Theater Betting Episode 7: The Disappearance of Suomi KP31

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Day 6 Postmortem

Have faith in Watame!

So Watame Janken is indeed, a better model than whatever I've been using.

Admittedly whatever I've been using is at this point less accurate than throwing darts while blindfolded and drunk.

Which I swear was not the logic I've been using the past few days, honest.

Core is unlocked, and we can send 72 drones now. 

Core unlocked means DUN DUN DUN

We get to find out how dead EN is in a stupidly easy environment. 

Readers, please make sure to actually do Core zone! 

Core actually is easier than advanced, and Core 1 is super simple to do even for beginners, so don't miss out! Here's an approximate breakdown: 

  • Core 1-3: Elementary (Easy)
  • Core 4-6: Intermediate (Normal)
  • Core 7-8: Advanced (Hard)

See bonus units here

You get 3 drones per finished zone

We've cleared 8 zones each in 3 difficulties for 24 total zones completed, so you get 72 drones per day starting in Core 1.

We'll have a couple days where we have 96 drones at our disposal, which is when Core 8 is cleared. 

I bet the echelon facility will be maxed out in 1-2 days, while nobody else has enough points for quick Fairy + HOC facility upgrades. 

Your score gain (before spending materials) if you did everything correctly Day 7 is 1966, which is much less materials than is needed for sending 72 drones to scout/investigate today!

Please save some materials to ensure you can max out your investigation drones each day. 

Core 1 final score

Players on EN are in deep trouble. 

Score income from stage clear seems to have rolled back to actual season 1 of older servers, and if they didn't fix the badly designed income curve, you won't be earning enough daily points to even send drones if you already dumped all your materials. 

Remember it costs 10 materials per drone.

I sent 66 drones yesterday, which cost me 660 materials. Today I need 720, but Core 1 will only give me back ~400. 

You voted B?!

I misclicked ok, I was sleepy.






Ceia kneecapped everyone by voting A publicly then choosing b, getting all the benefits of cursing A to lose and all the points from voting B. 

Ceia backstabbed us, just like he backstabbed me in OJ


I can't believe Ceia has done this, destroyed my hopes and dreams. I been backstabbed, heartbroken, and most of all.... Bamboozled. He voted B, oh god he voted B! My soul has been crushed and my dreams stepped on by such a event! I lost all hope in winning theater and getting AT-4, the points gone. Reduced to atoms and blown away by Ceia's powerful ability to ruin EN gamers. My life is now in ruins and I don't know how to wake up tomorrow and live my life after this event. My soul is destroyed and my sad life has been thrown into astray by this betrayal! I will now quit the EN server and play on the NA server to finally get over this loss of points and the hardship of getting backstabbed by my god Ceia.

Is this what Ceia meant when he said he will teach EN about backstabbing?

Hey, that's 4 wins and 2 draws for me. I don't see what the problem is. 


Guys? I don't feel so good...


I don’t… I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t know… I don’t want to go.

I don’t want to go, everyone. Please. Please, I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go. I’m sorr-

Day 7 Bet Brainstorming

Man, why did you do that to Ceia?

Who is Ceia? 

You went too far man. 

You know, we could've just demanded to know where Ceia voted so that we can avoid it at all costs. 

Now look what you've done. 

Look man, he backstabbed us, he deserves it. I'm going to vote A. 

EN see A win

Be like

Oh no

I need to C or B


Classic gambler's fallacy.

Let the pure A voters get their fun for now.


Sweet B victory but I'm mad salty because Ceia voted B. 

We won't have to deal with that shit anymore now at least. 

All the people voting C default because it has the highest base score or because they can't be bothered to gamble means C will never win. 

Welcome to the death of the age of unreasonable gambling decisions, looks like EN's general userbase has learned how the system works. 

I wonder what percentage of EN are swing voters. 

I wanna play Valorant so we can have Rush C meme.

A is gonna flock to B while C Chair is gonna go up again.

There'll be lots of people who can't send 72 drones. 

Wonder how that affects the prediction. 

A has no holding power. Looking at how long A stayed low, people are going to be scared to vote A again, especially given the 40% of people who got burned yesterday. 

My prediction is A < B < C, but I'm going to stay with B because I already decided on B bed. 

What if Shuvi was voting B this entire time because he wants to plow the Plains of Thunder?

It's actually a lot simpler than that. B stands for boobs, right?

I wish I had this knowledge sooner, I would have voted B. 

Shuvi is secretly a farmer, and he's trying to get some acres on the plains of thunder and expand his farmer legacy. 

Wouldn't you be in A though, since Ribeyrolles has A cups?

I have a dream:

That my fellow people will no longer be judged by their breast size but the content of their character.


You mean A for A cup. I already voted A. 

That's the least convincing thing someone with a Saiga-12 chibi could possibly say. 

Does this mean another unavoidable AAAApocalypse is coming?

