Theater II Betting Episode 3: Newton's Third Law

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I wonder if enough people read this to the point that I don't need to tell people about the tap/hover functionality anymore.

Day 2 After Action Report

At least we are back to normal. It should be :Redacted:
I agree.
Fuck. Just when I wanted to go to B-ed.
They could always flip to :Redacted: too. Just a thought. EN is EN afterall.
Now I don't know who to vote for but hey... A WIN LETS TUCKCKTIIGMGBG GOOOOOOOO
A sprees are common in EN after a C win if I remember correctly.
Don't give them ideas.
Then don't put them in the panel.
We have to tell Matt that.
Yikes. I got burnt by C-Chair.
As expected of a C-chair-er.
As you should be.
Shut the fuck up, the M14 never fought in a war.
Desti, it's been in multiple wars, but okay.
Fuck you too, Desti.
My gigabrain managed to figure this out and my brain is now big enough to be considered ... normal
I use my brain to justify the wrong answer so smol brain gang
Speaking of losing...where is Matt? Matt, wake the fuck up Samurai, you have an episode to transcribe. No time to be drunk now.
Wake the hell up.
I'm up. I'm up. Let me grab my pen. WAIT FUCK...I C-CHAIRED. KILL ME.
At least your hard work lets Cleista use this time a lot more productively, right?

Hmm, I wonder how I can make UMP45's hair not clip through her face in this MMD...

Day 3 Discussion

Before we get into the fun part, let us recap just how fucked I am. Not only in terms of this panel, but in the theater rankings. Currently 69th Percentile. :pottis: 

RIP Matt


Matt, what happened?
Let's not talk about that, eh?
I wonder how much EN will agree with this trend.

To seriously analyze this, I think we are in an awkward position here. Let me explain.

  • Historically in foreign servers, if A wins by less than 26%, and it is after a C win, A goes on a streak
  • If that win is 27% or higher, B usually takes the next win. 

Yesterday was 26.4%.

Oh I see the problem there. That does make this harder. 

It is anyone's guess here. EN is EN. It could be the outlier and give us another C-win, making history; EN already did that a few times in Theater 1. 

Basically, if it's close enough, people are like: "A can't possibly win again" Alright, go get incredibly biased sample sizes from theater conversations...see if they're convinced it'll be an A win or B will reign Then we'll have our answer.
I would take :Redacted: personally. But :Redacted: is reasonable too. It is really 60/40, :Redacted: and :Redacted:.

I swear to god Ceia I'm gonna exorcise you if you keep redacting your picks. 

It really is a coinflip. Speaking of Coinflip...
- choose a;b;c
- choose a;b;c


- choose a;b;c
How do you get three of the same rolls like that? Rigged. Anyways. I think I should introduce our first guest to the panel! Join me in saying hi to Nathan!

Why do you get the HD version of UMP40? No fair. 

I feel like I should say welcome to hell. At least no one died, right?
I'm dead inside.
Doesn't count.
You know, that C rebound reminds me of something I learned in school. Something about equal and opposite forces.

When one option in Theater wins by a large percentage, the second day it will be pushed back by a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to however much it won by.

- Sir Isaac Newton, 1687

That's not what I remember Newton's Third Law being. Do you think C chair will happen again?
I doubt it, honestly.
Does that mean C Voters will move to A, or B?

I feel C voters will move to B, so it is either A or C that will win.

How did I arrive at this hypothesis? "Don't think, feel."

C Chair happening again is about as likely as UMP40 getting a mod in CN.
See, my head is empty as of now. Since EN doesn't think, that means I am hypothesizing from EN's perspective and I must be right.
I think that's where your mistake is: you think EN doesn't think but EN actually does think.
Well, obviously, a good amount of EN reads at least.
So Nathan, what does the average EN fellow think when he decides to send 24 drones.
Wait, EN thinks?
Are they chasing numbers or is there a brain cell or two in that noggin. MATTTTTTT. THE NUMBERS.
Desti, EN by some miracle used 1% of #gf-mainroom's brainpower to even realize there is a + button to send drones.
Fuck it, time for C-Chad memes again.
Quite honestly, I am thinking A will win Day 3, and B on Day 4.
C-A-C is something that has not happened yet, across 4 Theaters on 6 servers, as far as I am aware.
Never discount the EN-factor.


