T-Doll Enhancement Guide

T-Doll Enhancement Guide

What is Enhancement?

Enhancement is the process of raising your T-Dolls stats, meaning that Enhancement increases their Damage, Evasion, Accuracy, and Rate of Fire. When a T-Doll levels up, their HP increases but these other attributes do not. Instead, these stats each have max potential values which increase on level up. Enhancement allows you to increase a stat from its base value up to its current cap.

I’m new, what do I need to know?

You’ll receive a fair amount of consumable items called Enhancement Capsules early in the game, but they are unnecessary to use while you’re just starting to Enhance. Instead, when Enhancing you should use the 2 star T-Dolls you obtain from winning battles and beating missions.

As you’ll be receiving plenty of these common 2 star T-Dolls, you’ll be able to enhance the units you want to use a fair bit without needing to resort to Enhancement Capsules.

Using a T-Doll to enhance another means that they’ll be increasing all the stats of the T-Doll getting enhanced by a percentage of a point. The best dolls to use for certain attributes are listed further below in this guide, but here is a general guideline of what type of T-Doll types enhance which stats:

+ Damage: RFs and MGs

+ Evasion: HGs and SMGs

+ Accuracy: RFs and HGs

+ Rate of Fire: MGs and SMGs

ARs are not listed since they are the most balanced Enhancement fodder, providing an average increase in all stats. Because of this, however, they typically offer lower increases of specific stats than the classes listed above. If one had to rank how much an AR would increase any given stat in order of highest to lowest increases, that order would be Damage > Rate of Fire > Accuracy > Evasion. SGs are also not listed due to both all of them being 3 star or above and giving very small amounts of stats anyway.

One final important aspect to Enhancement is ensuring you enhance efficiently. Stat increases are only counted in whole numbers and do not carry over between Enhancement sessions --  this means that if you choose a T-Doll to enhance another, see no difference in stats on the UI, then end the session, your unseen progress and the foddered T-Doll will be wasted. Take care to only choose T-Dolls as Enhancement fodder until the stat point/points you want to increase are increased. Once you’ve achieved this goal, you can then save the rest of your fodder for a future Enhancement.

NOTE: While there is now a smart select feature for enhancement, it does have the small problem of not accounting for there being no rollover. While you can still just use it all the time, if you wish to be efficient it helps to pay attention.

Enhancement Capsules

Enhancement Capsules are consumable items that are used to increase all of a T-Doll’s stats by 1 point per capsule… usually. Once a stat reaches its max current value and Capsules continue to be used, matters become a bit more complicated.

For each point that doesn’t increase due to a maxed-out attribute, the T-Doll being Enhanced receives an unseen overflow of 1. Once this overflow reaches 10, each additional overflow point gets distributed to other stats instead of being lost. This means you can mitigate the lost points by using more Enhancement Capsules all at once until the overflow is applied, OR by only using them when you can increase all the T-Dolls stats . What is recommended, however, is to use them on new T-Dolls that have been power leveled too fast to be enhanced along the way, or save them for use during events. Some events require the use of a certain amount of Capsules to fulfill quest requirements, so saving them for these events can be useful and profitable, depending on the rewards being offered.

Where do I get Enhancement Capsules?

Enhancement Capsules are awarded from some Career/Main quests, but are farmable through the Enhancement Combat Simulator. More information about specific Simulations levels will follow below.

Level 1 of the Sim will provide 1 Capsule for beating the enemy. You can also collect 1 Capsule from the node separating you and your foe, but it is a random node that can also provide any other Resource as well. Unlike a regular battle, it’s impossible to lose Resources from landing on this node, so do not hesitate to capture it.

Level 2 of the Sim will provide 2 Capsules for beating the enemy. The first random node can provide 1 Capsule, and the second node can provide 2.

Level 3 of the Sim will provide 3 Capsules for beating the enemy. The first 2 nodes can provide 2 Capsules and the last node before the enemy can provide 3.

The best level to farm Capsules is therefore Level 3. Do note that although the recommended Combat Effectiveness of the Level 3 map is 16000, it is easily beatable with an optimal team that is functioning at a Combat Effectiveness of 12000+. Due to how often 2 star T-Doll fodder is provided for Enhancement, however, it is usually unnecessary to farm Enhancement Capsules. Aside from using your naturally gained Sim Energy, it is best to use any extra Energy you have on other Sims.

Which units should I use as fodder?

Generally speaking, any 2 star T-Doll can be used as fodder without much need for worry. You’ll obtain plenty of them as you work your way through the story missions and grind for levels, and the differences in their efficiency when compared to higher rarity T-Dolls is almost always negligible. Here it is a list of 2 star T-Dolls to use:

For Damage, the top 15 T-Dolls to be used as Enhancement fodder are:

  1. VM59
  2. SVT-38
  3. G43
  4. FN-49
  5. Simonov
  6. LWMMG
  7. AAT-52
  8. FG42
  9. MG34
  10. DP28
  11. Gr G3
  12. SIG-510
  13. Type63
  14. Galil
  15. FF F2000

For Accuracy, the top 15 T-Dolls to be used as Enhancement fodder are:

  1. VM59
  2. SVT-38
  3. G43
  4. FN-49
  5. Sinomov
  6. FNP-9
  7. MP-446
  8. PPK
  9. Gr G3
  10. FF F2000
  11. P38
  12. M1911
  13. SIG-510
  14. Type63
  15. Galil

For Evasion, the top 15 T-Dolls to be used as Enhancement fodder are:

  1. PPK
  2. FNP-9
  3. PP-2000
  4. P38
  5. Spectre M4
  6. IDW
  7. MP-446
  8. M1911
  9. M45
  10. Type 64
  11. M3
  12. MP40
  13. PPSh-41
  14. FF F2000
  15. SVT-38

For Rate of Fire, the top 15 T-Dolls to be used as Enhancement fodder are:

  1. AAT-52
  2. FG42
  3. MG34
  4. DP28
  5. Type 64
  6. PPSh-41
  7. LWMMG
  8. Spectre M4
  9. PP-2000
  10. FF F2000
  11. m45
  12. MP40
  13. L85A1
  14. Type 63
  15. IDW

I’m a min/maxer, what do I need to know?

The current value of the stats belonging to the T-Doll used for fodder will determine its impact in Enhancing another. For example, a T-Doll with 7 Damage will provide greater gains in progress to the next stat point than a T-Doll with 6 Damage. This means that an enhanced unit can provide greater gains when she is, in turn, used as Enhancement fodder, but due to the formula used to calculate those gains, the result is diminished and the results are inefficient.

Below are the formulas that are used for determining how much any given stat will increase from any given fodder.

Damage: Damage/( Damage + 50 ) x 1.2

Evasion: Evasion/( Evasion + 25 ) x 1.2

Accuracy: Accuracy/( Accuracy + 25 ) x 1.2

Rate of Fire: Rate of Fire/( Rate of Fire + 150 ) x 1.2

Credit to: Girls Frontline Wiki