Theater Betting Episode 0: Prelude


Hello to all the commanders who are tuning in! Welcome to the long-awaited Theater Betting Conglomerate where we test the mettle of well-known guide makers by predicting the future!

We've invited a whopping 12 guests to take part in this roundtable! Each of us will be predicting the Scouting results in Theater every day and tracking how well we do as well as explaining our reasoning when possible. 

Readers are free to take note of the rationales given and go which whichever option makes the most sense; you might even beat every single one of us if you're smart enough!

I'm sure many of our readers are familiar with these faces, but for the sake of those SKKs who have been living under a rock, let's have everyone introduce themselves!

Hi, my name is corsage and I play on the EN and KR servers.

I've placed in the top 100 in every ranking event so far in the EN server, which is something I haven't been able accomplish on KR even once because it gets pretty wild once you're in the 1%.

I played through the KR iterations of the Theater event, but it wasn't an event I was too interested in at the time. However, I'll be changing things up for the Theater event on EN.

I'm planning to exercise my small brain and try my best to make accurate predictions for the daily scouting rounds. With the addition of Theater, I hope that I can maintain my streak of placing in the top 100 in every ranking event, but we'll see how that goes.

Hi! Yuzunagi here or Yuzu for short, although most of you will know me as Rocket Fairy or RocketFairy in game.

I'm also notorious known as the Hanyang Gang Cult Leader on twitch as you maybe familiar with the emote HanyangPog :HanyangPog: which I cropped and posted as a meme.

I like to meme within the community but I am also really good being a prophet.

As Cleista once said, "Yuzu has clairvoyance Ex but drops the crumbs amidst a sea of BS." and "any time Yuzu says anything vaguely suspicious I just do it." in regards to me predicting future meta as shown with Landmine Fairy.

I can't help it, okay? How do you keep getting away with this?

Hopefully, I can use this power to outscore my opponents and win this.

You can find me trolling on Discord at Yuzunagi#4962 and on twitter @Yuzunagis2, though you will never see me post anything helpful, or will I?

Oh yeah one last thing, my T-Doll waifu is Ribeyrolles and I have all her merchandise signed by Rei. 

Hi, I am Kyazuki, under appreciated, neigh uncontactable, event guide writer for matsuda.

Using all my powers I've gained from my psych 100 uni courses and my heart and feelings, I'll 100% totally always win bets. Trust me. And don't believe anything EX-Xecty says about me being an anime protag, it's not true.

I'm *hic* EX-Xecty.

I write most of the stuff for matsuda.

Apparently I agreed to this while I'm drunk.

Guess I'll go drink more and wonder where my life went wrong. You can find me on Twitter at @AngryTrapMidget.

But I write most of the stuff for matsuda!

That's not what the Staff section on your website says. 

Don't believe him! Event guides take most of the work! :KohriCry:

Hi, I'm Ceia, one of the last surviving EN YouTube Content Creator for GFL, while most of the people went to cough Ark-

I do event guides mostly, sometimes memes, sometimes previewing and reviewing future content via my TW account.

Here are some facts you might not know about me:

  • I actually try to ruin ranking by giving bad advice but it always ends up being better than everything else, so people think I'm a real guide maker for some reason.
  • I posted an average of 34.72 Suomi lewds per day in my Discord.
  • I may or may not have a dakimakura of my waifu with me right now.

Hi, I'm Whimsical, known by most of the community by Whim and I play this game a lot.

"Zero brain all brawn, all things can be bruteforced if you don't think" is my motto.

I sometimes get gems from MICA for doing stuff really fast and I consistently placed Top 100 in all ranking maps except the last one. Let's see how far not thinking can carry me through this as well.

Your strategy helped me get #8 though, so don't sweat it! I still think you're one of the best theorycrafters around on GFL EN even if you didn't have the time to make another run yourself.

Ah, I also do guides and challenge runs on my YouTube channel, you can check them out in the link if you're bored.

Hello There! I'm FuryTomic, and you most likely know me from the Memes and Content I create on YouTube.

I am a Content Creator who enjoys making memes, videos, and 'how to' series of certain T-Dolls.

I'll be taking part in this funfest circus called 'Theater Betting' that Cleista dragged me into.

Oh, even if I lose, I am still not dressing up in a M1 Garand Swimsuit cosplay since I might not be able to go back to AX a second time after this year.

