Singularity Ch: 2-A1 Queen’s Gambit

Article by Soulmuse
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Possible Drops:


 Mission and Clear Conditions:

 Mission: Capture the Command Post

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 4x Linked Night Echelon, High Burst Damage Recommended. 

Clear Steps

This map serves as your introduction to Typhon's, often referred to as Tanks, but otherwise doesn't provide much of a challenge. Clear up the armor units, and with a bit of micromanagement, the Typhon is easily handled. 

Turn 1


Spawn a Combat Echelon on your Command Post and move onto the Heliport as shown.

Turn 2


Move down two nodes onto a Radar, and end your turn. 


This puts you next to an enemy Cerynitis, but because their AI is on “patrol”, they won’t exit the box to attack your Echelon. 

Turn 3


Now that the Cerynitis has moved out of the way, engage the enemy Typhon on their HQ. 

The Typhon will only laser the middle row, so move your units out of the way and it will hit thin air. (Make sure the enemy Aegis units are dead first! Otherwise, they may walk past your backline and cause a loss.)

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