 8ex has 67 armor and has 10K HP per link, so they're fairly stubborn to kill. 

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