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Analysis by Adamasturia
T-Doll Role
Bamboo (RF)

Basic Info

Acquisition Advanced Warfare Campaign Drop E1-2, E1-3 and E3-3

T-Doll Stats

This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls.

Max HP 88
Max DMG 115
Max ACC 65
Max EVA 27
Max ROF 39
Max HP 88+2
Max DMG 115+8
Max ACC 65+7
Max EVA 27+2
Max ROF 39+1
Max HP 88+2
Max DMG 115+8
Max ACC 65+7
Max EVA 27+2
Max ROF 39+1
Max HP 88+3
Max DMG 115+8
Max ACC 65+8
Max EVA 27+3
Max ROF 39+1
Stat rankings are class specific
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15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55
30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90
Move Speed
Crit. Rate
Crit. Damage
Armor Pen.
Clip Size


Affects HG
Reduce Skill CD12%
Affects HG
Reduce Skill CD15%


Aimed Shot
Initial CD (5s)
Level 10 Effect Start to charge after skill cooldown. Increase charges by 1 stack every second, up to 5 stacks. Tap the skill to aim for 1 second, remove all charges and deal 2.6-5.5x damage to a specific target depending on the number of stacks
Level 10 Cooldown 11 Seconds
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Lvl 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
CD 15 14.6 14.2 13.8 13.4 13 12.6 12.2 11.8 11
DMGx 2.8x (1.5s) 3.1x (1.5s) 3.4x (1.5s) 3.7x (0s) 4x (1.5s) 4.3x (1.5s) 4.6x (1.5s) 4.9x (1.5s) 5.2x (1.5s) 5.5x (1.5s)

Unlocks at MOD I

Aimed Shot
Initial CD (5s)
Level 10 Effect

Begin charging after cooldown ends, gaining 1 stack of charge every 1 second, to a maximum of 5 stacks. Click the skill icon to aim for 1 second, remove all charges and do 2.8x to 6.0x damage to the enemy target with the highest HP depending on the number of charges.

Level 10 Cooldown 11 seconds
Show All Skills Info
Lvl 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
CD 15 14.6 14.2 13.8 13.4 13 12.6 12.2 11.8 11

Unlocks at MOD II

Initial CD (0s)
Level 10 Effect

When aimed shots do not kill the enemy, perform a number of Follow-up Shots on the enemy equal to the number of charge stacks or until the target is killed. Follow-up Shots are enhanced normal attacks that deal 1x damage to the enemy, are affected by armor, and can score critical hits. Normal attacks and skills do 10% additional damage to enemy targets with less than 50% HP

Level 10 Cooldown 0 seconds
Show All Skills Info
Lvl 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
CD 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

T-Doll Analysis


Special Equipment


A 3 star RF bamboo, Super SASS is one of the drops in the Arctic Warfare Campaign. That alone seals her fate as a 3 star destined to be forgotten (if not for her mod) as AW campaign is downright awful to farm, especially by new Commanders, while veteran Commanders will have a surplus of better bamboo RFs, like NTW-20, Mosin and Springfield, who can do SASS’ job better (not that those bamboos do a lot in the first place).

The only reason for a Commander to ever go out of their way, like I did, to acquire her, is either because they like SASS, or they like SASS Mod or they are a completionist and want the rewards from the Base Overview Teams.

Or they like high school girls in sailor uniforms holding guns. Or they play Blue Archive and want a BA vibe in their Girls’ Frontline as well.


Special Equipment


Sometimes it feels like that, for great Mods to exist, awful Mods must also exist. There is no balance, only great Mods and awful Mods. In Dual Randomness, SASS arrived with 97S Mod, G11 Mod and RO635 Mod, where the two 6 star Mods comfortably sit at the pinnacle of “great Mods”, while SASS…

SASS doesn’t quite reach the bad levels of Bren Mod, IDW Mod and 97S Mod, but she tries to. Her Skill 2 is essentially a poorer version of NTW Mod’s Skill 2, where it relies on the amount of charges she had before shooting her Skill 1. Moreover, those Follow-Up shots are just normal shots that have perfect accuracy, which essentially means that she becomes M200 for a couple of shots if her target didn’t die to her bamboo shot. Her stat buffs bring her up to roughly the level of Springfield with her Ammo Night SPEQ, which is not an encouraging benchmark.

