Theater II Betting Episode 14: Groundhog Day

Will senpai finally notice me now that I blew my load of materials?cleista

That's you? Why name yourself "Indeed"?
Take a guess.

Day 13 After Action Report

I can't believe B actually won, and by a mile too! Maybe Formula 1 voting technique is actually good?
Yes. I will now gloat.
I am hap...wait...what is happening? Matt, did you give me another Paradrop?
Nope. You gained EXP from the scouting I guess. Welcome to being a certified stat-stick. Although, I will still kick your ass by the end of theater
Bring it!
Why does my game say I did not vote yesterday?
Client reset bro.

I did. Does the game not recognize that I voted?

Yeah, if it is all zero it means you failed to scout yesterday.
lul get fucked. Join Coin with the black box on the score sheet.
This is what I get for waiting to do my runs until 1AM

At least you are doing better than the Vtubers trying to run Core 8


Day 14 Discussion

Matt, I'm higher now




I am coming for you, bitch.


This was an expected B win, it should flip to A. Let us test this, shall we?
A wins tomorrow - it is guaranteed.
-choose A;B;C
No matter what you scout, you will lose, Kira. Your fate is over.
I have a theory, right, that C could go neutral, or even win tomorrow. You see, the median C-chair is 36.6%, which is still lower than 37% today, which means that C might fall to compensate.
Remember theater I? When A and B play chicken, C is the true victor.


Assuming most people do not bother with data, which they shouldn't, it's EN...

They see B having a huge payout 2 days in a row. They may stay B. They want the meat. 

But C is dangerously close to A today, and as C has already lost twice, it is time for a C-exodus.
There is a constant base behind C-chair. I think A will be fine.
Holy hell, EN is actually going to AABBAABBAA it.


Although, I honestly feel like AABBAABB isn't that farfetched now and that makes me kinda sad. 

EN's Core 8 scouting meta makes a grand return.
Does Core 6 give enough materials to scout with 93/96 drones?
That's good, at least weaker players can still participate in g a m b l i n g.
Duck, remember when you said "Day 14, definitely a B win."
No way B wins today.
You guys finally believe in the AABBAABB pattern now?
I believe in "Previous Neutral" strat.
That is a horrible idea. That method net 50k in Theater I, when Previous Win and Previous Loss scored way higher.
Ok, fine, tell me what to vote then. I give up. Core 8 cannot even save me at this point.
Thank you.
I am definitely not telling you this just so I can secure an A win.
I will vote C just for you - either way.


Paragon C for real.
Maybe A why do you ask why we vote and not how we vote 😔
Lego C gonna go neutral?
BLT A Come on EN show me the AABBAABBAABB.
Diggus C To be fair, you need a very high IQ to understand CChair
Duck A Day 14? Definitely a B win
Hassium A The Hobbit. Chapter 2, Paragraph 27, Words 186-189.
Arkeyy C CccccccccccccCccccccCcccccCcccCcccCCCCCccCcccCccCcCCcccCccCccCcccCccCcc
Coin C Trust? Idk. Maybe.
Destination B No head, thoughts empty
Blount A The cycle continues. There is no epscape
Duke C I rolled C I swear.
Matt C I am the King of Brainlets and the King of C Chair
Kirahuang C 🐀🤛🏻

Closing Remarks

Make sure you remember to do both runs, send all available drones, and send your daily CBT submission! As for investing in infrastructure... I think you know what to actually do by this point.

Don't forget to also send me your propaganda and your scouted zone and reason on Twitter (@GandKTV) or on Discord (MatthewStarbuck#0187, probably nicknamed Vote C Fairy. Who knows, it might just end up being featured in the panel!

Check back tomorrow for Episode 14! 


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