Theater II Betting Episode 22.5: Trial by Fire

Last time on Theater II Betting Panel

Cleista's C-Phone 11 rings. He answers.
Cleista? Can you hear me?
Yes, What can I help with.
Bring the panel to me. Prepare the conference room. It is time...
Yes, Hakurai. It will be done.

At Gamepress Headquarters

Jeez Paragon, how about you be a little more gentle with your Heliport Liberation next time, damn.
Not my fault. Parachutes are more susceptible to wake turbulence.
Don't play flight simulator Paragon.
Damn it, Paragon.
Ah yes, The OhImEN Panel is here! Welcome to Gamepress HQ!
I cannot figure out how to use this Alarm clock thing, ugh.
This is all because MICA refuses to give UMP40 a mod. If that's the case, I'll do it myself. I'll even sacrifice (GFL) god!
Oh! Hey guys!
So this is the OhImEN panel...interesting bunch. Two alcoholics, some expensive fodder, walking feet, a bad chef, an angry Russian, a cake addict, a pizza addict, the Tax Evading Birb, and wonder you are the OhImEN Panel.
The Staff and the Panel walk down a long hall to the Conference room. In the hall, the faint sound of music breaks the awkward silence. that Trigger?
It sounds like it. Have you all not seen the Echoes album that was dropped this week?
I have not had a moment to listen to them, no. Maybe I should do that.
AR15's is good. so is AK-12's.
Ah yes, the Conference room. Everyone take a seat.
So...let us discuss the Panel. Shall we?
The feedback is...overall...actually...huh...well, this is surprising. Of the almost 300 responses to the survey, an overwhelming 73% of respondents indicate that we should renew the panel. Most of the feedback comments are very positive, with a few advocating for longer episodes, or for you to host a Brazil Panel, and blend in the remaining Dalao Panel and go to war to see who can read EN the best. I would recommend calling that Brazil Panel, but that is just my thoughts.
But OhImEN panel already scored higher than Dalao Panel did in terms of the Majority's accuracy, adjusted for the difference in numbers.
You are telling me that Brainlets actually beat the Dalaos at something?
It appears that the Dalaos failed to out EN the true spirit of EN, the Brainlets.
The drunker we are, the more accurate we are.
Speaking of renewals...can we discuss the budget?
I told you not to unionize.
That was before we ended up having to build an entire base in the middle of Brazil! We need resources to get us ready for Theater III, mainly rations, and Karmotrine...plenty of Karmotrine. I think a 6% increase in Karmotrine budget and a 15% general budget increase to cover the costs of building other buildings in the base for us. I mean, we are building from scratch. guys are getting paid?
Not when you get all [REDACTED] and lose all of the ad revenue.
That and besides our Base in Brazil budget, and the transportation costs for those of you who are building a mini-base ten minutes away in Poland, the rest goes straight to the booze fund.
Can we name the base S69?
So I guess you are not a big fan of me either huh? Is it the white text on bright backgrounds?
Why is Ari screaming?
What is this, Ghostbusters?
Ari, calm down, Brekkie is a good ghost. Except when he baits EN.


I will approve the budget requests, if you refrain from the pens next time, heh. How does this contract look?

Theater III Betting Panel Preview Poster

Closing Remarks

Tune in tomorrow for Episode 23, as we interview the OhImEN Panel about how they feel about Theater II!
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