Theater II Betting Episode 19: Reckoning


You know that those are fake right?

Day 18 After Action Report

Day 18
A deal is a deal. Get over here.
Resistance is futile.


I am more critically damaged than AR15 post-Chapter 5.
The one time I trusted Luma. I think I can kiss Top 100 goodbye now. Inb4 triple A loss.

Oh! I forgot to introduce the next guest. Welcome Etrikia to the panel as a guest for the remainder of Theater II. She is the (creative director?) for GFL: Tomorrow, with you, which is a VN, which one the Community Content Contest back in the spring. 

Ceia did it this time. A lost twice. EN adapted. Need to actually think to stay one step ahead of them now.
I only listen to M200 bot. M200 is 9-0 for me. I am 7-2.
I thought it was sealed your fate because you can't spell "pen" without EN.

Day 19 Discussion

Matt, can we order Paragon to snap Brekkie? He has baited us too many times. He must join the ranks of the Ghosts of Voting Past.
I like to pretend that I am a "somewhat" forgiving host. If Brekkie baits the panel again, I will snap preila and Camilla over here and have them snap him into Oblivion. He can join Ceia as the Ghost of Vote A Present.
I am coming back to the A-rmrest with open A-rms!
Absolutely not. Filthy C-hairer. Go join Matt at the C-lub.
Leave me to my C-obalt Velvet.

Matt, I have to admit defeat. I am unable to pull Suomi. I have drained my rations to 329 units, my contracts down to 1. I recite my surrender.

Admission of Defeat

 I, DrParagon, in-game ID, DrParagon on the EN server, acknowledge that before the major event "Theater 2", I was young and foolish and unknowing of my limits. When seeing that there were many stages to beat, that many comps were being implemented, and that I could experience the pleasure of doing core 8, I danced in happiness and inflated my expectations. Without any understanding of the difficulty of the event, I didn't think it would be particularly difficult. This wasn't self-deception; I simply didn't understand the true nature of Girls' Frontline as a grim, dark, hardcore tactical micromanagement game, and, without grinding levels, stockpiling resources, modding dolls, leveling fairies, or leveling HOCs, I proclaimed my expectations of the ease with which I would take a dump on this event. Now, my progress has bogged down, my SAN points have dropped off a cliff, and I can't even properly copy the guides posted by the dalaos. I recognize that I lack intelligence, have poor micro skills, and am both lazy and cowardly. After having my head bashed in by the enemy tanks, I now deeply understand that the gap between me and the dalaos is as far as the distance between Aiur and Argus. With no way to continue beat Matt in this event, I sign this admission of defeat of my own free will. I acknowledge that I am a coward and an imbecile, will never boast about my performance before events again, will silently accept it when others call me a salty fish, will never loudly participate in debates, will never again call ST-AR 15 my waifu again. As above, I sign this admission of defeat. 

Signed: DrParagon 2020/08/23


Imagine the Panel forgetting to run theater. How could this have happened?
Blame summer event for people dropping off and giving up. Too much to do per day
Theater III gets new enemies though. Good luck then EN.


Day 19 Predictions
Diggus A Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao
Kirahuang B eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Lego A game
Maybe A
BLT A So C can win next reset.
Blount A Between A-aair, B-bair, and C-chair, I'm picking A-aair because this meme is stupid and I'm not sure why we even came up with it.
Coin C 我和我的waifu estamos baracho
Duck A <<Panelist with the 3 neutrals>>
Duke C C Chairing today and tomorrow
Hassium A You expected more math but it was me! A brainlet! Also, forgot to do my runs yesterday, fuck me I'm padding hard.
Paragon A Ceia got Pen'd.
Destination A This is a test to see how smart EN actually is
Matt C Pray to the Ghost of Vote C Past.

Propaganda Time


Duck at the direction of Matt.

Closing Remarks

For those who missed our streams on Twitch

I would make sure you try an join us soon for my OhImEN core 8. 

You can go watch some of the stream highlights - mainly of me being OhImEn. 

Make sure you remember to do both runs, send all available drones, and send your daily CBT submission! As for investing in infrastructure... I think you know what to actually do by this point.

Don't forget to also send me your propaganda and your scouted zone and reason on Twitter (@GandKTV) or on Discord (MatthewStarbuck#0187, probably nicknamed Vote C Fairy. Who knows, it might just end up being featured in the panel!

Check back tomorrow for Episode 20!

We are almost done with Theater II boys. The final stretch!

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