Singularity Ch: 2-B4 Castling IV

Article by Soulmuse
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Possible Drops:


 Mission and Clear Conditions:

 Mission: Capture Command Post

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 5x Linked AR Night Echelon to kill Gager. 
  • 2 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

This map looks intimidating, but two-thirds of the map can be safely ignored. We only need to capture the Radar Node directly below Gager to put a KCCO unit under your control. 

The path to all three Radar Nodes are blocked by Red Goliaths, but luckily for us, Squad 404 returns, sporting an obscene CE to defeat the Red Goliath in the path to the Radar Node Below the Command Post. Everything else can be safely avoided. 

Gager can be fought for the first time here, alongside Intruder. 

Turn 1


Spawn a Combat Echelon on the far right over Squad 404, and a Dummy on the other Heliport. Move your Combat Echelon up, and left, to encircle the enemy Heliport. 


Move the Dummy Echelon over to capture the Heliport near it for free move points. 


Spawn a second Dummy Echelon on the Heliport vacated by your Combat Echelon. Swap positions with Squad 404. Set 404 to Eliminate Enemies and end your turn. 

Turn 2


Move your Combat Echelon down one node, and end your turn. 

Team 404 will engage the Red Goliath. You can move UMP45 out of the way to keep the team healthy after the encounter, though it isn’t strictly necessary.

Turn 3


Your Combat Echelon should move up three nodes, then left, and up again to the Radar Node. The Random Nodes will contain Ambushes. 

Set the KCCO unit to Standby for now. 

Gager will attack on the enemy phase. This is a very challenging fight that requires a decently strong Level 90 x5 Night Echelon to clear.

Turn 4

Set the KCCO unit to Capture HQ, and end your turn twice to finish the map.

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