Singularity Ch: 3-4 Last Resort IV

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Possible Drops:


 Mission and Clear Conditions:

 Mission: Defeat the enemy Boss.

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  1 AR/SMG team to kill Agent. Same rules as all previous encounters apply. 2-3 DPS AR, Evasion Boosting SMG to tank, and 0-1 HGs. As a bonus, you get to have proper scopes this time around. 

Clear Steps

In stark contrast to preceding maps, this one requires nothing but killing Agent to clear it. The general strategy remains the same as the Chapter 2 fight, just with some extra fighting in the middle.

Turn 1


Move your Boss-killing team left from the Command Post twice and kill Agent.  

BOSS: Agent (and company)

Agent returns, with few changes from her Chapter 2 self. 

At approximately 50% health Agent will retreat, forcing you to engage a mini-Boss rush, consisting of Scarecrow, Hunter, and Executioner. These three have more HP than their story iterations, but are otherwise not changed, and bring a few weak enemies along with them. They primarily exist to chip your HP down. 

When each mini-Boss is killed, your Echelon receives a force shield, which will help alleviate the stress of the long battle. 

As with Chapter 2, RO635, C-MS, or similar Evasion boosting SMGs will handle the tanking duties, while your DPS ARs handle Agent. At 15% HP, she will once again create a Force Shield and if not broken in time, will allow her to unleash a massive AoE attack. 

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