Theater II Betting Episode 16: Overtake

Oh look it's Cleista, the one who did not tell me that I needed to ask someone to push the Episode to the front page and I got questioned because of it. Episode 15 - the least viewed episode.
I was not awake when you published it.
Heh. It is fine. I am just drinking.
I am now currently imagining this conversation with a Shrimp avatar, and a Critical HP Jill portrait avatar, and it still works.

Day 15 After Action Report

Ah yes. 2 scouts lost. I am choking on the days with a lot of drones.
Ah yes. 4th Perfect Infiltration. Matt thought I voted B, but I actually voted A.
Traitor! Eh, it doesn't matter too much. I am still ahead of you today. You should be scared.
C neutral with an A win feels great, not gonna lie.
Nailed it.
Feels good man.
Filthy A and C voters.
C Neutral. Can't say I didn't expect that.

You know that C neutral means! C wins tomorrow!

Oh. B lost. Fuck you, M200.

Day 16 Discussion

-choose a;b;c
No. Fuck you.
B again I guess.
Easy C chair again, and people will dogpile from A and B, [REDACTED]
I think you are overthinking this now, like, AABBAABB, you think people did not notice this in theater I?
You are expecting EN to remember Theater I, 4 months later?
No, I am saying these patterns are emergent of the same kind of mentality as Theater I. Double guessing, double checks, etc. The only question left is when EN will drop out of the flight plan and C win.
It is EN after all.
it is not truly following the pattern, the vote ratios are skewed. It could break anytime now.
I am not big brain enough to take the ratios into account, so I take results as a whole. By the way...these CN Neural Upgrades...noice.


Day 16 Predictions
Ceia t M200 said so, even though its against my instincts....
Arkeyy B what is live
Lego B winning
Paragon B aabbaabbaabbaabb lets go
Blount A It's likely that everyone who went B today will hop back to C in the hopes that other B voters will either stay or switch to A, and many B voters will likely stay due to being hard-headed.
Duck B bee
Duke C If if at at first first you you don't don't succeed, succeed, try try again again.
Maybe B horny for b win
Kirahuang B borgar
Coin B fsgnmsfghjfsd
BLT B It's either this or A train.
Hassium B Ya'll overthinking this, seriously. Just B Bed today. AABBAABBAABB. If C wins, so be it. B will win tho. I wonder what M200 told Ceia...
Destination B "According to all known laws of game theory, there is no way that A should be able to lose twice in a row..."
Diggus B Why not?
Matt C I am King of C Chair.

Dual Randomness Mod Discussion

For anyone who doesn't know, here are the features of RO635 and G11's Skills:


RO635: Judgement of Justice

When receiving damage lower than the HP of one of her dummy links, there is 20% chance to check evasion again. If the check succeeds, no damage is taken. For every layer of DMG/ACC/ROF/MSPD debuffs or Seal of the Avenger on the attacker, the activation chance of the evasion check increases by 10%. When Skill 1 is active, RO’s attacks will inflict Seal of the Avenger on the target.


G11: Stance of the Assaulter

For every three instances of damage done to the same target, deal an additional 2% of the target's max health. This damage is reduced by armor but ignores HP shields, and cannot exceed her FP by 300%

G11's mod SPEQ is kinda trash. -5 evasion for +10 accuracy? Her skill 2 is okay, but still trash against armored enemies. She doesn't need more accuracy, she needs more damage.
It isn't that bad, and her skill 2 will kill those doggos very fast.
That is the only thing she will be really good at, along with SWAP guards and high HP, low armor bosses.
There are a lot of "if's" concerning G11's MOD, but to summarize, she is getting even better at her job. If there are some especially wacky conditions in her Skill 2, like the ability to crit, or be multiplied by dummy links, then she could transcend broundaries for RoF AR's, but we do not know how she will work just yet.
The G in G11 stands for Gamer.
What happened to the first 10?
RO's SPEQ is based as heck. -6 Damage for +45 Evasion? Literally a god tier T-exo.
RO's skill 2 looks quite interesting to say the least, I think MICA outdid themselves to figure out the math here.
Speaking of math, didn't Gamepress have a tweet with math that would break Matt's brain?
You bet we did.
RO is hot....but math is not. Sorry. My brain hurts. Need more Paradrops.
So basically, RO becomes incredibly good, skyrocketing her effective evasion against middling damage, decent accuracy enemies. Even better on debuff centric teams.
Even by herself, RO can get a 40% chance of a double evasion check when her Skill 1 is active.
I revise my previous statement. RO is super-mega-ultra-henshin good. Other SMG main tanks will have their place of course, as she cannot deal with everything.
And you can only have one RO. Anyways, for anyone "EN WHEN?", these mods will be released with the newest event in CN, "Dual Randomness", so just wait until then. Although I know you will ask for them now.
Did I hear PV?
Hey! That's illegal.

Closing Remarks

For those who missed our streams on Twitch

I would make sure you try an join us soon for my OhImEN core 8. 

You can go watch some of the stream highlights - mainly of me being OhImEn. 

Make sure you remember to do both runs, send all available drones, and send your daily CBT submission! As for investing in infrastructure... I think you know what to actually do by this point.

Don't forget to also send me your propaganda and your scouted zone and reason on Twitter (@GandKTV) or on Discord (MatthewStarbuck#0187, probably nicknamed Vote C Fairy. Who knows, it might just end up being featured in the panel!

Check back tomorrow for Episode 16! 

Omake and Propaganda Time!


If you all want an Omake, bait panel to say funny things. Heh. 

If you want propaganda, send me propaganda. Twitter is linked. Discord is linked. :) 


This week's propaganda is from Aelana on Discord (G11), and @OnilRod on Twitter, (Filtering)



Aelana's G11 B-ed propaganda.

OnilRod's meme.

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