Summer 2020 All-in-One Farming Guide

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All-in-One Farming Guide

GFL YouTuber Ceia has again delivered an All-In-One farming guide for the Summer 2020 seasonal event. There are four maps this time and they aren't all great to farm, but at least we have the Rescue Welfare system to help out now!

For those looking to farm their daily 60 Azure Conches, simply follow the clear guide for Stage 2: Wheel of Fortune. This map can be cleared via planning mode if you are not worried about limiting your battles. Stage 1 is also an option, at a higher resource cost.

Alternatively, a 1 turn parachute clear of Stage 3: Into the Dangerous Unknown is even faster, but will feature higher requirements, and doesn't double as a Python farm for those interested in pulling her. 


Map 1: Mk 12 (Island Getaway) - 0:00

Map 2: Python (Wheel of Fortune) - 3:15

Map 3: M82A1 (Into the Dangerous Unknown) - 5:31

Map 4: M870 (Last of the Summer Days) - 9:20