Singularity Ch: 3-6 Endgame

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Possible Drops:


 Mission and Clear Conditions:

 Mission: Capture Command Post

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Anti-Dactyl Combat Echelon, MGSG highly recommended as RFHG/Airstrike will not kill them.
  • 1 Anti-Hydra Combat Echelon, RFHG highly recommended

Tip: With good micro, an ARSMG Echelon (that has enough self-buffs to kill armored units!) can kill Dactyls by shuffling the DPS at battle start, forcing a re-target from the Aegis units to the Dactyls. This can be handy if you lack a strong MGSG team.

 Clear Steps

The final story map of Singularity is a messy one. Tanks block the way to the Command Post, and they come with enough help that fighting through them is not recommended. Instead, M4 needs to make her way to the Command Post in our stead. 

When an allied unit draws near the Command Post, M16 and Dreamer will spawn on the Sangvis-Controlled Heliports in the upper left corner of the map. M16 will then move down and kill the Tank blocking the Command Post. Your job, therefore, is to ensure that M4 makes it this far while taking as little damage as possible. This guide will be more cautious with M4’s movement than strictly required, to allow some cushioning for the fight with M16.

Turn 1



Set M4A1 to Wait for now, and spawn your anti-Dactyl Echelon on the Command Post. Move up one node, and then spawn your Hydra-hunting Echelon on the Command Post. 

Turn 2


Swap to resupply the anti-Dactyl Echelon, then swap back and move them up one more node. This should pull the Cyclops away from M4. 


Move the Hydra Echelon up and to the right to capture the Heliport. Set M4 to Eliminate Enemies, and end your turn. 

Turn 3


Move the Hydra Echelon to the right, killing a Hydra, then up one node, to pull the next Hydra. 


Have the anti-Dactyl Echelon move right then back left. This kills the enemies threatening to take the Heliport, and then pulls the Dactyl away from M4’s path. 

Turn 4


Move both Echelons up two nodes. 

Turn 5+

At this point, you only need to end your turn repeatedly until M4 arrives at the Command Post.

When M4 reaches this point, M16 and Dreamer will spawn, and M16 will move right and kill the Tank. 

If you remember the introduction to Singularity that featured M4 and M16 fighting, this fight is the exact same. Dodge M16’s attacks while on your way to victory. 

Note: M16A1 must be defeated with the Commander’s Echelon to unlock Chapter 3’s Hidden Map, “Goodbye Dragon Palace”. This can be cheesed by allowing the allied M4A1 to deal most of the boss’s health before retreating and sending your own Echelon in (preferably ARSMG, to minimize walk time).

Congratulations on clearing the final story map of Singularity! 

GFC is hosting a Speedrun event focused on this map. 

More information can be found here, but anyone able to participate is encouraged to do so, as the rewards for making a submission are quite generous. 

Finally, Singularity features a ranking map, akin to the one present during Deep Dive and Arctic Warfare. More information can be found here

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