Theater Betting Episode 1: Daybreak


It's finally time for Maintenance; Theater will officially begin on GFL EN once it ends!

Theater doesn't reset at the same time as dailies, does it?

Wait, it doesn't?

I think it was 4 hours after reset? It usually reset at 9 am my time when KR maint was 5 am for me. 

If you need to check GFL EN server time, the GFL GP Main Page shows it in the header. 

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to finish your Theater runs every day before the ceasefire happens at 4AM PST!

A special guest has arrived!

Wait a sec, we already placed our bets for today in Episode 0, so what are we supposed to talk about?

Oh don't worry, we have a guest speaker today; come on in!

Yo! Whazzap!


I thought the valhalla collab ended already. 

Oh don't worry, that's not just any ol' Rad Shiba you could find in a bar! 

Presenting DMesse, one of the OG GFL guide makers that basically saved EN when the game first came out.

Most of the current generation of guidemakers actually survived GFL thanks to the guides he put out over the years; you can still check out a lot of them at which remains one of the classic sites for important Girls' Frontline resources. 

Day 1 Theater Tips

Hey, the commander has been slacking off and hasn't even unlocked Fairies or HOCs yet! Will we be okay?

That's no problem at all. The only hard lock that prevents players from entering theater mode is having commander level 30.

This surprisingly low barrier of entry allows all eligible players to grab the point milestone rewards, even if they can't beat the harder enemies.

You will, however, still want to unlock fairies (by clearing 60 unique stages) and HOCs (by clearing Chapter 8-5) as soon as possible, as fights do get progressively tougher. 

If you are a totally new player, just keep pushing through story chapters with the help of friend squads. The game showers you with lots of goodies including pre-leveled & pre-dummy linked dolls as well as tons of combat reports to help you catch up.

Remember that you'd really want to be clearing a bonused difficulty bracket once per day even if it's lower than Hard.

+400% on Easy and +200% on Normal is nothing to laugh at. Proceed to party with pizza if Hard is bonused as it's a +100% boost, provided that you can clear it.

If we can't actually deal with the highest available uncleared zone, what should I tell the commander to do?

Should be the highest clearable boss stage I think?

Which ones are the boss stages again?

They'll be marked with a skull. Take a look at the example here: Stages 3 and 6 are marked (indicating that they are boss stages), and stage 8 (offscreen) is also marked. 

Wait, this is DMesse's interview... I should probably just go back to FF14 :smileycontender:

EN better be having a 1 time, no-strings-attached full retreat in theater, otherwise it's gonna be really chaotic. 

This is a very new addition in older servers and I remember it being added into the last one. 

We do have it! If you look closely at the official infographics, some of them show the "1 safe withdrawals left (refunds your raid count)" text. 

To get back on track, here's a typical run down if you are stuck in catching up with newly unlocked stages:

  • Was there a boss node that you could clear?
  • Is this boss node not too far away from the front most minion node you could clear?

    (If yes, go bulli that boss)

If no, and you are about to step down from hard to normal, compare the score income of "current" normal node and the last hard minion node that you could clear.

I forgot the exact formula, but I think you received a 40% income penalty by backtracking to an already conquered node. 

Yeah, its -40%. 

-40% penalty


pls don't bully my 5.90% doll bonus!

On an unrelated note, unbonused, uncleared Normal boss node may give you more points than an unbonused, uncleared Hard minion node.

You'd need to datamine the exact multipliers to determine if this is really the case to avoid experimenting yourself to find out. 

It's known that loss of HP dictates boss fight score.

The "CE" that's commonly referred to against damage done to bosses is actually estimated damage dealt to bosses under perfect conditions. You will likely get lower than this due to attrition, but boss stages give you a ton of points regardless. 

This is what Korean GFL players have compiled after collecting each player's estimated damage dealt and real score income:

The 1st boss is Destroyer and 2nd is Hunter; Y-axis is real score, X-axis is damage dealt. 

The higher your estimated damage is, the higher your score will be, but with diminishing returns. T-Dolls with Neural Upgrades or Special Equipment tend to also give more points. 

Most players shouldn't need to worry about this much, though. Look at where the Y-axis starts: there's a ton of guaranteed base points even if your estimated damage dealt is low!

Minmaxing your teams for boss score is going to be a very small difference (percentage-wise) at the end.

99% of all players reading this should just focus on making good teams that can let them beat the content and leave CE minmaxing to people trying to backstab each other out of the Top 100. It's simply not worth the effort for most people. 

Oh, in regards to Theater camps/facilities: 

People, don't be dumb and dump everything in more echelon slots when Core unlocks. Be smart and invest in HOC first. 

Remember to invest resources in Core mode facilities only and not use them when we're in Phase 1! 

The facilities don't carry over, so please save them so that Core will be less painful. 

That'll be all for this short update everyone! Good luck with Day 1 of Theater and place your bets! 

If you have any questions, feel free to check out the guides below or hit up the official Girls' Frontline EN Discord


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