Singularity Ch: 3-5 Last Resort V

Article by Soulmuse Cleista
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Possible Drops:


 Mission and Clear Conditions:

 Mission: Capture Command Post

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  2 Anti-Armor Combat Echelon, 1 MGSG for Dactyls and 1 RFHG for Hydras if you don’t have an MG team that can kill Hydras. 


  • 1 Anti-Dactyl Combat Echelon, MGSG highly recommended as RFHG/Airstrike will not kill them.

Tip: With good micro, an ARSMG Echelon (that has enough self-buffs to kill armored units!) can kill Dactyls by shuffling the DPS at battle start, forcing a re-target from the Aegis units to the Dactyls. This can be handy if you lack a strong MGSG team.

Clear Steps

Nothing special for this map, besides the abundance of Dactyl enemies to make your life difficult. An Echelon capable of putting down Hydras will prove helpful but a standard RF/HG comp can handle these without too much trouble. 

Tip: If you can kill the Hydras in 10-4E, you can kill the Hydras in this map.

Alternatively, you can pay 2250 ammo to clear this map by grabbing the ? nodes up the left side. The final ? node will kill pretty much all enemies on the map, leaving HQ exposed.

Turn 1

Deploy your anti-Dactyl team, and move it up one node. 

You can choose to clear this traditionally or give up 2k ammo and clear this the easy way. Either way, deploy a Dummy Echelon on your HQ. 

Spawn a Dummy Echelon on HQ and end your turn. 

Turn 2-A

This is the cheese clear that requires 2250 ammo. 


Swap the two Echelons, and move the Dummy up the left side. 

Turn 3-A


Move the Dummy up into the ? nodes. You’ll lose 750 ammo per node but this kills all the enemies.

Stop here, as going any further will cause the Typhon to aggro your Dummy.


Move your base-defense Echelon right one node. 

Turn 4-A


Take the final ? node, which kills all of the Hydras


Now you can path all the way to HQ. 

Your Dummy will get attacked on the enemy turn, just retreat it. 

Turns 5-A to 5-8A 

Let planning mode execute.

Turn 9-A

You should be on top of the enemy HQ. End Turn and the mission is complete.

Turn 2-B

This is the traditional clear. 


Swap the two Echelons, and send your Dactyl-killing team right three nodes. 

Turn 3-B


Swap with the Hostage, and take the below path. UMP45 will block the Dactyls from advancing and this encircles the Heliport next turn. 

Turn 4-B


Spawn your Hydra-killing Echelon, and swap with your Dactyl-killing Echelon. Resupply it and scoot them both up one node before ending your turn. 

Turn 5-B


Scoot them both up two nodes and end your turn. 

Turn 6-B


Swap your Hydra-killing Echelon onto the now-captured Heliport and resupply it before swapping back. 

Now path through the five Hydras onto enemy HQ. 

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