Theater Betting Episode 21: Ride On

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This is the final voting episode! We'll have an epilogue tomorrow with interviews for each panel member on their thoughts. 

Day 20 Postmortem

I told you this would happen the moment I saw that my B vote got leaked. 

Full red panel completed :GWcorbinHolyFuck:

Exactly as I wished for yesterday. 

I was 0.4% away from winning Theater.

This is your fault. 

Hey we knew this would happen when we started the panel. 

Didn't you say you were fine with top 1% anyway?

Just win a C vote today and you can still bring yourself to the top. 

Do you see the power we hold over EN now?

Making our own choices lose is a pretty shitty superpower. 

I like how 90% of us just died because Ceia voted B. 


Better dead than red. 

Man, most of the time when someone from the panel lost, it was because they picked B.

Look at how many red Bs there are, especially on the 50/50 days.

B stands for bait. 

How did we not realize this?

Also, apparently EN can see theater leaderboards if we trust the maint notes. 

That's a good quality of life change. 

I'm gonna lose at this rate. 

Yuzu, tell me what you're voting for so I can avoid it. 

I'll go for A. 

Fury is gonna mindgame himself into voting A by expecting Yuzu to backstab isn't he. 

I'm looking forward to your M1 Garand cosplay.

You're officially winning again corsage. You actually had some of the best guesses in panel history but your fans tilted the scales on some days, so you won by a smaller margin than would otherwise have occurred. 

I'm busy imagining the alternate timeline in which I won C today. 

I just hope I don't fall below Yuzu and Fury after today. 

At least you didn't brick a run and end up completely out of the running. 

I feel you man. 

People didn't tell me you can savescum battles in Theater so I also lost a run like that. 

How could you do this to me man, you steal my username then backstab me in rankings using my name. 

Hey it's your fault for wasting two name changes on calling yourself "Kira's 💦" for one day. 

I'm keeping it safe for you until the next name change bundle goes into the shop. 

I guess we gotta figure this whole thing out with Eilthis at some point. 

He streams so it's probably not too hard to get into contact with him when the time is right. 

Well, if I don't get my old handle back, at least I know what I'll name myself next. 

Why are you named "Nono-tan" anyway?

It's a Diebuster reference. 

I'd link the episode 4 scene but that's technically spoilers. 

Seeing myself in #8 is somewhat of a relief. The rankings shouldn't be upset too much by one final day's votes anyway. 

I made Top 10, I hope no one else dumps materials. 

It's technically two days of votes since it'll probably count both today's and yesterday's votes when maint ends. 

Won't know until it's over anyway. 

I hope there aren't any bugs that make the last scout not count. 

I have a confession before I go to bed: 

For the longest time I read "MetaLancer" as "MeatLancer" and I chuckled every time someone posted screenies of top 3. 

Day 21 Bet Brainstorming

Look it's the last day and you're not gonna change score brackets from one vote, so just vote C. 

  • It's 4/20
  • You get to say you voted C on the last day

Best deal in history. 

I need the points to not lose to Fury so I'm gonna vote A. 

A is gonna go neutral and make you lose to Fury. 

I think so too. 

Vote C meme exists so C is dead, people who know that will vote A because they think people won't vote A on the last day. Therefore B wins. 

EN is in full risk-aversion mode. 

People are really greeding the scouting points now because they're afraid of losing points from a bad choice, so they naturally gravitate towards the highest base score option, C. 

It's the least-risk option but also shooting themselves in the foot because it'll 100% lose.

No one really picks B on the last day. It either wins or loses super hard, and since it already lost super hard it's probably going to plummet. 

I'm actually getting baited by Yuzu aren't I. 

I need proof he actually voted A. 

Nice total score you got there. 

1317515 here. Also B is gonna win. 

Look at you bourgeois gamblers with 1.31m total. This is all I've got. 

I voted B by the way. 

Me not getting 1.32m is Cleista's fault. At least even a B neutral will bring me over that mark. 

We're all gonna get backstabbed by people like this aren't we? 

At least people like that don't tend to be in our score bracket. 


Dunno about yours though. 

Hey I sacrificed a run to make my Theater Guide

It's for the greater good. 

Bros... my comeback arc...

Turns out the only comeback arc was mine. 

Went from last place negative points to Top 5.

You're cruisin' for a bruisin' you C Chair traitor. 

I never said I'd do C for the whole Theater. 

Can you blame me? EN broke most of us by the second week. 

I just need to do better than one person and I think I managed that successfully. 

I can't believe I'm so bad at betting, but then again this is why I actually need to take a statistics class next semester. 

At least you're doing better than me. 

I'm at 1.294m and I need a win to get 1.3m, but that's not happening because I yolo'd C. 

You definitely should have more points than that. 

Put your excess mats into construction and leave 960 for voting and then check your score. 

Ah, 1.311m. 

That makes me feel a lot better. 

EN is probably preparing so many knives that all of us will get removed from Top 100 by the time maintenance ends. 

I'll just go sit in a corner. 

What % is that right now? 

So far I'm in 3%.

You're probably safe for top 5% then. Welcome to the 4-star AT4 club.

Now all you need is 30% in Theater 2 to get enough central data for 5-star.

The Final Day

Where'd the results go?

Half of us died or something, and the other half posted their votes already. 

Bah, just bet whatever, not like it matters.





I can't believe KR is actually dead.

You know Easy isn't gonna be cleared tomorrow because everyone will run Hard twice today. 

Chances are KR is not gonna unlock Core until two days from now and they won't get to Core 8 until middle of week 3. 

Everyone went AWOL instead of gunning for QLZ copies. 

I guess she wasn't cute enough to keep the KR players playing. 

Go play JP, they'll probably get to Core 1 faster than EN. 

Did JP start CT yet?

No but they did get the latest SG batch. 

I'm not sure if that's better or worse than EN pacing. 

Checking the JP twitter shows that they haven't even announced Continuum Turbulence yet. 

Probably will be after anniversary at this rate. 

EN's anniversary batch is great. 

I think this is CN's pool from 2019. It's pretty top tier. 

You sure you aren't just saying that because it has K2 in it?

Aren't you even a little bit concerned about the damaged art chair physics?

Totally not. This is a bigger joke than the K2 Live2D anyway. 

Oh yeah, enjoy this video I've made for the special occasion of EN's final day of Theater. 

It's the last day, so just scout whatever you want, as long as you do it before maint! 

Anyone who hasn't done it yet, please check out the Community Content Contest submissions and vote!

Either click the link in that tweet below or visit here to see more

Whether it's creative work, videos, or guides, we have it all!

The GFL EN community worked really hard the last month to make all of this possible, so make sure to give everything a look and then vote for all the ones you liked

Remember to also send all 96 drones available today to your zone of choice (which may or may not be the same as what we picked), and do your Core clears!

Core 8 is daunting, but should still be possible if you follow the teambuilding guide and have decent units/equips/fairies. There are five videos all showing how to clear it, so watch them and see which one works for you!

For endgame players that just want to maximize their points, each day after the ceasefire, you can always find the TL;DR on what zones are optimal to do for that day at the start of the Theater Guide!

Oh, and don't forget to submit the CBT form every day when you investigate in-game!

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