Theater II Betting Episode 13: Stickbug

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You're really running out of ideas for these episode titles aren't you?

I felt an overwhelming need to remind Brekkie of yesterday's shenanigans.

Where do I go to report that article for cyberbullying? 

Just turn the computer off if you don't wanna get pranked again. 

I'm a slave to technology so no thanks. 

I'm a slave to M200's technology if you know what I mean. 

By the way, the stickbug meme originated on iFunny, making it decidedly normie-tier and therefore not based. 

Oh quiet you. HEY EN! We are live streaming our Core 8 runs!

You can watch us suffer at 9:00-9:30PM US Eastern Time on our Twitch.

Tune in tomorrow (Monday) and you can watch me try Core 8 and probably get rekt again. 

Day 12 After Action Report

Core 8 is open. Let the filtering begin.
Time to filter 90% of EN.

Core 8 filtering 90% of EN looks about right if you check the Theater 1 scores sheet.  

There are lots of resources available to help with Core 8. I hope EN Theater 2 performance is better. 

Sample clear videos of Core 8: by FantastGRD by kfourit by Yuko by Kyazuki by Sparko (mostly 2 star fairies) Rodel guide by neokai by Assassin Eclipse by plantszaza by Not Lunaris


Enemy stat list:

Thanos had the right idea.


I am EN


and I am Core 8. 

The best part of this is that we don't have to swap teams around to CE stack anymore.

It's not like CE stack made much of a difference anyway. One bad scout cancels out all of your CE stacking for the entire 3 weeks. I have an analogy for this: 

  • Clearing the stage = having a job
  • Advantaged bonus = not wasting money by eating out
  • Scouting correctly = finding a dollar on the ground
  • CE stack = spend hours sifting through literal garbage for a 1-cent coin

That's a bad analogy. Eating out isn't that much more expensive than making your food at home over here. 

How can there be no pattern and then I'm here sucking the crumbs left behind by Lego's votes.

EN so far, has had:

>5x A win
>C winning twice
>almost no A-B flipping occurring

That first C win doesn't even matter because it was one drone. 

I also told you guys EN would go into AABBAABBAABB pattern but no one listened to me. Look where that got you. 

At this point I'm tempted to flip a coin. 

If you think about what Diggus said, EN does seem to be really volatile. 

The thing is, someone is able to predict this well. 

I have no idea how they're doing it. 

Who is it? 

I don't know, maybe Lego because he's winning now, definitely not me though. 

Hello? I'm 10 for 12 and explained to you multiple times why EN will follow the foreign pattern I dug up?

If only we knew somebody who could get a read on EN Theater...

Where could such a person be?

Maybe if I invested my materials and got #1 you'll finally notice me. 

Day 13 Discussion

As today is the first day of Core 8, it might be worth discussing some of the CE stacking mechanics.

First of all, keep in mind that, advantaged dolls are more important than your general CE stacking. 

Losing CE to put in an advantaged doll will always result in a higher score.

Secondly, CE stacking gives diminishing returns, so unless you are aiming for top 100 in overall rank, or a high final battle rank, you don't have to worry too much about getting the highest CE possible.

The difference between 10,000 CE and 30,000 CE is only around 400 points per Core 8 run.

The most important thing is that you can consistently clear Core 8, as each run is worth far more points than your daily scouting.

Make sure to not compromise your teams' ability to fight the Core 8 enemies for a higher CE stack.

Keep in mind that if you lose links in combat, your score will decrease, so use your best options in your teams that will see combat, even if it results in a lower CE.

For the actual CE stacking itself, Shotguns with Slug Ammo will give you the most CE. Make sure the shotguns you use don't lose any links in combat, as it will cost you a lot of points.

The Slug Ammo can be low rarity and unenhanced, as just having the slugs gives you a good CE boost.

Even a 2 star Slug Ammo has more CE than a 5 star Buckshot.

Another important factor in CE stacking is your fairies.