Hi, I'm Arcus. You've probably seen me on the official GFEN discord at some point.

Eh? You haven't?

Well, it doesn't matter. Truth to be told, I have no idea what's going to happen for Theater but I can at least provide entertainingly wrong predictions that no one will follow.

Hello, I'm salty emp, you can call me salty or emp. I'm a foreign player that recently turned EN and have been constantly trying to curb my superiority complex.

As you may have guessed from my username, I am salty most of the time and tend to go off ranting about MICA's questionable changes toward the game.

Hiyo, Shuvi here. You can find my loafing around in Ceia's basement, GFEN, and occasional maintenance Ribpost (Shuvi#1220, u/ShuviSchwarze).

I'm an avid guide writer with motivational issues, severe procrastination, Akari-syndrome, screaming at Ceia for bad kiting, and blamer of bad RNG.

My first ranking was in Singularity so I guess I can claim I've got Top 100 in every ranking I participated in, although EN probably made it easy

And of course there's me, Cleista, who will be acting as the moderator/host of this betting conglomerate. 

I'm one of the guide writers for GFL Gamepress. Our team actually got a lot bigger recently, so look forward to more content from byDefault, Sleepy Lazy Nyto, and Arikira in the future!

As for the betting, I can see all the bets which makes it unfair for me to participate, so unfortunately I'll be sidelined from the action (at least for this Theater). 

The IRS wants my money, help

Dangit birb, I told you to send me a proper intro! 

Anyway, that's Kirahuang, the current CEO of Girls' Frontline Corner (also on twitter at @GFLCorner). It's one of the larger EN guide making groups around - you've probably used their guides at some point if you're here. 

Shuvi, emp, Yuzu, corsage, Ceia, Arcus and I are actually all part of GFC! We each kinda do our own thing but in the end it all comes together into a guide you can use.

The graphics are all made possible thanks to the help of GFC Design team members who unfortunately could not join us at this time. You can look on the GFC site for the full staff list (assuming Mimi updated it)!

What about me?

Oh yeah I forgot about you, sorry about that. 

That's Dusk, another writer at He does the mathematical and tactical stuff, and is also a lolicon. 

I'm calling the police. 

Placing The Bets

Here are some of the past Theater stats: 

한섭 - KR
중섭비리 - CN bilibili
중섭영사 - CN DSky Android
중섭앱등 - CN DSky iOS
중섭바이두 - CN Baidu
중섭_잉용 - CN Tencent
대만섭 - TW

Wait, there's a what server? Can you get Top 100 in Baidu just by participating?

Alright everyone, look at the historical data (or don't) and send me your guesses. Once I have something from everybody I'll reveal the results!

Just to clarify, is this "which will win" or "which will get the most bets and thus lose"?

You're guessing which one will "win" by being the least scouted area, since that zone receives a 2x point bonus.

For the sake of readers who might be unfamiliar with how scouting works, the official infographic explains it in detail

Do I have to submit the form now? I need 3 full days to open up my big brain and pick the winning sector.

Do it now you dingus, Theater Day 1 will be over by the time those 3 days are up.

The Results

Alright, now that the bets are in, let's see how everything went: 

this was F R E E

If our voting results were representative of EN's playerbase, 80% of you just lost and walked away with 20 points.

Look, B was a calculated decisio-

It was too calculated, everyone calculated the same way 8D

So I was right in my comment, A ended up winning.

You still voted B.

Yeah, fuck A.

If I voted A there, C would have won.

No double dipping by voting one thing and saying you would have voted for another!

I think it's time we write an EN rolling simulation to figure this out once and for all. 

There are 2 ways to do this: actually go all in and try to model EN, or just roll the dice.

I literally decided by throwing some dice: "oh it landed on 3, I'll pick C then".

EN is so predictable, it's becoming hard to predict.

Just roll the dice; it'd be more consistent.

I expected other people to choose A too, but they all played safe.

Gonna stick with that in-game?

For Day 1, yes. I still think it'll win. 

I just realized, if almost everyone here voted B, does that mean the readers should vote B, or vote anything but B because it's too predictable? What's the recommendation? 