As bamboo RFs are rarely used in newer content, and even in mid game content they already fall behind generalist RFs, SASS Mod utterly fails to make herself any more relevant than her pre-mod version.

T-Doll Costumes


Super SASS Mod III





Seriously, that’s her only strength. She is cute.

Decent RoF

Alright, let’s not bully her too hard. SASS actually has a decent RoF stat of 39, the same as WA2000’s.


Locked behind Arctic Warfare

Being a 3 star unit that is locked in one of the worst farmable maps seen in Girls’ Frontline (Arctic Warfare at least is less worse than Cube) means that new Commanders acquiring her is too much of a hassle, while older Commanders will already have better RFs, and better bamboos, to use.

Low Damage

SASS has a meager 115 Damage stat, which lags behind Garand’s 120 Damage. That directly impacts the potential of her bamboo shot, in a negative way. With Garand having more FP, and just two points less of RoF, there is no reason to go after SASS when Commanders often acquire Garand when crafting RFs.


As if being locked behind Arctic Warfare’s maps, and being a 3 star didn’t seal her fate, the fact that she is a bamboo RF did. Bamboo RFs scale pretty badly with GFL content, and are often left aside for generalist RFs like M14, or niche RFs like Carcano M91/38 “Grape”.


Great SPEQ

A crit scope that grants 48% crit rate nd +10 damage sounds like the perfect SPEQ for any RF. Too bad SASS Mod is not useful enough to make the most of it.

Kawaii yandere girlfriend

Her Mod III art is a major upgrade over her kawaii sailor uniform armed highschooler, and the yandere-ish vibe will appeal to many Shikikans. Also she can teleport now. We at GamePress approve this upgrade.

Fixed Damage stat

She gets +10 Damage from her Mods, which fixes her low Damage base stat. Given that her SPEQ also gives +10 Damage, she ends up with a respectable 135 Damage.


Weaker version of NTW-20 Mod

Her Skill 2 basically just grants perfect accuracy to her normal shots based on:

  • The number of stacks she had before she used her bamboo shot
  • If her target is still alive

If she has three perfect accuracy shots, and her target dies with less than three, then she loses the rest. Basically, she just wants to make extra sure that her target is dead. This is all before considering if she’ll even benefit from the sure hit, given newer content have day maps, where RF accuracy isn’t an issue.

Underwhelming Passive Buff

Given that enemies don’t tend to stay below 50% HP for long, not only her FP buff is small against those, it’s unlikely many of her shots will make use of it. That also means leveling her Skill 2 is a complete waste of data.

Team Options

If you somehow endured farming SASS, field her with FP HGs, as she will want as much of a boost to her low Damage as possible. For her partner, if using FP RFs remember to field a RoF HG to avoid corpse-whipping.

Due to her singular tile, SASS will want to sit on Position 1.

Team Options

She no longer is thirsty for Damage buffs like her premod version, however, it’s still good to pair her with FP HGs. her partner should ideally be a self buffer, as her performance will be subpar due to a lack of self-buff.

Her tiles got an upgrade, but she will still sit in Position 1.

MOD Cost








The ArmaLite SUPER SASS (Semi Automatic Sniper System) was developed by ArmaLite Inc. and submitted as an entry for the XM110 competition, which was announced by the military in November of 2004. Several companies submitted entries. This would include companies such as Knight’s, Remington, DPMS and ArmaLite. Although ArmaLite’s entry was not selected by the military, the company continued development and introduced what it calls the Super SASS in .308 Winchester at the 2006 SHOT Show for commercial sales. 

Advanced Warfare Campaign Drop E1-2,
E1-3 and E3-3
Voice Actor
Ricca Tachibana
T-Doll Full Name
Armalite SUPER Semi Automatic Sniper System
Country of Origin
United States Of America
Common Nicknames
yandere gf