Singularity Preparation Guide

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Article by Cleista
Girls' Frontline Singularity Preparation Guide banner by Ceia
Girls' Frontline November Monthly Roadmap

The Girls' Frontline November Monthly Roadmap has revealed that the major Story Event, Singularity, will be released on GFL EN in November. Is your Armory well-equipped enough to pass this event? This page will help you find out. 

Limited T-Doll Drops

Training Data & Memory Fragments

11/08/2019 update: By popular demand, here are some quick item requirements to prepare for instantly training up the new T-Dolls in Singularity:  

  • Training a T-Doll to Skill Level 6: x600, x320
    • This is approximately x9
  • Training a T-Doll to Skill Level 10: x600, x1020, x500
    • This is approximately x38
  • Leveling from Level 1 to Level 90: x658
  • Leveling from Level 1 to Level 100: x1088
  • Leveling from Level 100 to Level 110 (Unlock MOD II): x667
    • MOD 0 -> MOD I costs x200 each
  • Leveling from Level 110 to Level 115 (Unlock MOD III): x1607
  • Maxing out a T-Doll from Level 115 to Level 120: x6734

Efficient allocation of a player's limited resources to the new T-Dolls are approximated as follows, based on the player's individual level of resources: 

Players with excess resources are free to further enhance the aforementioned units as they wish.

Tip: M4A1 gains no significant stats between Level 115 and Level 120 (save for the negligible 1 Evasion and 1 Accuracy at Level 116)​​​​​​, and it is not necessary to train her further after her MOD III Equipment is obtained. 

Story Preparation

For the story campaign portion, Commanders with a few endgame echelons at Level 90, x5 Dummy Linked will generally be ready to fully clear the event.

Two strong ARSMG echelons with Night Battle Equipment and an RFHG echelon to handle armored foes will likely be sufficient.

A comprehensive Singularity Preparation Guide written by Ceia covers this in depth, so please check it out if you're looking to prepare for the event!

Ranking Preparation

Ranking rewards include Special Equipment for Kar98k and the Cooking Fairy; their stats are shown below:

Kar98k's Special Equipment, PM 5-25X56
+48% Crit Rate
+20% Crit Damage
Cooking Fairy splash
+10% Damage
+10% Crit Damage
+20% Accuracy
+80% Evasion
+20% Armor

More casual players can thankfully still make it past the 50% reward cutoff with just a few teams; if the above text guide wasn't enough, please see the below video guide (also by Ceia) for more details on how to prepare for the Ranked stage!

Singularity Preparation Video Guide

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