If i were to be honest, this is what Day 1 will look like:

  • Most EN players: Bet on C because of bigger payout
  • Most EN dalao players: Bet on A because everyone is gonna bet on C
  • Theater Betting Conglomerate: Bet on B cause no one is gonna choose B :Kappa:

If it goes the way you predicted Yuzu, then we'll end up with this score distribution on Day 1: 

  • A: 30 
  • B: 80 
  • C: 25

Of course, that's if they go that way; who knows how many thousands of people will read this article? If their decisions end up influencing the final results, wouldn't that make this more exciting?

Theater Advice from the Panel

This being day 1 of Theater, will most players have enough points to both scout and upgrade infrastructure?

Just scout all the time.


Yeah, our readers should try to spend as much as possible on scouting and save leftover materials for later. 

Ideally, facilities should be invested in when the Core Zone unlocks. How soon do you think EN can pull that off?

That depends strongly on a lot of factors. 

I think...what server was it, TW? They stalled getting to core for a while.

Turns if people don't clear easy and they just continually do Hard 8, you...never really actually go to Core!


When too much minmaxing borks server progress, truly a cooperative experience as promised by Yuzhong. 

Do you recommend all players to save materials to dump into Core facilities? Is there any reason to spend it on normal stages?

That depends on how much backstabbing happens. I think Hard you want to invest.

This is NOT for the Dalao btw, this is more to help midtier players that can't clear Core 8 with all Lv. 1 camps.

That's... possible?

Yes! Theatre 2 was mostly Lv. 1 camps in KR (for a while anyway). The mid-level players had a real tough time in Core because nobody invested in facilities. 

I just invested 'cause I thought it was dumb and it wouldn't impact my final score anyway.

Yeah, that's the part I didn't get. Isn't score per material fixed outside of scouting? As long as you invest it, didn't matter when you did it or what you spent it on (points wise).

That's why its stupid! The hoarding didn't affect anyone that mattered, it just made low/midtier players suffer. 

I saved all my points from Easy/Normal/Hard and dumped into Core when it started. 

If you want to negate some of that Core zone suffering, do what I did. You shouldn't need to upgrade facilities for non-core enemies. 

How much of a point difference are we talking about between someone that just takes easy teams vs. people that minmaxed their CE as hard as they could? Assuming both brought max bonus units and hit 24%. 

I didn't minmax CE hardcore but I was seeing the point bonus a couple thousand higher than mine. (For reference, end of Theater 3 people's scores were in the millions.)

Sorry, I'm not too versed on the actual CE stacking mechanics 'cause most of my % ranking came from bets and actually being able to clear Core 8 consistently.

Most of your % ranking came from bets? You said you were bad at this!


No but really, it was just Core 8 clearing consistently. A lot of people get bodied by it, so if you can clear Core 8 you are off to a good start already. 

Think Core 8 is consistent with 3-star HOC and Skill Level 6-8 T-Dolls plus a SL10 taunt?

That depends on camp level and how much people get a certain enemy echelon. 

If someone's scraping by but eats 4 fights of SWAP Striker+Brute, they gon die.

Or imagine getting multiple Doppelsoldners when they're struggling to clear it, esp if the HOC camp isn't upgraded. 

While most of our readers will be smart enough to save their excess materials to upgrade Core zone camps, what if the worst case scenario happens and we have to do Core 8 with Lv. 1 camps? How bad are the limitations going to be?

I want to say you get 3 HOC uses and 10 fairy commands, maybe less.

You get 3 echelons at Lv. 1 camps, but you really only have 2 echelons available because you need to have a bonus unit echelon somewhere for the points. 

Lemme link my theatre run when I was big trash:

If your clears look like this, you're gonna be struggling to clear Core 8. 

RNG dictates this kinda stuff when you're struggling - if you get 1 tank, you're good. But if you get more than 1 you're not gonna finish because one fight bricks your team. For comparison:

... guess he wasn't kidding when he said you could AFK the 350k CE tanks.

We have M200. M200 makes these Uhlans a joke. If you start seeing people complain about them, show them this: 

Uhlans having evade lmao


For players reading this, Core 5 onward will be hard for people who aren't prepared. 

Have at least a couple of echelons and passable HOCs, and you should be fine. 

Remember to check Yuko's Teambuilding Guide for assistance if you aren't sure!


Special thanks to HibachiMan for helping with the GFL chibis! Without his assistance, this article would not be possible. 

Wanna participate in Theater Betting? Want to go to the casino but your country is on lockdown? Want free stuff without needing to risk anything?

GFLCorner has you covered with the Community Betrayal Time event! (Please see the tweet below for more information!)

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