Day 3 Predictions
Blount A At this point, I'm expecting a string of A wins.TBH, as I rewatch Haiyore Nyaruko-san for the umpteenth time in my life, I am reminded of the inevitable Heat Death of the Universe ever encroaching on our existence. How long will humanity last? Will remnants of our presence remain until the end? Perhaps there will be some of us to see it through? Why does EN continue to raise the entropy of the Universe, making the end of existence approach ever faster? We may never truly know.
BLT A What is EN without a streak of A wins?
Ceia Myaaaa EN pls
Coin A Coinflip's guide to Coinflipping. Also supported by the data. People're gonna flock back to C, or, I mean, listen, I need one more day to figure ourselves out.
Destination A Well, seeing as I tried and failed to adapt to EN's change of area, I need to change along with EN.
Diggus B "But nobody voted C right?" -Coin
Duck A I asked my mom to pick a random number between 1 and 3, and she picked 1
Duke B My dice roller that got me through last time keeps rolling C, but I'm rushing B like a damn CSGO player. The sample size is small, and the votes difficult for me to predict. Programming is my forte, not statistics.
Hassium A If there's somethin' strange, in your theater / Who A gonna call? Ghostbusters! / If it's somethin' weird A it won't look good / Who A gonna call? Ghostbusters! / I ain't afraid A no ghost. / I ain't afraid A no ghost. / If you're seein' propaganda, runnin' thru your head. / Who can you call? Ghostbusters! / A invisible Ceia sleepin' in your bed. / Oh who A gonna call? Ghostbusters! / I ain't afraid A no ghost. / I ain't afraid A no ghost. / Who A gonna call? Ghostbusters! / If you're A Alone, pick up A phone. / A call Ghostbusters! / I ain't afraid A no ghost, / I hear it likes the C. / I ain't afraid A no ghost, / Who A gonna call? Ghostbusters!
Lego C gameing
Matt A This is where EN becomes predictable again. This happened in theater I, the Great C Shift. We now return to regularly scheduled programming.
Maybe A insert funny copypaste here
Kirahuang A Quack
Arkeyy B Please vote B so I can win.Thanks


From the Audience

Yesterday, I asked on the GFEN Discord, via the @GandKTV Twitter, and on the GFL subreddit for the EN Community to share with us the zone they were scouting, and why.

Today, I want to share a few of those responses. First, let me start with Reddit! Welcome to the new section of the panel that I am calling "From the Audience".

reddit 2Reddit 1

Now it is time for a couple posts from Twitter!

Want to share your vote with EN? Have a meme to show EN? Drop it on the Reddit Thread@ me on Twitter, or pong me on Discord (MatthewStarbuck#0187) I can be found on the GFEN Discord, or in GFC (Nickname is usually Vote C Fairy) I also lurk in /gfg/ call me out there and maybe I'll see your memes too. 

You didn't lurk long enough if you think saying that is going to turn out well. 

Also, have a bonus meme courtesy of me about Ceia and his propaganda from Theater I.

Closing Remarks

Well there you have it. The Panel rigged it. A is our landslide victory....which means A is basically a loss for tomorrow - unless EN actually learned something. 

Don't be an idiot like me, and make sure you remember to do both runs, send all available drones, and send your daily CBT submission

Don't forget to also send me your propaganda and your scouted zone and reason on Twitter (@GandKTV) or on Discord (MatthewStarbuck#0187, probably nicknamed Vote C Fairy, or on the Subreddit. Who knows, it might just end up being featured in the panel!

Check back tomorrow for Episode 4! 

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