This is pretty unpredictable. Foreign servers had these three completely different outcomes after an A win within the span of a single Theater season. 

I don't think its fair to compare Digisky or KR data with EN because we're just not there.

I think people are going to hop back to B or C today.

Not sure in what proportion, so still a toss up between A and B, although I'm thinking B may have a real chance of winning twice in a row.

If you wanna risk, go C now. A is safe, while B isn't because B won yesterday and will attract the "vote yesterday's winner" crowd. 

I'm still sitting on B chair, but it's 100% fucked. 

I'm a little sad that C didn't win, but C neutral still got 50 points per drone. 

This is technically a perfect score; watch me consistently not guess a single one until the end of theater.

Just don't pick Whim picks, got it. 

I'm still trying to gather data. I feel like there are a lot of people that is giving up on A just from this, so we might not see an A double loss (like what happens sometimes). That said, I only know the Discord and Reddit communities, not sure what everyone else and all the bots are picking :ribdieinside:

I also have to worry about how to adapt this for EN's Core 8, since we don't have P22 or HS2000. 

We can't tank Gundam salvos and HP loss is a big deal for final score, so I'll probably run 2 echelons.

Is today day 7 or day 8? I can feel my sanity slipping from all this voting.

It's day 7. 


I'll prepare a weekly summary tomorrow to recap how well we did. 

Watame Janken says C. 

Day 7 Bets

Why is C̴͖̔͆̃́̄ë̸̮́i̶̖͍͈̕ã̵̛͎͉̼̜͝'s vote still here?

Must've cast it already before you went and snapped him. 

I can't actually see which zone he voted for though. 

How did you even spill coffee on a screenshot?

Doesn't seem like we can extrapolate his vote from the vague reasoning he gave either. 

I like what corsage put down. 

Like I said, Watame predicted C. 

Thus, I will predict C, however stupid it might be. 

And unlike Ceia, I WILL NOT BETRAY YOU

Neither of us play EN, so we don't have a stake in this and literally can't backstab even if we wanted to. 

Though I guess that means we're probably also not the best people to ask. 

I'm not confident at all about day 7. 

Clairvoyance EX is on cooldown now. 

Haachama was screaming A a lot today, so it's probably A. 

Not leaving my B bed though. 

Haachama isn't a good metric; sheep is a better metric. 

If EN is sheep, who better than sheep to predict?

EN has a lot of murican pigs, so a pig would win, hence Haachama A prediction is right. 

Also, how dare you separate the couple?

If we're predicting based on funny foreign people, we should use Coco as a metric. 

I like how the votes have normalized now, it's almost like we have a brain again.


Are you voting to win or to not lose?

Always to win.

I don't think C has any chance of winning today so it's between A or B, and I'm feeling B. 

If you vote to win, you won’t lose.

C has only won twice from a neutral position, and the conditions for those were that it was pretty late into the event and the percentage differences were very small.

Not to mention these two instances only occurred in Theater 2, so it's really between A and B. 

If it's a 50/50 chance for A or B to win, the return on B has a greater expectation so even mathematically B is a better pick, not to mention that long streaks of A winning followed by a B victory usually results in another B victory too.

There's also an argument to be had where A is really likely to bounce back from a hard loss and convert that into a decisive win, especially after A loses for the very first time in the event. (I don't really wanna count A's loss on day 1 since the gain/loss on the first day is insignificant in the long run.)

The more I think about it though, I think A has a legitimate chance of winning and I want to change my in-game scouting vote to A, but it's too late since I already locked in. 

I chose B cause If you look back at day 1, its almost a repeat.

The outliers will choose C.

The people who vote logically will choose A since day 2 is A winning.

Thus the right choice is B to mindbreak the rest.

Honestly what if C straight up wins?

The plebs who keep voting C are probably the same plebs who use all their mats on infrastructure every day, and today they don't have enough mats because we just transitioned into core and have to send 720 materials worth of drones with only 390 material of income. 

Xecty, the true C chair chad, might get rewarded for his faith. 

Friendship ended with Whim, the fake CChair prophet.

Now Xecty is the next CChair prophet.

If you're too lazy to think about voting anymore, just vote whatever. 

Can't outpredict EN anyway. 

If you check the days Whim loses, so we can know which one loses tomorrow


A most likely will win; but hey, that's just a theory.

An EN theory. 

Fuck if I know what will happen. 

EN theater is weird, confusing, and strangely addicting.

We've got a pretty split vote this time at 4A, 4B, and 3C. What's it gonna be?

Remember to send all 72 drones available today to your zone of choice (which may or may not be the same as what we picked), and do your Core clears!

For endgame players that just want to maximize their points, each day after the ceasefire, you can always find the TL;DR on what zones are optimal to do for that day at the start of the Theater Guide!

Oh, and don't forget to submit the CBT form every day when you investigate in-game!


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