Theater II Betting Episode 6: ENhancement

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Hope you didn't run Easy today before checking the guide

Day 5 After Action Report

Day 5

I've lost faith in EN. 

This happened in Theater 1, how can it happen again in Theater 2??

I thought they learned. I swore EN learned after taking Day 1 as proof. 

You thought EN would learn? History is just repeating itself.
I'm so bad at reading EN, I think I need to go to the library.
I wonder if EN just stagnated and it will be 14 more days of A.

It can't be that bad, can it? I mean, it's 40 points vs 60 points.

Yeah it stings for anyone fighting for the top 100, but brainlets like Matt are fine so long as he can get top 30%.

(Although I bet Matt is kicking himself for not being able to get to top 15% for the 5* AT4 all because he went night-night and missed two runs.)

The question is if we'll make it to penta A now. 

Don't ask me, my win rate has dropped to 50%.

Want me to mix you a few more paradrops so I can ENhance your rarity? 

I don't know if that's even going to make a difference.

Here you go. 

I'm calling it now though, A wins again because everyone leaves A; B spikes, and C chills. 

Matt, if that happens I'm gonna commit a whole bunch of warcrimes via paradrop. 

I'm not sure if I should be surprised by this or be in awe of the fact that Cleista's neural network predicted this outcome. 

It's either spot on or horribly wrong. Today just happened to be a day where it wasn't horribly wrong.

Lads, I think I'm gonna walk out of this with a 4-star AT4 at this rate. 

Theater Handholding with BLT

Oh hey. We got to Hard 8 - that means a new scary enemy.


Nah, those aren't until we reach late into the Core stages. I'm talking about the Tarantula/Manticore wave. 

These Tarantula/Manticore waves...they’re quite dangerous without the right setup, because the Tarantulas are hiding behind meatshields. 

With some good team-building, you can still kill them fairly easily. At least assuming you don’t get six or more of them in the same run today.

First, there’s the RFHG + Airstrike fairy option.

This one is the most accessible option for most players due to just needing an RFHG team (which you should have if you’re this far into Theater anyway), and an Airstrike fairy.

  • Yes, even an SL1 Airstrike works with killing off every single Tarantula.

This comp will however demand some decent kiting skills to avoid being critically damaged by the tarantulas, so if your device is laggy (or you’re bad at micro), you might want to consider the next option.

As an alternative, there’s the ARSMG + Taunt + 2B14 team. You can also bring AGS-30 or AT4 as additional insurance if your 2B14 targets the wrong enemies.

This one is pretty simple: stall the Manticores with your Taunt fairy (SL10 can buy you about six seconds), which lets your AR skills activate. Kite your SMGs when the taunt dummy falls.

If your DPS is low, P90 (were you expecting C-MS?) deserves special mention for her holograms which can continue stalling the Manticores after the taunt dummy falls. There do exist some perfectly useful comps to use against this wave, and I would suggest you play around with your own armory and find a comp that works best for you. (That’s what that free retreat is for, anyway. Probably.)

For a visual example, feel free to check out these Advanced 8 clear videos! They're posted in the main guide as well. 

Day 6 Discussion

What is it now?
What is happening to me?

Oh, you finally got enough EXP from the scouting and the Paradrop drink to rank up to three stars. 

You're now a viable stat stick. 

So what happened on EN after quad A? It wasn't a C win, that's for sure. 

B won. 

EN could outplay itself very hard and cause A to win again though. 

Does that mean C went neutral? 

Doesn't anyone check my Theater spreadsheet anymore?

Lego, are we gonna stick to the "previous loss" strategy? 

He's in the red my dude, you sure that's a viable strategy? 

Every time I cast a vote for C by following that strategy, I die inside a little bit. 

Looking at Theater 1, things actually don't tend to lose twice in a row unless it's C, and a C loss doesn't lose that many points. 

So your theory actually won a lot in the long run. It just sucked this time. 

You know what, I feel like tomorrow is actually gonna be B. 

for real this time

Honestly, same here.

I'm scrapping my dupe AN94 if A wins again.

I'm throwing my phone in the lake if A wins again tomorrow.

It was way too close today.

What usually happens when votes are that close? 30%+ everything?

I'll consult the coindex. 

I'm confiscating your coinflipping guide

Why do you need a guide when you can just do this? 

KR had a 33/33/33 split for scouting once. 

That's different. KR reaches 33% for all based on mindgames, EN reaches 33% for all from sheer dumb luck.

C chair is tired of losing, and A voters don't believe A can win five days in a row.

So people will leave C and A for B and you know what happens next. All that's left is the chair. 

I'm leaning towards C neutral, making C a good bet. 

I’m thinking either A gets a quint with B loss (because everyone thinks B wins next), or B actually wins and A loses.

That does mean C goes neutral either way.

I mean at this point I'm so unsure that like, fuck making a decision.

A for memes.


Closing Remarks

I lost my Bets yesterday but surely B bed will pay off this time.

B bed is comfy. 

Don't be an idiot like me, and make sure you remember to do both runs, send all available drones, and send your daily CBT submission!

Don't forget to also send me your propaganda and your scouted zone and reason on Twitter (@GandKTV) or on Discord (MatthewStarbuck#0187, probably nicknamed Vote C Fairy. Who knows, it might just end up being featured in the panel! Check back tomorrow for Episode 6! 


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