Theater II Betting Episode 0: Shipped to Brazil

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OhImEn Panel Episode 0
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A Few Days Ago...

Wait..what is this..why am I up here?

You see, I promised an episode 22 of this series like, 4 months ago. Then I never made it and left our readers hanging.

You monster.
To prevent this from happening again, I have decided to solve this problem with a technique managers at Fortune 100 companies use to boost their productivity.
Blocking out distractions while you're editing? Using time tracking and management regimens like a Pomodoro timer? Capturing the noteworthy things in Evernote and budgeting them between episodes so you can pre-write the game advice bits? Automating the daily vote charts? Getting panel members to vote earlier and more consistently with scheduled daily roundtables? I have a bunch of other suggestions that c-
Nah, I'm just gonna outsource the panel. To you. You have time, right?
Good luck and have fun!


For those of you just joining us, Hello! Welcome to Theater Betting Panel 2 for Season II of EN Theater!

I wanted to run the panel again, but since just about everyone from Season 1 sucked at predicting vote results, I fired all of them. 

To predict EN, I decided that there's no better way than to ask EN directly; therefore, this season's panelists will be mostly be regulars from the EN community, joined by some of your old-time favorites! Let me go ahead and welcome our new host, Matt.

Hi! I'm Matt, a mid-tier :OhImEn:let. I curated a EN Theater Data sheet back in Theater 1, which Dahblount referenced during his appearances on the Panel.

I had to do normal mode ranking in Isomer because uhhh..yeah....reasons...

I also run a GFL meme twitter, which you are probably familiar with; a few of my works were occasionally exhibited in Season I's episodes.

Matt will be heading up the panel this time around - I might stick around occasionally though. 

It also means if the episodes are late everyone can blame him for it. It's a win-win. 

Sounds like it's just a win for you...

Hi, I'm suffering. Wait, no...


Hi, I'm DrParagon, you might know me if you were in GFC Voice Chat back on March 23rd where I read a fanfiction of a Commander and a Belgian T-Doll.

Even if you don't know it doesn't matter.

I am more concerned with why you know that date exactly...
It was the only two nights this year that I did not sleep. Of course I would remember.
Wait is this actually a thing? This meme is actually happening?

Yes, is happening...

Hello I'm Arkeyy, I've been playing GFL since about a week or two since it was released 2 years ago.

I've done my fair share of ranking, roughly maintaining top 5% or top 100 if I can like in Arctic Warfare and Singularity ranking. Also, if you've been around recently, you may have know me as someone who farmed 24 P22 - and counting - for absolutely no reason.

I guess no Brazil deportation for you, huh.
WTF, give me 4 of them.

Hi, I'm Destination. You probably don't know me, and I'd like to keep it that way.

I've been playing GFL since March 2019. After dragging my corpse out of core hell, I have dedicated the rest of my online lifespan to helping EN be less EN and screaming at people to craft more fairies. 

Hey, I'm legoclone and I'm pretty much a nobody.

I've been playing since day 1 of EN and have been pretty active in the community since Deep Dive. 

Oh, by the way. I'm maybe, also a nobody. I have played since Deep Dive and I am still bad at the game. 

Yes, but you have crafted fairies, which makes you better than literally 99% of EN.

Oh yeah, I have a 5* fairy now, so I'm no longer bad.

My boy has become a man.


Oh no you don't, Ceia. Your time has come again. *snap*
At least I got to have the cat added in. Mission succceesssssssssssss.
I guess that makes my life easier. Although, I do feel bad for Cleista when he has to transcribe this for the daily post.
What? You're doing it.
I saw this coming...
I am pretty sure the reason we are doing it is because Cleista is busy in August and he can't do everything like he did before.
*Yawn* I need to stop waking up at 1. The hell is going on here.

Wait, Matt. Am I the drunken fool? Ah, whatever.

I’m Coin, Probably an alcoholic idiot with a love for big bossu. I’ve been playing for a decent bit of time, been ranking since Singularity and I STILL don’t have 5* fairies.

For some reason I thought of Dana when you said "big bossu".

I'm Duck, I've been playing since Rabbit Hunt, but I've only recently started being active in the Community.

I got to top 100 in Isomer ranking, but my gacha luck is terrible.

Hey there EN, It's me, ya boi, back to serve you some lies math in the name of Theater II.

You should remember me from Theater I Dalao Panel. If you don't welcome to The Gates of Hell. ENjoy your stay.

Hey there, I'm Hassium. I've been playing this game since Deep Dive.

It's likely that none of you know me and it would be creepy if you did. You can find me wandering the halls of GFL Social Media sites giving terrible advice and being a general nuisance. Don't let the fact that half these guys place in rankings consistently convince you otherwise, they're all total morons, me included. :ump9brainless:

At least some of us have 5* fairies...unlike those 1-star Parachute owners in here. 

*chirp* I am Kira. I play this game sometimes, and do stuff in the game sometimes. I also evade the California Department of Taxes and Fees and the United States Internal Revenue Service. They still want my blood. 

You can't just join back in, you already had your time in Season 1. Get the hell outta here. 

Can't believe I'm a wanted man now...

Hey, I’m BLT. Lazy ass extraordinaire, and probably someone who has been in this hell for too long.

You can find me easily on most popular GFL related Discord servers, and I’ll be providing propaganda support here so that your theater runs don’t end up like this.

To be fair, it did end up working.
I hate you.

Oh, yeah, and I forgot, we are also considering doing Theater Livestreams for our Theater Runs, so if that pans out, maybe consider checking those out so you can watch us and our totally 100% good_kiting,mp4 like this example. 

That should be all for now, time to lea-

Hello. My name is DukeDisaster, and I've been playing GFL since early Fall of last year using my old name TMMYoutube. A cut above the casual, but a dwarf to anybody you could name, I've only got high skill and talent in non-competitive content, and most of what I could say I have placed in high ranking for are dead, dying, or irrelevant games.

I do have notoriety for being annoying and "based" for my troglodyte behavior like farming Judge for P22. I look forward to seeing everybody do their best this run of Theater!

You could farm Judge for P22 in Isomer?! know what, nevermind.

Diggus, you're up. Make this quick before I go with Coin for some adult beverages.

Hello, I'm DiggusDBickus, one of the few people who plays on a TW server. I did some GFL comic translation/typesetting for various artists and lately I've been dabbling with black magic that is chibi animation.

I think that is now everyone...does any...
Speaking of which, where is the Old Dalao Panel?

If I had a guess, they are currently in shipping containers awaiting departure for Brazil. At least that is what I saw on Twitter.

Most of them failed the P22 check, and after the horrid Theater I performance, I guess Cleista bought them all a one way ticket in a crate to Brazil. I did see an Island which resembles the Theater Island off the coast of Brazil, so....who knows.  


Why make me transcribe your t spam...

Well, I think that is everyone. Cleis, we got the episode out on time...but not without a few EN moments. So, there you have it folks, your Theater II Panel! We will see you tomorrow afternoon where we will actually put our ENtelligence to the test and try to predict the unpredictable waves that is EN.

Will C spike to 50%? WIll Ceia ever come back? Will Panel II be able to be better than Panel I? See you in the next episode where we'll find out the answers!

Get ready for some hardcore CBT action as well in Theater Season 2. You liked it the first time, right?

(What? It stands for Community Betrayal Time.)

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