Singularity Ch: 3-3 Last Resort III

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Possible Drops:


Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Kill all enemies. 

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 2 Anti-Armor Combat Echelons (Airstrike Fairy highly recommended)

Clear Steps

Search and Destroy. This map is complex, but watch out for the Dinergate swarms, as the Dinergates hide behind Guards, and there are no fewer than 65 of them, allowing those squads to deal insane amounts of damage. 

Airstrike Fairies or large-AoE grenades like Hand Grenades or Zas are highly recommended to handle them. MGSG squads are also able to blitz the swarms down if need be, but 2MG Echelons risk running out of ammo before all Dinergates are taken care of. 

Turn 1



 Spawn a Combat Echelon on your Command Post. Move up, and then spawn a second Combat Echelon on the Command Post. 

Turn 2


The Combat Echelon on the Command Post should move left, down, right, and then up, circling about to kill all enemies near the Command Post.

Turn 3


Send the upper Echelon up two nodes, to kill the Dinergates on the enemy phase.


The right Echelon should move right two nodes, killing the Goliath, and then the Dinergates on Enemy phase. 

Spawn a Dummy Echelon on your Command Post. 

Turn 4


The right Echelon should move left one node, down twice to capture the Neutral Heliport. 


Meanwhile the upper Echelon can move down twice, then down to the left, to capture another Heliport and start pulling the Goliath. 

Turn 5


The left Echelon is going to make a large circle around to end near the Manticore at the bottom of the map. Move left three nodes, killing both the Goliath and the Dinergate. Move down twice, then right twice, ending the turn adjacent to the Manticore. 

Turn 6


Move the left Echelon down to kill the Dinergates, and send the right Echelon to the left to kill the Goliath and end the map.

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