You want high rarity fairies with combat skills that use a lot of fairy commands. Good fairies to use are airstrike, artillery, shield, taunt, armor, and zodiac (if you have her at a high rarity). Fairies such as command and rescue don't give very much CE, as their skills do not affect combat.

Try switching your fairies around until you get the highest CE. 

Really though, just go read the Teambuilding guide. 

We even have P22 and HS2000 now to slot in as the HG in your combat team now, making the tanks even easier to stall. 

Did someone replace all of my Striker waves with Uhlans?

They all went to my run. 

7 Strikers, AMA. 

Here's my run I guess. It went much better than the Theater 1 attempts on my channel. 








Lego C I love losing, I'm the best at it.
Ceia C did i mention my win rate with m200 bot deciding my scouting is 100% so far?
Paragon C Admission of defeatI, DrParagon, in-game ID DrParagon on the EN server, acknowledge that before the major event "Theater 2", I was young and foolish and unknowing of my limits. When seeing that there were many stages to beat, that many comps were being implemented, and that I could experience the pleasure of doing core 8, I danced in happiness and inflated my expectations. Without any understanding of the difficulty of the event, I didn't think it would be particularly difficult.This wasn't self-deception; I simply didn't understand the true nature of Girls' Frontline as a grimdark, hardcore tactical micromanagement game, and, without grinding levels, stockpiling resources, modding dolls, leveling fairies, or leveling HOCs, I proclaimed my expectations of the ease with which I would take a dump on this event. Now, my progress has bogged down, my SAN points have dropped off a cliff, and I can't even properly copy the guides posted by the dalaos.I recognize that I lack intelligence, have poor micro skills, and am both lazy and cowardly. After having my head bashed in by the enemy tanks, I now deeply understand that the gap between me and the dalaos is as far as the distance between Aiur and Argus.With no way to continue beat Matt in this event, I sign this admission of defeat of my own free will.I acknowledge that I am a coward and an imbecile, will never boast about my performance before events again, will silently accept it when others call me a salty fish, will never loudly participate in debates, will never again call ST-AR 15 my waifu again.As above, I sign this admission of defeat. Thank you.Signed: DrParagon2020/08/16
Arkeyy C A reading from the passage of the book of brainlets chapter M verse 200: "Thou shalt vote C, for if thou avoideth C, I shalt bring forth greatheth ruineth to thy Panel. Thou shall win thy vote as it is thy sponsoreth by Raid: Shadow Legend. Thou shall not listeneth to the words of the Ruiner for he shalt bring forth destruction to thy server and panel."
Diggus C Brainlets. Brainlets never Change
Coin C They won't.
Maybe C
Duck C need tomboy
Kirahuang C M200 said C
Hassium C C-chairing until the Chairman of the Crown of Theater tells me to stop.
Duke C Your Honor I'm not insane. The voice in the little cube told me to Vote C
Blount C C-Chairrrrrrrrr
Destination C "It doesn't matter who we are... What matters is our plan."
Matt C Kek

There's no way you all actually voted C. 

Liars get bad karma. 

My bad karma from participating in Brekkie hazing got me baited into A yesterday. 

I am so sorry for your loss. 

My actual strategy today was already decided: vote based on formula 1 results

  • Mercedes 1-2 = vote A
  • not Mercedes 1-2 = vote B
  • someone else wins = vote C

I guess you're not winning today then. 

Closing Remarks

Make sure you remember to do both runs, send all available drones, and send your daily CBT submission! As for investing in infrastructure... I think you know what to actually do by this point.

Don't forget to also send me your propaganda and your scouted zone and reason on Twitter (@GandKTV) or on Discord (MatthewStarbuck#0187, probably nicknamed Vote C Fairy. Who knows, it might just end up being featured in the panel!

Check back tomorrow for Episode 14! 

Propaganda Time

Today's Propaganda is from Aelana#6721...which is really propaganda from like last week.
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