Theater II Betting Episode 8.5: From Brazil with Love

Wait..where is everyone? What the heck happened?

A Few Moments Ago..

Matt! Catch!
Wait wha...

Paragon throws Corsage's Gauntlet to Matthew, but Matthew is too drunk and the Gauntlet falls and hits the ground. The Gauntlet begins to glow. 

Paragon, what the fuck did you do!

The Gauntlet glows a bright red, before teleporting the Panel to a wooded wilderness. 

Where are we?
Do we have visitors?

Wait...Corsage? Guys...It's Brazil...

Always has been.
Wait, what is this.
Wait who are you all?
Wait, why am I a ghost?
You all have a Parachute as your Panel's fairy?
At least I have dynamic enhancement.

After settling in...

So basically, Paragon sent us to Brazil when he chucked the Gauntlet at me.
At least there are some other Brainlets to talk too for now. It gets lonely.
I still don't get it.
Basically, Yuzu's head horny. My head empty. I apparently activated the Green stone which triggered Brazil. So we are here now.
Kwespell is in Boliva somewhere. Arcus went to Chile for a bit. The Corsage you are seeing is actually the Ghost of Corsage believe it or not.
So what have you all been up too?
We play OJ and Minecraft to determine our theater bets. Our accuracy is up 50% so far - a shocking total to be fair.
So I would like to ask... What is it like here in Brazil anyways Was the ride here bumpy?
I blame Yuzu. He was the one doing donuts.
How does one do donuts in a plane....
Actually, on second thought, give me enough Jack and I can do it.

Back in S09's Theater Island

Why is Corsage's Gauntlet laying on the that a Paradrop....?
These Brainlets...ugh. Time to go find them.

Back in Brazil

...So that is basically how we are debating playing Cursed Halo and Russian Roulette to determine our scouting zones.
Sounds like a good idea honestly. Our Minecraft simulator has a pretty good accuracy so far if we do say so ourselves.
Cleista appears out of no where in the panel's campfire.
I prefer my Shrimp fried, not roasted, thank you very much.
I hate to ruin the fun, but this is not the time to play. We have an episode to write, votes to cast, Core 1 to fail....Matt..... anyways, we have work to do guys. We can catch up with Brazil Panel in another week or so. Maybe once EN actually beats Core 8.
You act like EN will even get there. We are behind where we were on Theater I, for the record. Secondly, I beat Core 1, jeez. I am not that bad now.
Say goodbye guys. Time to do Episode 9.
See ya soon, guys!

The End

Don't worry - Episode 9 is coming! I promise! Give me a few hours!
It better be.
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