Theater II Betting Episode 12: Piety (Real)

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1 Paradrop...2 Paradrops...3 Paradrops...Floor.

Day 11 After Action Report

Not again. 

I half expected a C-Chair loss today. Oh well. I do smell a chance that C pulls a miracle soon, as this is when C does its magic.


C-Chair got me off the chopping block. I cannot complain too much. I hope C gets a third win, and I am on-board with that win, so I can soar ahead of the panel and wave at you all from in front.

Then again...we didn't put a penalty for the last place / reward for first place did we... Damn it. Should have made us gamble.

This could begin another A-streak.

If that happens, EN will blame me for putting 5 A's in Episode 2's title, or for "influencing" 

Something like: 

ThE pAnEl InFlUeNcEd 8 pErCenT oF eN rEEEEEEEEE

That means my A-propaganda is successful, right? 

If it worked, then A would lose. 

A voters are the real masochists, because they risk so much and gain so little every day. 

The frivolous people who bandwagon A as quickly as they ditch it won't be a factor here - they'll pussy out anyway, I do not even need to call them out on it. 

"Oh no A might lose" switches to B

Disgusting cowards. I would NEVER have switched to B.



That will be forever used against you. 

Day 12 Discussion

M200 hates me. I will vote against whatever she tells me.
Stop trying. You lose again, no matter what you vote.


if anyone is to blame, blame M200 for messing up results. A lot of people are using M200 to "determine" their scouting, or at least so they claim.

A and B could always be a coin flip if this holds true, as C chair is well....C chair. 

If your bot chooses between A/B/C with equal probability (~33.3%) but the winning option always has a pick rate under 33%, what's the probability that the M200 choice is the winner for that day?


Blount this is NOT the time to BSOD, help us out here!

That's your fault for giving a trick question. Should've went with something easier like 6*3. 

Has EN given us any reason to believe it will follow an AABBAABB pattern this theater?

This one is pretty close to what we have and it followed that pattern exactly.

What if A gets so close to B in third day, and goes down on day 4? Ez quad A.

In your dreams. 

I actually bet $10 it would be B today, so I really hope A doesn't win.  

I thought you didn't bet your money irresponsibly. 

Daily reminder to click "Mount of Ashes" in Investigate and send max possible drones by clicking "-" symbol once!

Don't forget to go to CBT and fill up the form voting Mount of Ashes for another juicy 2 points!!


You know the more you do this the less likely A will actually win, right? 

Man, I have never been so happy to have gone neutral.

Says the one in dead last, and who was on the brink of going negative relative to construction....f for destination





Technically this is still more points than construction. 

Same Desti, although I am not on the chopping block like you are...just barely ahead of you.

It's kinda nice to have low standards - just remain in the positive and we are fine. 

Wait, is this how people are asking for sauce now? 

Honestly other than the slightly larger than I'd like [CENSORED] it's pretty good. 

I like [CENSORED] and [CENSORED] that are well defined and proportional. 

Nobody wants to see huge [CENSORED]. 

Can we not turn this panel into a Shimoneta episode and get us canceled? 

It's good art. 

You can post your art and magic numbers outside of here. 


Ceia :YegorNice: in M200 bot i trust
Arkeyy A This vote is sponsored by rAid: Shadow Legends
Kirahuang B pp
Lego C Is this the start of another losing streak
Diggus B Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact... same fucking thing... over and over again expecting... shit to change... That. Is. Crazy. The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me, so, boom...I shot him! The thing is... He was right. And then I started seeing, everywhere I looked, everywhere I looked all these fucking pricks, everywhere I looked, doing the exact same fucking thing... over and over and over and over again thinking, 'This time is gonna be different, no, no, no please... This time is gonna be different'.
Maybe A A train coming through yet again hop on fuckboys
Duck C (いくよっ?じゃっじゃーん!)はちゃめちゃカラフルデイズ 攻略法を探しているリセットボタンなんてあるわけないし 縛りプレイもいい所じゃない?! (ふぇ〜…)そんなのわかりきってるそれなら思い出して 夢を奏でるあの星のことを最初はダメダメでもいいからさほらリズムに合わせて1.2.Try&Try! (シャキーン!)予測不可能なんだ 本当のところは次のページのことだよ? (I don't know)怖いことなんてないよ その続きにいっせーので飛び込んじゃおう準備はいーい?だから Do my best! Do my best!テンションは弾けてくらり☆こっちむいてAttention Please? Attention Please!ドキドキのボリュームはMAXでいこうよ泣いちゃって 笑っちゃってエモーションもアタフタしてるこの今をめいいっぱいさぁ 楽しんでいこうよまだまだまだなの止まれない そんな世界が大好きだよ
Duke B I couldn't get access to my dice in time so I had to use a dice bot. Don't trust this roll.
BLT A Pls.
Hassium A B will win. So I voted A. See, it makes sense. If I vote B everyone will know B will lose. But if I vote A, everyone will vote B, not because they read the panel, but because the heavens try to trick me over. So that's when I strike back with an A victory. Hah.Take that fate.I win by losing.Wait what?
Paragon A ??????
Destination A A, A, A, A, StAyin' Aliveeee
Blount B I'm going to B-ed again
Matt A I lost on C chair

Closing Remarks

Make sure you remember to do both runs, send all available drones, and send your daily CBT submission! As for investing in infrastructure... I think you know what to actually do by this point.

Don't forget to also send me your propaganda and your scouted zone and reason on Twitter (@GandKTV) or on Discord (MatthewStarbuck#0187, probably nicknamed Vote C Fairy. Who knows, it might just end up being featured in the panel!

Check back tomorrow for Episode 13! If you haven't seen the hidden Episode 11.5, you can check it out below for a quick laugh. 


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