Singularity Ch: 2-B3 Castling III

Article by Soulmuse Cleista
A guide for Singularity Ch: 2-B3 Castling III

Possible Drops:


 Mission and Clear Conditions:

 Mission: Kill all enemies.

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  1 Night AR Echelon, 4x Linked. 
  •  1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

This map features a few Black Goliaths, so make sure you have the firepower to take them out, but otherwise remains a standard search and destroy night battle.

Turn 1



Spawn a Combat Echelon on the Heliport, move to the left one node, and spawn a Dummy behind you. 

Turn 2


At the start of Turn 2, one of the three dead-ends on the left side will be captured by SF. That’s the location of an enemy unit. 


Path your Combat Echelon as shown, and move the Dummy Echelon up to the Heliport.


Take note of whether an enemy Brute is present in the two SF-occupied tiles to the left of the Radar. You will need to kill it next turn. 

If no Brute is visible, then it will be in the bottommost tile to the left of the other Radar.

Turn 3+


Swap your Combat Echelon with the Dummy to re-supply, and move towards the Brute to kill it (location may vary). Path through the second Radar for the Black Goliath if needed.


At this point, the only remaining enemy should be the Striker that gave away its position on Turn 2. Path down the only branch that is captured by SF, and the map should be complete. 

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