Theater II Betting Episode 10: Catastrophe

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I ran out of Discord servers, so I'm gonna launch myself out of Brazil.
Your real reason for leaving will make a great epitaph.

RIP Yuzu 2020

"I just needed more Honkai emotes"

Day 9 After Action Report

Guess I'm not playing GFL today. 

That C win shocked you too much?

Actually I accidentally cleared GFL cache, and my power's out... 

Want me to do your dailies for you? 

I promise I won't backstab your theater vote. 

I'm sure the first thing you're gonna do is retire my M16. 

The "voting for previous loser" strategy has catapulted me to the top of this panel. 

🎶Iiiiiit's not unusual to vote A with anyone 🎶

🎶Iiiiiiit's not unusual to lose to C with anyone🎶

🎶But when I see EN make me lose to anyone🎶

🎶It's not usual to to see me cry🎶

🎶I wanna die🎶

Remember when I was in last place? Who's laughing now, hehehe

It was the highest-scoring basic strategy in theater 1 too. 

In somewhat related news, someone on GFEN who bet against C has to yeet their phone into a lake now.

What the hell did I start...

If anyone doesn't understand why this happened: 

  1. Yesterday was Core 1, where the score from clearing it was so low it didn't give you enough materials to scout. 
  2. Players who chronically vote C also don't read guides, so they missed the memo to save materials. 
  3. We lost a large number of default C votes, giving C its the best chance to win. 

I agree, the lack of materials gained from Core 1 really pushed the C win. 

If you think about it, the average C voter is probably also the one to spend materials like mad.

Default C voters man, this is how yesterday happened...

Can you prove that's the case?

Fiddles made this chart, you can see C was basically a straight line until yesterday where it lost a giant chunk. 

It's a little depressing if you think about it. 

Where the hell am I...

You alright man?

I appear to have my entire keyboard indented into my face. 

How do you feel about the C massacre?



Was blood alcohol content the solution all along?

Matt got smashed and also voted C, so you might be onto something there. 

Day 10 Discussion

Let me be the first to introduce Apprentice Ranking Ruiner, Brekkie!

Hello, I'm Brekkie. You might've known me for helping ruin the top rankings of Isomer by some quickly compiled notes.

Thank you for having me here :40wave:

How can you possibly count as an apprentice when you hit #1 at least three times during the course of Isomer? 

Every time I reached #1, I got backstabbed in less than 24 hours. 

That's still super impressive though, I've never even seen #1 on any leaderboard. 

Sure thing you didn't Mr. FkCeia.


I'll just avoid this by not being on the leaderboard. 

Wait, that's illegal. 

This probably wasn't the best day to invite me to the panel.

I stuck to A, and this happened.. so I'm actually thinking of just abandoning hope and going with C today. 

I can understand that sentiment.

Missing out on that single C win with 7200 points payout just canceled out all of my previous correct guesses. 

Yeah that win is massive. 

I just wish I were actually playing on EN. 

I still can't accept the results of this investigation. 

How in all hell is lego #1 now?! Just a few days ago he was at the bottom. 

I was top score a few days ago, look at where I am now. 

Do you enjoy being fucked, Desti?

That's my secret Captain, I'm always fucked. 

Speaking of being fucked, I forgot to use advantaged dolls!

How did you manage that?

I was so excited about not having to CE Stack for Core 1, I completely forgot that the +24% advantaged bonus existed. 

It's only like 400 points, but that canceled out all of my CE stacking gains from like 5 days of painstaking minmaxing. 

Does anyone want to C chair? Or go to B bed with me? 

Don't count on me. I'm still thinking. 

Honestly my vote might not even make it until 1:58 AM. 

I already went A today, Duck. 

Same here. 

I'll put myself down as A too. But I'll actually vote C. 

I'll vote A as an act of solidarity. 

It's time for the A Armchair. 

Is everyone just copying me now?!

Good lego, suffer like I did during Theater 1 Panel...

Blount, let it be known that I am counting on you today. 

Whatever you vote, I'll also vote. We die together. 

I think it's 80% A and 20% B. 

The thing is, if you pick B and B wins, you get to overtake the people who only vote A. 

What's the point in speculating? It's basically just gambling anyway because none of us have any idea what we're doing. 

You can't just say that, I'm sure there's some logic and reason to all of this. 

I can't believe Cleista is dead. 


Y'all ain't being honest with what you're actually voting for. 

Deception is the most important skill when gambling. 

Poker, blackjack, theater betting, it's all the same. 

Speaking of which, this is a totally legit guide on how to invest your materials. 

I spent literal hours making this visually stunning infographic. 

It's guaranteed to help readers through the process of clicking on construction, maxing out their materials, and then confirming. 

You gotta do it like the YouTubers, big red circle, big green arrow, impact font: 



I got a whole writeup too: 

Now that we are in the Core Zone, the enemies will become progressively more difficult, until they are around the same difficulty level as the Isomer EX ranking map.

In order to support your fellow commanders, and increase everyone's score, it is recommended to contribute your materials to infrastructure.

As there is a cap to the amount of materials that can be used for scouting each day, spending materials on infrastructure is needed to maximize your score. Contributing to infrastructure will reward you with 3 points for each 1 material you spend, and will help make later core stages easier for you and your fellow commanders.

If this is your first theater event, or if you have forgotten where the infrastructure is after 10 days of stressful scouting, don't worry, as we have provided a handy guide on how to spend your materials on infrastructure.

Remember to spend your materials after your runs each day, to maintain your spot in ranking!

Is anyone actually going to fall for this?

I mean, it's technically the optimal play if you're a top 100 player trying to handicap the rest of EN...

Closing Remarks

Make sure you remember to do both runs, send all available drones, and send your daily CBT submission! As for investing in infrastructure... I think you know what to actually do by this point.

Don't forget to also send me your propaganda and your scouted zone and reason on Twitter (@GandKTV) or on Discord (MatthewStarbuck#0187, probably nicknamed Vote C Fairy. Who knows, it might just end up being featured in the panel!

Check back tomorrow for Episode 11! Or I guess technically today now...


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