Theater II Betting Episode 5: EN's Box

Maybe I should deep fry the title card to reflect everyone's state of mind right now. 

Day 4 After Action Report




Huh, so 23% was still too low even for an almost unanimous vote from the panel to hype it up.


Today is the last day A wins.

Remember what I said yesterday? B is going to be tomorrow's winner.

The question now is, when will A drop down?

"Surely is A can't win right? hohoho, people won't vote A so I vote A"

C voters are losing as usual.

The only reason I voted c was because I'm not straying from the strat. 

Look at how well "previous lose" worked out last theater. Last time I said I'd do a strategy and then I didn't, and that bit me in the ass HARD.

Turns out if I'm thinking of ditching a particular scouting region, then everybody else probably is thinking the same thing. So it ends up winning and my points go poof. 

Okay, now here comes the B win. Source: Dude trust me.
It is a coin flip now. 50/50 shots for tomorrow.
Did someone say Coinflip?

We abouta see virgin calculated vote vs. chad coinflip strategy.

Welcome to SchrodingerEN's Box. A is both alive and dead and only by opening it will we find out.

Day 5 Discussion

Feeling better Matt? Time to Vote?

Yes, let's vote.

By the way, whatever the hell I drank last night really knocked my ass out. I still feel it. Shit.

What did I even craft? A 2521 cocktail? For some reason the drink looked like it had a parachute fairy in it... 

I blame Paragon.

I honestly thought B would lose, considering how C lost 2 times already - so they'd flock to B for the points. 

As it is now, B will win with C neutral and A loss.

Ceia, Ceia, on C-chair, what zone is least scouted, of them all?
-choose a;b;c
The bot hath spoken.

Theater 1 - Pages upon pages of discussion, maths, psychology, and game theory about how EN could be using old data across multiple foreign servers

Theater 2 - -choose a,b

I've been basing my predictions 100% on instinct, and it's had a 75% success rate. 

I continue my shitty theater scouting.
Oh yeah, welcome to dead last by the way.

IT WILL IMPROVE! It'll get better. Trust me I will come out on top eventually.

All I need is one nice, big, juicy, C win, but I know that if I actually Vote C, that will not happen at all. 

Yeah you know what? I'll go with the 2.5 IQers on this one. Quad A shouldn't happen.
Quint A happened once in Theater I. Watch it happen again.
I think it's 60% B win, 30% A win, 10% C win; maybe 50/40/10, since we're EN.
I voted C again. Do you think C will neutral?
We are confident that A will not win tomorrow, but factoring EN into the question was hard, even for Dalao Panel.

But C does have a chance.

Plus, quint A in Theater 1 happened when Day 4 had C neutral - that is not likely to be the case here. 

There are a lot of people thinking that C has a chance, so it probably won't happen.
I will continue to ride with the previous loser, as that idea got pretty high in Theater I.
Wait are we going to Haiku the votes?
I am not a poet, but maybe some people can try.


Day 5 Predictions
Paragon B I mean, A is definitely losing considering how the C voters will flock to A thinking it'd win again. A lose, B win, C neutral.
Kirahuang A 🤽🏿‍♀️🏌🏻
Diggus B :yegorNice:
Maybe B trust
Coin A ??? The coin is drunk but again, hasn't failed me yet. To be honest though I'm kinda expecting a spike in B so, yeah. I think the other brainlets might call me dumb but listen. Yes, in our internal chat we discussed A streaks after C, but based on EN thinking, I'm expecting a high flock to B for the people trying to outsmart everyone. Look at the CBT Data, after all. Participants of CBT vote differently to the greater community.
Destination B C Chair threw me out onto the B Bed. I'm honestly curious, we've had since Theatre 1 for players to learn how scouting works, what strategies you should use against EN, and what voting patterns out of those results you should use against the previous day's results. Yet it appears every time C loses, people get obliterated by their losses, when there exists plenty of drones and resources for how to vote. It couldn't possibly be that EN would stagnate their knowledge of scouting and strategising only to get obliterated when the next day's results come in and it's A C loss, right?
Duke B Here I roll my dice / To get great results I seek / The dice went with B
Lego C voting for previous loss fucking sucks god i hate this it worked so well last theater and it doesnt anymoreoh well. still sticking to it.
Destination B I sat on C Chair / Burnt my ass like hell, it did / Make B Bed, I will.
BLT B Bro pls trust me bro,I wasn’t right the last time,But I might be now.
Duck C Wait, it's all A wins? / Ceia slowly draws his gun / Yep, always has been.
Hassium B 0 IQ: C.1 & 2 IQ goes A.3 IQ gang rise.
Arkeyy B A couldnt win 4 times right? Hohoho people think of that, then people will vote A cause no one vote A, so it will get most vote
Blount A I have Awakened my Third Eye
Matt B EN has caught on. We must adapt. C chair is still C-Chair.

How to Take On Doppels with BLT

Oh wait, we’re still in Hard 6 which probably means I should tell people how to kill those Doppels.

Okay so if you’re fighting against an enemy that has 150 armor, almost 10000 HP, and uses attacks that are basically guaranteed to fuck up anything that gets hit by it. Unless you know what you're doing and brought M4 cannon, do not bring an ARSMG to that fight.

MGSG is out too, since the MGs are going to have most of their shots eaten by the adds or the Doppels’ 100% shields before your BGM lands the first shot.

So what do you bring? RFHG+BGM or AT4 if you were around for Theater 1 and you’ve been developing it since.

Self-buffer RFs (and GrapeCano) are going to work better due to not being garbage charge shots (manual skill may be needed).

For HGs, if your DPS isn't high enough, please stop bringing your Welrod/Makarov to fight enemies such as Doppels due to their skills not doing anything useful against these specific enemies. They’re pretty much just liabilities in these fights due to offering only a tile buff and no offensive skill.

You can look at this video from kfourit to see how to deal with those gundams. You can do it with 2 RF or just M4A1 by herself, it's a pretty flexible team.

The more offensively-buffing HG you have, the easier the clear gets. 

You know that HS2000 everyone was foaming at the mouth for?

Yeah, you can add her in. For the trade-off of a DPS buff at 6 seconds, you can have a team-wide shield. It can easily buy you sometime if you need it.

"But Hass I didn't raise my HS2000 or my p22 or my nagant or my Tec9 or my taunt/twin"

Well sucks to suck doesn't it. Bring grape

But I’m honestly curious, we’ve had since Theater 1 for players to learn how new enemies work, what comps you should use against them, and what dolls out of those comps you should use against what enemy.

Yet it appears every time this event opens, people get obliterated by these Doppels, when there exist plenty of resources and guides for how to kill them.

It couldn’t possibly be that EN would stagnate their knowledge of teambuilding and counterpicking only to get obliterated when content begins requiring new strategies and teams, right?

I think it's just new players picking up the game in the months in between, or casual players forgetting tutorials from a few months ago. Not a big deal, that's why guide websites exist. 

Closing Remarks

I'd place my Bets that B takes the cake on this one.

Don't be an idiot like me, and make sure you remember to do both runs, send all available drones, and send your daily CBT submission!

Don't forget to also send me your propaganda and your scouted zone and reason on Twitter (@GandKTV) or on Discord (MatthewStarbuck#0187, probably nicknamed Vote C Fairy. Who knows, it might just end up being featured in the panel! Check back tomorrow for Episode 6! 


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