Theater Betting Episode 4: Apprehension


I can't log into GFL CN for some reason. 

Almost all CN entertainment-related net services (includes anime, manga, video games, music streaming, etc.) have shut down for the day to commemorate COVID-19 victims. 

For their part, MICA Team recreated Wuhan Hospital in GFL and set it as the background. 

Ah, I see. 

Readers, please stay safe during these trying times!

If you haven't done so yet, please familiarize yourself with the CDC's guidelines on how to protect yourself and your loved ones

This column will still be here when you come back, so take your time!

Day 3 Postmortem




40 points isn't terrible I guess. 


At least it looks like fewer people sent 1 drone today. 

The counter-counter-mindgame play thrives on.

I see it now; the shape of the graph makes a C.



I mean what could go wrong

...Besides everything

Shut up

I don't want to vote C anymore.

Goodbye Yuzu. 

You should have listened to me.

The popular vote of this panel continues its streak of being less accurate than EN as a whole.

So if anything goes wrong, it's our fault.

And by "our" fault I mean Ceia's.

They haven't realized yet that we have no idea what we're doing either.

We never had any idea of what we were doing. This is the entire basis of how continues to get readership. I think.

It can't be A 3 times in a row, right?

There's a reason my real secret method for determining shit on GFL Korea is a dartboard.

You know what they say: free drop unguided bombs are very accurate. 

...because it always hits the bottom ground with 100% accuracy.

This is EN, it’s going to be C the entire next week. Mark my words.

i'll wait a tiny bit more before going C :ribdieinside:

(but then I will silently go B)

Look at Dusk, trying to be sneaky.

Just don’t pick what Ceia picks.

Going B again is safe, because I'm going B :KappaLUL:

To B or not to B, that is the question.

Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to...

Fuck I forgot the rest

because I'm going B

Ok everyone, don't go B

I already know what I'm betting next.

I can't believe A went down, how is this possible?!

My Imouto’s Luck and calculations paid off!

The bad news is that Day 4's max drone count is 39, so Day 4 matters almost as much as Day 2 and Day 3 combined. 

look at my score


My score    25

Fury, did you only send 1 drone to C on Day 2? :LUL:

I messed up, ok?

It did work in my favor though. 

At this point it looks like C is never gonna win, so I'm gonna vote C again.

You see, when I win, I will win big


Whim, the only C chair chad.

It really makes you feel like a casino, doesn't it?

Day 4 Bet Brainstorming

To be honest, day 4 is gonna be hard. 

just pick C lol

We divine the future now via Ceia's nightmares.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Ceiathulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Please don't curse my nightmares.

I think EN is more predictable than KR or CN. 

C is gonna get neutral tomorrow, then the winner will be a coin flip between A and B.

idk what to pick between those two, though. 

C is just gonna be the most voted again

Wait guys, what did you end up with as the combat efficiency against elite enemies in Intermediate?

I'm doing my run now. 

Use ARSMG with PEQ. With a bad fairy it still gives 1.2-1.3k per echelon, and with a good fairy it gives 1.5-1.7k. 

Looks like CE stacking pretty much just gives you 200 more points or about 10% of one good scouting run. 

If you take any damage at all getting to the boss, it cancels out all the CE stacking you did and you end up with fewer points. 

So readers and Fury, do not CE stack unless you have an echelon that can get to the boss with zero damage! Focus on making strong teams that can clear the content.

If you don't, CE stacking will be counterproductive and it'll be like buying $10 by spending $100. 

You should do HGRF instead of ARSMG if you have trouble with the Doppelsoldners. 

Don't follow what the top players do, do your own thing that works for you. 

I woke up too late to do proper discussion


Guess I'll sub out for my sister to vote for me.

wtf bro

I gotta use my resources! You use yours! 

Also I lost with yesterdays bet, you sure you still want me to vote for you?

How can I compete with sisters


What's your brother's deepest darkest GFL secret?

Whenever he doesn't feel like doing something in GFL (or any game) he makes me do it.

He hates that I have better luck than him.

Wait, you picked the same thing that I would have. 

I wonder if you both played GFL before became a thing.

We usually play most games together, so yeah. 

Back in Arctic Warfare I had an accident and was pretty much gonezo for months, so she wrote pretty much all of the guides for AW.

What do you each like most about this game? 

I like playing tactics games, even though I'm not particularly good at it. 

While I'm really good at quickly thinking (which is how you saw me speedrun CT ranking), it doesn't translate well to a good overall macro a lot of the time. 

I think more in terms of the present turn, what will maximize points for just that one.

But next turn? Two turns in advance?

That's where I fall flat.

I think the part I like the most about Girls' Frontline is the depth of the game's strategy.

Personally I don't really look into stuff like ranking or even some of the harder maps, but there's still a good amount of challenge in the lower tier maps for someone who doesn't play that much.

This balance, especially in Isomer/Shattered Connexion, is a really hard thing for the devs to achieve, but it definitely makes the game more fun for lower end players while the harder maps remain interesting for higher end players.

I smell an A triple win, but I did say I'd vote whatever I got on my finals. 

Ceia it's 3:20AM, why are you up?

Guys I ran the sims

So what you're saying is that day 4 will be B > C > A. 

Day 4 Bets

corsage you're killing me

Xecty won

I'm scared that people are now avoiding the majority, resulting in an A loss. 

>they can't POSSIBLY


RIP C chair from Whim

C stands for Catastrophe.

whim you fucking lied

ur a lil bitch

all my respect for u is gone

i hope C wins now

I can't deal with this anymore.

We're headed to a triple A.

EN theater has mind broken Whim, even though he survived so many events and so many rankings. 

I thought he'd be immune to EN's mindless hivemind by now, how did this happen?

The true dalaos this event are the brainlets. 

I'm so sad

whim joined the B nation but so did Ceia

We're now at this point acting like brainlets, so reverse psychology has been applied to us.

Oh no

B bouta lose

fking ceia picked B

I chose B because I got B for my finals.

You guys chose B despite knowing that.

Corsage, kyazuki, and I can also just blame you off the bat ez pz


ran out of fuel

went to restock

be back on Day 5


If the last two days are any consolation, Ceia vote got neutral.

I'll take neutral over 25 points any day

We might have a chance since Ceia didn't vote with his brain this time. 

No he indirectly voted with his brain, since he got a B on his exam using his brain. 

Here's my advanced boss CE:

What did i gain from it?

7 extra points


God we're so fucked

I was looking for my keys

...and I found them in the freezer.

Curb your drinking problems.



Ok A taking triple crown, we done boys. 

If A actually wins 3 times in a row, I give up. 

We've got a 8/12 B majority, but really, our track record of 33% proves we have no idea what we're doing. 

Remember to send all 39 drones available today to your zone of choice (which may or may not be the same as what we picked)! If you guess right, you'll fully cancel out any wrong guesses from days 2 and 3!

For endgame players that just want to maximize their points, each day after the ceasefire, you can always find the TL;DR on what zones are optimal to do for that day at the start of the Theater Guide!

Oh, and don't forget to submit the CBT form every day when you investigate in-game! Here's the histogram of scores after three days, with only 27 users maintaining a perfect pick record: 


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