Stella Farming Guide

Article by Chen The Summoner

If you’ve played through the entirety of the event, you may notice that, just like her best friend Sei, there’s only two maps that can drop Stella, and it’s both versions of The Last Rain in the World. You may quickly come to the conclusion that the normal version of The Last Rain in the World is the easier place to farm Stella, and you would be correct. Unfortunately, unlike her friend, you can’t just send a single HG to do everything.

Firstly, create two echelons you are comfortable using at night, these can range from night ready ARSMG lineups to well off skillshot RFHG lineups.

Next, create a standard dummy echelon of one single link HG.

On the map itself every Rodelero has a chance to drop Stella, plus the stage boss, Anna/Nyto. Due to how long it takes to properly clear this map, we will just eliminate two of the Rodeleros and retreat our combat echelons.

Deploy your combat echelons on the top right heliport and your HQ.

Next, send the top one to the radar, then the bottom one to the space just above the enemy heliport. Proceed to end your turn.

The Rodeleros will then attack your units, giving you two chances to acquire Stella.

Once your turn starts again, deploy your dummy echelon on the top right heliport, send your combat echelon back to the heliport, swapping them, and retreat them.

Then, send your combat echelon in the bottom back to their HQ, then retreat them as well.

Once that is done, restart, rinse, and repeat.

Below is a video demonstration of this farm path:

Happy farming, Shikikans!

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