Theater II Betting Episode 23: S09's Favorite Show


In the Gamepress Conference Room

Theater is over boys. You know what that means! Reflection time! So let us talk about what we did, what went wrong, and everything else. First question: Based on the final performance chart, how did you feel about your reconnaissance?
It was alright, I guess.
What the heck do you mean "alright", the guy who does not play EN *cough you cough* BEAT EN....AT OUR OWN GAME.
I did absolutely nothing. Now, give me my sanity back.
I memed way too hard with my first half votes.
EN surely shocked me with the AAAAA streak, that was some crazy stuff. Besides that, I messed up my own scores by not trusting my choices initially.
Okay, I guess. I could have done better. This was definitely an improvement over Theater I.
Great. 14 wins, three losses. A-rmrest pulled through.
I guess that carpal tunnel from the drawing helped you in the end, eh?
Damn, I was top 50% of the panel? Gaming. I did a lot better than I expected, but a lot worse than I hoped for.
I do not have a chart, but in my heart, I'm the best.
I think my scouting based on M200's choice was pretty good in the second half. (11-1-0) even though people think I rigged it in my favor, as usual.
We will be right back, after this commercial break.

After the break

What do you think caused EN's change of patterns, and what did you do to predict and outthink EN?
I sat B-bed.
Not talking about my votes to the panel definitely helped.
I do not think EN changed their behavior, but I think it was more due to the C win on Day 1. This exposed EN to a suddenly new situation, leading to the unforeseen consequences of their actions. When analyzing data, only considering the last 1-2 days is very important as the community is very shortsighted, even in foreign.
Whenever EN deviated from the pattern, it was because EN slowly recognized the pattern, and then tried to out-think itself. "Surely, A cannot win a FIFTH time...." Part of it was also a result of Theater I, especially with the C meme win on Day 1.
The A win streak so early overloaded EN's collective one braincell. Quack.
En had fewer effective participants: this means fewer reactionary voters this time in proportion to the people who try to think and vote the opposite of the reactionary voters. their collective memory is also really short. C-Chair"s remained steady and it really became clear that EN defaults to B in times of crisis and doubt. Honestly, it doesn't even matter. I got my 5* AT4. unlike you, Matt.
EN's D3 rolls landed on different areas this time. During Core stages, I mostly tried to apply what happened in Theater 1, with a bit of Vote C. Did not work out well.
EN began to learn the common trends, A not losing twice, not voting C the first day) and that caused a shift, especially near the end. A is still the most dangerous bet and people were likely to hedge their wagers on a possible C win, or just chill on B which overall had a better score.
Looking at the graphs from previous Theater's and Foreign for patterns and compared them to the previous day's results to line up what might happen in the future. It was not that difficult and worked more than 60% of the time. But do not tell anyone that, they might learn to read in the future. It also was that we had a lot of newer players coming in from the other events we have had between Theater 1 and 2, and being locked to earlier stages of Core and Easy levels, you can see how a Vote C = More Points = Most Good mentality can form. Older players only got better and were able to vote smarter and CE stack harder. Resulting in a very heavy final ranking difference.
EN's patterns did not change that much. The method I used in Theater I is still fairly reliable and taking into account some additional factors could make it better come Theater III. Similar to Diggus, I only considered the previous 2-3 days and tried to consider the likihood of certain events based on C's Neutral or Loss state. Lots of new players joined during CbT, and so they were not as prepared for Theater II as most of those that took part in Theater I were. This resulted in a large, early filtering.
Most obnoxious of them all was the whole "No Drones to send for Core Day 1", but aside from that, it felt normal. I tried to predict which would lose instead of win.
People knowing how to think in more than 2 layers and not just the one layer back in Theater I. Filling my brain with nonsense and rolling the dice between two choices that make the most sense, and sticking with the dice helped me a lot.

Speed Round

OK! Speed round time! Listen to the GFL Echo's Album and rank the songs Favorite to Least Favorite. Go!
  1. Hagane
  2. Add ME
  3. Clandestine Memory
  4. Follow Me!!
  5. Volchiy Klyk
  6. Kliatva
  7. Honto no Sakusen
  8. Trigger
  9. Sweet Guardian
  10. Alles OK!
  11. Izayuke Kiyoki, Kawayuku.
  12. Utsukushiku.
  1. They're
  2. All
  3. Probably
  4. Pretty
  5. Good
  6. But
  7. I
  8. Don't
  9. Care
  10. Plz
  11. Understand.
1. Trigger 2. Hagane 3. Alles OK! 4. Follow me★!! 5. Add ME 6. Clandestine Memory 7. Volchiy klyk 8. Kliatva 9. Honto no Sakusen 10. Izayuke! Kiyoku, Kawayuku, Utsukushiku 11. Sweet Guardian
1) Hagane (star) 2) Clandestine Memory (45/40) 3) Honto no Sakusen (5-7) 3) volchiy klik (ak12) 4) Kliatva (an94) 5) trigger (416) 6) spotify ads happened and i cant skip so
1: Trigger 2: Hagane 3:「add ME」 4: Clandestine Memory 5: Kliatva 6: Volchiy klyk 7: Honto no Sakusen 8: Follow me★ 9: Alles Ok! 10: Sweet Guardian 11: I'm not even entertaining this one.
1. AR-15 2. AN-94 3. 416 4. AK-12 5. 5-7 6. 416/G11 7. UMP45/40 8. SPAS-12 9. type 100 10. MDR 11. SOP Get Rekt Redditors.

Closing Remarks

Well folks, I think that is about all we have for now. Go ahead and make sure you follow us on Twitter @GandKTV for news on Theater III's panel and check out our Youtube for some pretty nice memes! 

Theater II "Megamake" Videos by GaigeDaMech

Our boy Gaige made a Video MegaMake of the Discord channels we use to make the panel! Enjoy!

Theater III Betting Panel Preview Poster

Theater III Poster

Courtesy of GaigeDaMech

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