Theater II Betting Episode 7: ScrAAAAApped

The summer event starts tomorrow, but Theater doesn't end!

Remember to do both each day!

15 Minutes Ago...

If A wins, I will scrap my oathed Five-Seven.
I am waiting for the A win right now.

The Present (Day 6 After Action Report)

Title Card
Leaves room
Oh. I gotta scrap Five-Seve... I GOTTA SCRAP FIVE-SEVEN
I have to throw my phone in a lake.
Alright guys, pack it up. Time to delete Brainlet Panel.
-remind me 24h throw phone in lake

I will remind Maybe to throw phone in lake in 1d 0h 0m. 

The A streak ends here. 

Or does it?!

EN too fucking smart. It outsmarted itself.

Maybe we need to think of it as "EN, how do I become dumb?"

To make my day worse, I just got ten pills from my stupid logistics officer.

Go to Hell, Kalina. 

You would like to investigate Gates of Hell? Sure thing!

Wait that's not what I m-

I have to scrap my AN94 dupe now. 

Just kill me. 

I have lost my words, as well as my faith in EN.

Think about it, the other day and yesterday, we were predicting A to fall down.

So we were thinking of voting for B right? But the problem is, we aren't the only ones; there were going to be a lot more people thinking and anticipating it too for the last 2 days.

We would like to offer half-off Fringe Weavers for any EN commanders impacted by this catastrophe. 

I need a drink.
This can be arranged.

Day 7 Discussion

This reminds me of Day 17 in Theater I, when EN forgot about C and enough C-chairers were getting sick of losing and fled to A and B and C came in and got the win.

I remember the salt that day; I got a nice C win out of it too. 

People are calling EN brainlets when they can't break A-streak, but in reality, too many people were trying to outsmart it by voting B instead (since they knew its gonna break).

In the end, proactive thinking backfired with too many "smart" people voting for B, causing it to get the majority. 

A is just gonna win a 6th time.
This feels more like a game of chicken. What are the odds of A losing?

If you think the majority of EN is on one layer of thought, then you should either step back or be 1 step forward.

Why can’t we be like KR?
Do you really want to be like KR?
I guess we're not dead, so that's a plus.

Excuse me, I have information that may lead to Cleista Celeste's arrest. 

The accused is suspected of first degree meme theft from @kionkun1.

How do you plead?

What do you mean? It's a meme, it's supposed to be r-

The court finds the defendant GUILTY on all charges and recommend sentencing via shipping to Brazil. 

Oh come on he watermarked it, so I think... NO get your hands off me, I don't wanna go to Brazil, I don't deserv-


At least the rest of Dalao Panel will be there to pick Cleista up. Maybe. 

I just woke up. Who won?
Take a guess.
5th time in a row.
God damn it Desti, stop typing faster than me.
Maybe you shouldn't have picked something with a 5 turn cooldown.
Okay I'm calling it here, EN is in its own limbo.
Elaborate for us.

Everyone and their mom is shocked at the fact the we hit quad A, and then penta A.

We've been memeing this result since day 4, so now everyone is caught in a dilemma.

"There is absolutely no way A wins a sixth time", they'll think; but look where that got us for the fifth A win.

After the Quint A, a B loss, and C neutral, I expect people to start dog-piling A out of spite.
I know where I am going. Straight to C-Chair.
I guess Theater II being pretty much a rerun of Theater I is true on all fronts.

Why do we bother analyzing EN? We don't need to.

We control EN.

Fire the propaganda cannons. 

Propaganda Time!

Today's Propaganda was submitted by Nine#4958

Also...let me drink my sorrows away...Drunk


From the Audience


Closing Remarks

It A-ppears to be another A recommendation from the panel! Let us see if A can tie with Foreign's Streak Record of 6!

Don't be an idiot like me, and make sure you remember to do both runs, send all available drones, and send your daily CBT submission!

Don't forget to also send me your propaganda and your scouted zone and reason on Twitter (@GandKTV) or on Discord (MatthewStarbuck#0187, probably nicknamed Vote C Fairy. Who knows, it might just end up being featured in the panel! Check back tomorrow for Episode 6! 

Check back tomorrow for Episode 8!


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