Theater Betting Episode 19: Calm before the Storm

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Day 18 Postmortem

This was an easy prediction. 

Ceia and I are still top 10, but holding on by a thin thread. 

Who knows how many people are continuing to hold onto materials. 

Good luck to everyone aiming for top 100. Except Ceia, because it'd be funny to see him crash out of top 100.

What I really want is for C to win a bunch more though, because it'd do funny things to EN scores.

You voted C, Cleis?

I was hoping EN would be smart and double C but EN was not smart. 

I should have seen this coming. 

How's everyone feeling after 18 days of RNG-induced despair?

I no longer have a working sense of time. 

Between this place, stockholm syndrome, and quarantine, I don't remember anything anymore. 

At least Creshal got something productive done and didn't :suomibottle~1: like Xecty.

That's right, is the tentative new home for the GFL combat simulator!

Updates might be a bit slower than before but this one won't shut down any time soon. 

Any and all help with maintaining the sim would be appreciated - it is open source after all. 

Anything noteworthy about this vote? 

I mean, it went pretty much exactly the way I predicted. 

If B lost I would've instantly voted B today, but B went neutral which makes this a bit harder. 

Another A-B tossup then?

C is just dead now. 

Like your points when you voted C yesterday. 

It's interesting how EN has made voting B a bad strategy now. 

I wouldn't be so sure about that, B has a real chance of winning today. 

Day 19 Bet Brainstorming

For one day, I'll listen to what my subs and viewers said to vote for. 

Have fun with your M1 Garand swimsuit cosplay.

My viewers are all gonna backstab me into last place aren't they. 

Your only hope now is a C win to make the rest of the panel cry. 

EN is too normal now, we need 3 C wins in a row. 

You're baiting me into killing my own score aren't you. 

Just follow a script like me. 

Takes all the stress out of theater voting. 

You are doing pretty well, so I guess it's hard to argue with that. 

I'm back in first now. 

You mean #8. 

I blame you for cursing my vote yesterday. 

We're getting the 11-5 farm soon right? 

Yeah, next Tuesday.

I know we don't have G3 Mod and 416 is unreliable, but does ADS work?

Don't even think about it. I thought you of all people wouldn't ask stupid questions like that. 

EN's only viable option is a SOPMOD II only rotation. 

416, G3 mod, and FAL all require 3 buffers and a Fairy with at least 20% damage aura, and aren't even reliable.

The DPS check is no joke. 

Meanwhile, M4 SOPMOD II Mod as sole DPS requires just 1-2 buffers and a Fairy with at least 20% damage aura. The problem is you need extra clicks to resupply her separately. 

We can't actually dupe SOPMOD II, so when does this get better? 

You can do a 1 buffer rotation with M4 SOPMOD II Mod III + 416 Mod III and a Fairy with at least 15% Damage aura. 

416 is story-locked to Shattered Connexion though, so you're gonna be waiting for a long time. 

11-5 has crazy firepower requirement. 

It's all because of that Goliath, if you remove it the map would be 50% easier to drag. 

I'm really tempted to just say "no" when people ask me how to farm 11-5. 

The map is barely an improvement over 0-2 and the buff requirement makes it impractical unless you have multiple HGs to level. 

If you need unit or Fairy XP, just do 8-1N

If you need cores, just do 10-4E.

Am I seeing the requirements right? I have a 5 star Damage II Artillery Fairy and I still need 2 buffers to be safe? 

Yeah welcome to 11-5. 

You know, your Monthly Roadmap post had PD Negev's video that wrongly labeled 11-5 as 11-6. 

Now people keep asking for 11-6 requirements and get confused when Yuko tells them you can only do it 20 times a day. 

Cmon it's not my fault that PD Negev spelled the map wrong. 

Also is 11-6 actually farmable? 

Yeah 11-6 farm is actually a thing. Which is why this is so confusing. 

I love writing for matsuda.

5★ Artillery requirement, have fun with that. 

Need HS2000 too. 

Even UMP45 mod and 5★ Artillery combined are not enough buffs to save HK416 in 11-5. 

This map is hell. 

Do we have a copypasta ready for the inevitable helproom questions when 11-5 comes out? 

11-5 is the "next step up" from 0-2, however it does so in a backwards manner.


  1. Able to level 4 dolls at once, without a level penalty
  2. 11-5 has a 45% core drop rate per run compared to 40% core drop rate per run in 0-2
  3. Able to do no tank run if you buff your DPS high enough


  1. Only SOP MOD 3 is viable with a lower amount of buffers
  2. Wanna use 416/FAL/G3 MOD 3? You need to bring 3+ buffers & 20%+ FP fairies to pass the Black Goliath DPS check

With the above considered, 0-2 is still the better EXP farming spot when compared to 11-5.

10-4E vs 11-5

Stop comparing 10-4E with 11-5, it's like comparing apples and oranges. 10-4E is a core farming map, while 11-5 is an EXP farming map.

The holy grail is 12-4E. 

Just wait for that and stick to the classics until then. 

How is any of this related to Theater betting?!

Day 19 Bets

emp is absent today huh. 

Probably malding over foreign Theater. 

Look at KR. We're somehow on Hard 7 instead of being done. 

Not even sure how the math works out for this node. 

Should I run Advanced 6 or 7?

Do Hard 6 twice. It's more points than Hard 7 and Beginner/Intermediate 8.

EN minmaxers will be so confused next Theater when the progress doesn't skip nicely to boss nodes like this time. 

My favorite thing is that despite Yuzu basically saying he wants to vote the same as Fury just to make sure Fury can't actually win or even get out of losing (on top of ALSO telling Fury he's voting C today), Fury somehow votes C still. 

What can I say, my viewers knew exactly what they were doing. 

I hope the fact that everyone voted B doesn't jinx me. 

Isn't anyone going to give us the big brain explanations on these votes?

Doesn't look like it. Let's just go off the B majority.

Anyone who hasn't done it yet, please check out the Community Content Contest submissions and vote!

Either click the link in that tweet below or visit here to see more

Whether it's creative work, videos, or guides, we have it all!

The GFL EN community worked really hard the last month to make all of this possible, so make sure to give everything a look and then vote for all the ones you liked

Remember to also send all 96 drones available today to your zone of choice (which may or may not be the same as what we picked), and do your Core clears! Not like anyone still needs this told to them after so many days of the exact same thing. Will anybody even read this sentence which has been in this identical copypasta for a week now? 

Core 8 is daunting, but should still be possible if you follow the teambuilding guide and have decent units/equips/fairies. There are five videos all showing how to clear it, so watch them and see which one works for you!

For endgame players that just want to maximize their points, each day after the ceasefire, you can always find the TL;DR on what zones are optimal to do for that day at the start of the Theater Guide!

Oh, and don't forget to submit the CBT form every day when you investigate in-game!

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